Professional mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”) against argentine top ranked athlete, WBC, The Ring, and lineal welter weight champion Carlos Baldomir with nickname “Tata”. Fight for WBC Silver super welter belt took place in Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA on September 18, 2010. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) vs Carlos Baldomir (Argentina) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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So this is going to be a big test for a Young up and cominging gifted fighter Like Canelo and keep in mind balamir Missed weight by him from balir for Missing weight assuming Alvarez believes He'll be chump chains Canelo in the White trunks balamir in the black giving That kind of money back to a former Champ volumes of the character of this Young Man cinnamon or Canelo in Spanish number two by the WBC Number three by the WBO and number four By the WBA a veteran that can take a I mean This is Carlos balir is one of these Fighters that can take a big shot he's He's persistent he comes at you he's not He's a technician for an upand Comer a Guy that's not going to go anywhere it's Going to test you left ni hook there From Tata turn into a brawler like so many Mexican Legends have done Sergio he's Much more surgical way right now he's Boxing and he's surprising me a little Bit and balir got Sergio no no he's Surprising me a little bit because he Stains so Poise usually Mexican Fighters ESP shots and opportunities swinging a Miss there for Balamir canelo's money punch is the left Hook to left hook downstairs or upstairs Is his money

Punch down with Jabs and and with the Older fighter you got to faint you got To show things that aren't there for you Can fall off [Applause] Balance I think balamir is having a Pretty good round I mean the quieter the Round the better if if you could keep The fight nice left hand from balir keep The fight in the middle of the Ring just Like young up and com that's what you Got to do to knock in Rounds the movie Cinder released in June Of 20 came sort of a real life version Of that story 6 months later when he won The welterweight World title against Zab Judah Judah is the real deal I mean a a Multi-division world champion and for Him fights one of the greatest boxers of Our Generation in Floyd Mayweather so He's looking back to back really good Sol over Arturo Gotti stopped him in the Ninth round and you know how tough you Got to be to beat Thunder he's giving Like he's getting he's controlling the The pace of the fight he's not letting The younger man uh fight the younger Man's Fight and that's exactly that's perfect For you you want to keep the fight quiet You don't you don't want no Ruckus you Don't want combinations you don't want Speed and movement and Agility you want To keep the fight as quiet as possible

Get these rounds in and that's how you Shock and upset a younger powerful keep And we got to keep the the crowd quiet As Well balamir fighting out of Argentina Santa Fe to be more specific Nice jab there from Canelo and balir Trying to Conventional wisdom says Balamir could hang [Applause] With is that's maturity in this young Fighter for 20 years old I'm really Impressed oh nice right hand from Canelo Big Shots like that doesn't fall off Balance very impressive silent Aggression and it's a steady pressure Todd it's a steady pressure it's not Really coming forward looking for shots Like That balir Reacts his body is moved couple Jabs There [Applause] From Fairly even fight so Far Fairly even but canelo's barely missing With some big shots right there he he Stepped back and barely missed a and That'll do it for round [Applause] Two moment Canelo can land one of his Patented big shots but it's balamir who Gets Him this moment for Canelo handpicked

With the right name though that's the Thing so he's not a heavy hitter he Might not be a heavy hitter but he takes A heavy shot upstairs dur that took a Little bit too much I mean he should be Setting it up with counters just like That that right hand right there he Steps Back nice jab by Canelo beats balir now Can Canelo content to sit back and Counter punch not really guard to catch Him with a hard [Applause] Shot He's got that left hand cocked and let Ready I used to love that punch myself It was kind of like a Roy Jones you you Tap him with a jab just so you can get Your opponent to block you get him to Bite and you come around turning that Jab into a hook after you catch your Opponent off guard look at these Jabs H He's got the entry jab and the exit jab Working beautiful and I love that pivot Right There swinging a miss again gets a big Response to win he wants a knockout over Balamir who hasn't been stopped in Actually because he's not he's keeping The younger man at Bay like he hasn't Really keep the fight in the middle of The Ring nice left hand and now balir coming Forward a little bit balir is not the

Type of guy that's just going to come in Here and lay down he wants the win so he Knows the game plan is going to depend On exactly what type of fight bringing The fight to him he's coming up a little Short Canelo with his strength his speed And his timing which is seemingly let Him Bal look like he got a shot in on The inside shots on the inside on the Outside when Canelo steps back just like He did right there looking for counters That's that's what Alvarez wants to do With the older fighter make him step Back make him make his [Applause] Leg you know his chin balir might be Thinking hey let's see what this kid's Made of if I can land a heavy Hand nice left there from Canelo maybe his best punch of the fight Bamir trying to get one back and you Know What Years yeah but look at the names of who He's fought so you got he definitely has The experience so he has the experience He knows how to he knows how to waste Years and say you know what Canelo Alvarez was the best name on his resume Canelo is Long said he wants to be the next Muhammad Ali which is obviously about as Tough a road you could ever missing with Some with some big shots right now he's

Getting closer and closer to Lando's big Shots barely Missing we know balamir could take a big Shot but with a big puncher like Alvarez I'm curious to see no straight right Hand grazes off the temple see this is Where he doesn't want to be Alvarez he's Timing him right now he's he's he know Like right there that left still Bouncing on his toes trying to show you That he's got plenty left in the tank But he has to close the distance I don't Like this distance that he's giving the Younger stronger [Applause] Fighter Ahir now trying to Press vmir seems like he's getting a Little momentum working his way the last Couple Canelo woned a a brilliant Performance wanted to get the attention Of the boxing world even at the young Age of 20 right hand there for balamir Who's coming inside again and this is The perfect test an old an Older and now Tata coming forward he's Letting Canelo bring the fight to Him again Canelo just two Fasto though Still looking strong looking fresh and There's a couple of one two and now a Left hook to the jaw big left hook to The jaw this is Canelo oh and a straight Right Hand big uppercut and a double uppercut

Now for Cano I don't like the Body Language by balamir Here oh boy balir might be ready to go He might and he's gone to the 39-year-old he's not going to get up and It is over K Alvarez gets the knock

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