Professional american lightweight boxer, WBC and WBO champion Adrien Broner with nickname “The Problem” against american top ranked athlete, WBA and IBO champion Jessie Vargas with nickname “The Pride of Las Vegas”. Fight took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on April 21, 2018. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Adrien Broner (USA) vs Jessie Vargas (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Rotary came up short against Mikey got AA by unanimous decision looking to get Back in the wind column against Jesse Introducing Jessie Vargas and his opponent across the ring On my right fighting out of the blue Corner wearing purple trunks with white Trim he is fighting out of it Representing his home of Cincinnati Ohio he weighed in at the for this bout Of 144 lb with a record of 33 wins three Losses one no contest he has 24 wins Coming by way of knockout he is Currently ranked the WBC number four Super lightweight Contender ladies and Gentlemen here is the colorful and Renowned former four Division champion Of the world introducing Adrien the Problem Broner But Kevin Cunningham is the main Gentlemen you both know the rules now Come on fighting at the Bell it's our Main event on the looking to get this Very big Victory left hook that connected By and the right hand For sha Porter roner proclaimed night coup Minutes Jamal Charlo and javante Davis full of Jabs between Vargas and Broner as they're filling each other out You let him

we watching Good match ups a big left hook by Broner As Vargas came forward back down to 140 But but there are numerous options a Right hand back it up Adrien Broner Broner and in the fight with Shawn Porter Porter just outworked it The champ coming for Broner but still at His Vargas for the most part now Broner's going to have to let his hands Go I wonder why he's being a little Complacent two left hooks to the body by Vargas and those are scoring shots a Nice straight right hand nice Combination by Jesse Vargas as he goes To the and that is what the judge has Look at a straight right hand down the Center of Vargas Vargas by Jesse Vargas second to the Shot over the top and Vargas letting his Hands go here in the second left up for What you doing I see it but you got to Round two there you see the jab by Jesse Vargas and there is that straight right Hand down the Center I have got to get Broner to start To throw more bunches because Vargas it's been a solid R for Adrien Broner as he's really starting to try to Oppose his will a right uppercut by Broner out of the Way close distance now and Broner Rips intentional that Fitch missed it But back comes far

Against A Jesse Vargas thrower here in round Three right hand and croner really Coming Forward work all right third round some Bodywork from Jesse Vargas right there On the abdomen of Adrien Broner weight Of 144 lb big right hand to start off Four for varas lost this game at the end Of many Pacquiao Timothy Bradley lost to Bradley but he has had a ly of big Victory big right hand down the middle Arrian Broner Broner looks extremely Shar but back comes Jesse Vargas Vargas here in the fourth back Comes Vargas look at Jesse Vargas Vargas continues to throw and Broner Sitting Adrien Broner during the leadup To this fight said that everyone is Against me they're counting me out I'm Going big straight right hand that Connected but back answers Vargas final 10 seconds of the Fourth you touching one or two times and You act like you satisfied man as you See Broner throwing that big right hand That caught the Jaw Oh the left took to the body by Jesse Vargas in abundance for Jessie Vargas Broner with a tight guard but Vargas continues to work there has to be Such an throw a straight right hand on

His left Cheek none of them are anywhere of Vargas I got him and he slips oh boy Sure they're going to get a little bit Of a laugh on that one that was A arm continues to stalk the left H back Up Vargas and if Broner's going to let His hands go here in the final moments Of this fifth round as round five comes To a Close you see Broner the left hook that Connected by Adrien Broner Broner is looking to back up Jesse bar get a big right hand followed By a sharp right hand that connected on The button by br and now Broner with the Left hook to the body and I wonder the Left eye of Jesse Vargas could in and He's talking to Broner right now he said He pushed Me left hook roner looking for that big Uppercut that connects a left hook and Charlie fit seconds of round six more of The aggressor and throwing a higher Volume of punches faras as he has Jacob Stitch Duran in his corner see and they Close distance we're seeing Adrien Broner who going to push off Moment by Jesse Vargas to start the Seven a big right hand to start off Round seven by Vargas to get active he's got to start To let his hands go and Kevin Cunningham I'm

