Professional australian super welterweight boxer Jack Brubaker with nickname “Gelignite” against australian talented puncher and top ranked athlete Nikita Tszyu with nickname “The Butcher”. Fight took place in Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia on August 23, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Jack Brubaker (Australia) vs Nikita Tszyu (Australia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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No punches to the back of the head Nothing in the kidney and when I take it Tell you to break just take one step Back and then box on I wish you both the Best of luck way for the Belt one more time good people make some Noise it is the experienced Warrior and this is our main event zo V Brewbaker Again Ben zoo in the early stages of This one yeah this first round of Ja There from Brew Baker got through onto Zoo the Nikita Zoo has serious power Serious very serious power oh Big Shot Beautiful good right hand from breaker Really nice shot it was who turned one Around but breaker wore it came back With a shot of his Own just gra N and there's that Left hand his power punch his power is Generally the left hand not always Though oh that one just over the top Breaker right it was a nice breaker zo Came straight back they connect the same Time and zo just put him on his heels For a moment but good stuff from Brewbaker as well he'll be really happy With some of this stuff this opening Round already now they trade on the Inside side rounds one two and three For's a good shot from Brew Baker again Excellent right hand good right hook From Zoo yeah one two Makita Zoo as Brew

Back up Ms back he's in this corner he Doesn't want to be There two good shots from Nikita zooo Breaker pushes forward breaker's Tak a Couple of bombs throwing him back he's Giving good shots Back Oh Wow what a round very exciting round [Applause] [Music] Then will have surprised plenty not Because he was able to shots of Nikita Zooo because he gave Big Shots like that Back the end of the round but yeah bre Had some good moments go beautiful right Hand there the worst moments for break With what he was able to do in that First three minutes without doubt big Right hands flash on the chin don't hold Jack let him out let him out But he's put that he has come out Swinging the shots he's taken and more To the point those that he's is a pro But he was tested in this very building Tested again he's got to watch that Right hand of Brew Baker it's landed a Couple of times cleanly right hand again From Brew Baker just onto the air of zoo He tries to get clearance for a moment Does Zoo he can't get that left hand Through with his Opportunity of Brew Up taking those shots well at the

Moment gives another right hand too yep Turning back the Clock and again three great JS there's a good left hand from Zoo Just waited just waited on Himer just takes another that right Hands the the power told for a moment And Brewbaker he just rocks and Wobbles From Nikita there's a left hand as Well he's got his timing now took him Much better stuff by nikao nailing Brew Baker with some Bombs raker misses to find his man yeah It's just a matter of getting his time Right there again Nita Zoo there's a Huge right hand from Jack Breaker left from Zoo let's go says Brewbaker and go they [Music] Will Incredible breaker landed some bombs and He took some bomb from have a look ater Round look at that flash on the's chin Flash on as Usual there in round two but all of a Sudden Jack came Back dangerous very dangerous and the Left hand of Nikita zoo is His hook as well from Braker but Zoo Comes back body shot from zoo and over The top as well what a beautiful hecked Him and there's blood all over the face Of Brew to hit Three the nose was damaged early

And he's adding counter shot Again finds his right hands oh lovely Left hand from Nita Zoo one on the Inside from zoo is bre lovely jab from Zoo powerful jab as well Nikita Zoo he's Used it to good effect right hand again From breaker yeah it's been that great Right hand he's trying to talk to Nikita Su but Su just get straight back on the Jab and now they a zoo as Brewbaker Threw that right hand to the body [Music] Left Hook vicious body shot From loading him up here right above us Nikita zooo Go and he Throws oh he's he's hit the with a bomb Of a right hand right hand his eyes Looking got him he's hurt he's in all Sorts of trouble out on his feet can he Find the shot to finish it Breaker upet [Applause] Wow with n zoo somewhere never ever been Wow it was a monstrous head Clash it was A head Clash oh yes it is Too so that was his sent niku down but On the face oh look at that had that was A massive shot that was the followup Right and somehow he stood up he stayed Up Go Oh oh my God this one's an eight

Rounder Brew Bak is going to hu heap of You know belief in himself from what He's done that with that swelling Underneath the eye as Makita zooo throws Out Power and toughness as he turns that Into the eye of Nikita Zoo that eye surely cannot continue with It too long left in round number four Brew Baker Talking Brew Bakers found a home for his Right hand all night he does over the Top is bre the needs to land a big left Hand and in the fight because he's in a Bad way at the Moment he Still made that Miss World breaker Looking for something big over the Top and here goes Zoo breaker breaker as Zoo looks for something massive And inside the final minute of round Number four need to land that oh big Right hand again from raker into the Body goes longer after taking those big Shots there's a beautiful shot with left Beautifully timed left Hand here one two and three and he turns That one around do Nik leaps out with an [Applause] Uppercut oh there's a good shot to end The round as of Breaker got a there as well how big is En and these are the

Highlights from a round which yeah how Tough is Brewbaker incredible some of The shots he's taken But beautiful left hand there from N the knock Down we get to read them he's come back Well counter shot brw to the body goes Zoo head over the top strong left hands Vicious shots here goes the now and Brew Baker is talking but these are Big Shots From just looking for that right hand That right hand [Applause] Good great combos from n perfect left Again a left hand from Zoo pinpoint Punching Brew Baker again comes forward The right hand what a hard Pro uppercut from Brew Baker Nikita zooo very bad still about The face of Brewbaker now his mom can't Watch the who looks for an uppercut how Tough is Brewbaker though some of the Shots he's Taken well there's no surprise there we Knew that coming in Mak seems to have Slowed up a little somehow Brew Baker Just stays on his feet here 15 seconds Hand from Brew Baker get Two going to stop it nearly going to Stop this [Applause] Fight Somehow we we're going to see how we go

Having a good look at Brewbaker Well which would knock out any other Person from a different realm here oh Here we go it's time for the tail all The referee to stop this Fight For his own good I was just going to say Exactly that walking up oh had he C that One look look incredible [Applause] Stuff zo I need to do definitely he's Been he's taken more shots than thought Of in his boxing career and he's given Back Absol has Nikita Zoo the corner Still at the moment he's not missing Anything and he's not getting hit back Either and for the first time in a while Nita Zoo Smiles but good nailed Then Channing for Zoo this is extraordinary halfway Through round six here's a Freak one Two oh that's a huge left hand there's The ites in brings to the pure Butchery We've just seen from the Y Zoo he had to Go to Places he has never been And that was something Else that was Incredible what have we just seen Hitting the canvas for the first time as A professional and after all the Talk now ladies and gentlemen the end Comes 2 minutes and 40 seconds into

Round six your referee Brad vocal calls A stop to this contest for your winner By TKO fighting out of the blue Corner Nita the Butcher Zo

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