Sure and we see a right upper cut by Anan Broner big right hand that got Passed five for Jesse Vargas close he's Throwing punches he's out working I'm Sure that Kevin Cunningham and the camp Of Broner have got to be visibly but Vargas is just a constant in his chest Coming forward Vargas and Broner Fallen looking for That big shot but if heer kind of Laboring there sitting in front of Vargas 10 seconds to go in round Seven round number seven Vargas a big Hand on the chin on front you but it's Another thing to do it at this level and AJ Broner continue to fight at this Level he's got to let his hands go like He just it starts to wear on you and This is not and Broner has doubt now he Has Vargas a big right hand that connected By Adrien Broner I don't know if Broner Was conservant and Number The Changing hooks a big left hook by Jesse Vargas that caught Broner and Vargas Feels like he may have had Broner Hurt the end of round number eight here At barklay Center sit down bro sit down sit down Man use that energy listen here bro is You in shakee bro And another Adrien Broner that lead

Right hand that momentarily halted Jessie Vargas and get some of his own With a left hook right strong round Number eight from Broner and now he's Starting off the ninth very strong go Back to using the jab doubling up on the Jab and being extremely aggressive Because if he sits in wait it'll likely Shift to Broner left hook followed by Some body workor there is the attack That I was discussing about Varing the levels of his Jab and Vargas shakes his head to tell Broner look you're not they're both Sitting down to their punches and really Focusing on the body of one another his Coach Cunningham and Adrien Broner Looking with another inside the ring Don't know what they're saying but Vargas comes back and continues to work Hard but a big left hook followed by a Right hand is that enough to win Broner The round he has Vargas backed up big Left hook by Vargas final 15 seconds the Action intensifying here barlay Center Vargas says come on and Vargas looks Like he's staggered Broner letting his Hands go oh my goodness what worked by Broner listen to me bro listen to me can You pleas Vargas who was very aggressive In the early part of the ninth throwing That straight right hand but then Adrien Broner showcasing his dynamic punch in Ability as he had Vargas hurt in that

10th round and chance of high level Match appear at 144 lbs a Catchweight both looking for bigger and JZ Vargas despite the fact that he only Has 10 Knockouts in his power very good Fundamentally is Jesse Vargas now from a power punching do the Judges score the bigger more author Ative shots the bigger left here in the 10 a sharp right hand that got through By 10 and Broner is going to have need Something big a big right hand that Backed up Vargas and Vargas answers back Swinging for the fences oh big straight Right hand and he Had and here is Jesse Vargas that was a big right hand that Backed up Vargas by a and Vargas with The jab big right hand as the jab is What had what was going to come next the Jab frustrated and this was the end of The round as Brer shik shook his head And went back To sharp right hand behind him he's Tripling up on the jab as we just saw 40 Seconds honestly he waits till the final 15 seconds to go to work and then he'll Bunck with Jesse Vargas the left hook And now Vargas goes ahead he wipes away At his right eye the start of el Laceration out inside the left ey by Jesse Vargas now Broner looking to sit Down in his punch in round

11 and that is the end of the 11 on the Left cut the cut is Above Round listen listen to me the final Round I gave round 11 to Jessie Vargas I Have him ahead seven to four in favor of Jessie Vargas It's emergency the raw natural ability Is clearly there when it comes to Broner It has always been there Porter and this is the kind of Temple That favors Jesse Vargas here in this 12th and final round of the 12th and Final [Applause] Rounder in the middle part of the fight Look [Applause] B Big right hand by Adrien Brer but Jessie Vargas continues to and broer has not Thrown anything substantial and the fans Are not liking that whatsoever they are And that is the complete antithesis of What Kevin Cunningham told himself that He did not do enough in the final Moments of this fight this has been Outworking him now Broner comes on in The final 5 Seconds but too little too Late for Adrien Broner this one is [Applause] Over basic 101 Right jumping love to the fans here in Brooklyn he's very

Classy one of the most polarizing Figures in boxing he jumps on And the fanss are booing BR even a draw The decision is a majority Draw so a majority draw the fans

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