Professional american heavyweight boxer, former kickboxer and title challenger Jarrell Miller with nickname “Big Baby” against brittishn top ranked athlete and WBA champion Daniel Dubois with nickname “Dynamite”. Fight took place in Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 23, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Jarrell Miller (USA) vs Daniel Dubois (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Between these two heavyweights one much Bigger than the other look at Jerell Miller 333 lbs almost introducing to you First fighting tonight out of the blue Corner he comes to the ring wearing Black trunks with red lettering and Weighed in officially at 333 lbs coming to us from Brooklyn New York USA he brings an undefeated record with 26 wins one draw 22 of his 26 wins Coming by way of knockout ladies and Gentlemen please welcome jelle Big Baby Miller and his opponent across the ring Fighting tonight out of the Red Corner He comes to the ring wearing black Trunks with white lettering and weit in Officially at 2332 lb hailing from Greenwich London England he has a professional record Consisting of 19 wins two defeats with 18 of his 19 wins coming by way of Knockout ladies and gentlemen here is The former WBA regular heavyweight champion of the World triple D Daniel Dynamite [Applause] To okay most of all remember to defend Yourselves at all times all right TCH Close Big Baby Miller disrespectfully Labeling Daniel and there's dubis who

Says Listen shot straight right hand down the Pipe right towards him that's exactly What he needs to do D keep the shot Straight is he that same guy at this Stage of his Career in his last fight problems with Beltline low blows already you can see The tactics from Miller that's exactly What du needs to avoid he needs to make A gorilla War arms out yeah he's trying To find space but do that by using your Feet and using the Jab there you go jabing Downstairs see what he's trying to do Here right hand around the guard a Stinging shot you can't just keep Throwing the same punch see Miller try To counter it right there when he's in The [Music] Ring Brooklyn New York I never seen du move this much you Know kind of he just gave this round up Just To 10 Seconds seconds Out round Two overreacting but that was a very Tired looking Daniel DUIs in the man Moving sideway it's like nervous energy Yeah and there's more intent now with The feet coming forward from Miller you haven't seen that

Episode I mean training wise Darren how Do you even prepare to face someone the Side but I have to agree with Chris he Did look tired in that corner right on The every time he does throw the Body the referee warns him so you can See in that head not too sure what his Tactics are at the minute I see theing Off with those big arms nothing's really Penetrating Through listen the longer this fight Goes the better for GU cuz Miller's Going to get tired out and others were Saying no yeah that was a stiff jab he Felt that Miller needs something to Build from D could that be It you know I like the strategy of Terrell Miller to walk Daniel D down and Would be equally as effective to do some Leaning on him as well that 333 lb on The shoulders of Daniel body shot by Miller right you see the elbows are out I think who there we go see one of them Needs to start throwing up with his head Yeah I noticed that too but that's up to The referee this doesn't look good foris The body language does not look good and Now Miller starting to open up a little Bit yeah I agree with you is there not Good science for Du oh that right hand was more of a Forearm shot and [Music] Du both of them trying to land Big Shot

Is essentially over that's the kind of Pressure he's under tonight for Miller It's swinging a Miss I love those Body Shots by du down it's incredible stuff It's going to be a great fight if it Continues again and needs to look for That right hand after there's that Uppercut you're calling for he's got to Be careful to keep pouring with the jab To Miller just he starts coming forward Again like a big ran Bull Power jab that shotgun jab with your Foot behind you like a 2×4 H in the Front of your face again these aren't Good signs for toar for Me mouth wide open he's grieving heavy Darren sat down on those Punches you got to give du Credit right clubbing right Hand nice body shot with the left hand For Sammy so you got to go to the sides And come come up the Middle yeah I mean look it's good Pressure from Miller but the the jab PA With that shot sometimes d as does Miller so from Big Baby Miller Chris Manx you're scoring this fight I've got A 30 to 27 in favor of Daniel du now It's jell Miller because I think his Pressure is oh nice nice step in jab Lucas Brown in his last fight in March Can he do the same here against Dynamite Du

Just building up to this fight it's 99% Of it but du didn't have a good line That pressure so relentless from M Trying to hide in that little Spot getting caught with more now I both Hold for that right uppercut right Now yes the Elbows There you go there's some head moves by By du right there big man especially When you're meeting halfway perfect shot On the opp by Jabs coming in that Direction but back comes Big B with a Big left up good Variation this is where he needs to be Holding the center moving away I love This from Darar wait literally and figuratively Couple Jabs here to wagin the Rose this much he's used to being a Terminator coming forward looking for The Knockout now he's the one that's Been hunted who can take more of the Beating that condition is going to play Big you know he shut your life out I Think jell will be the first to tell you Though that he's not in the look like He's going one way then he Goes better keep du he'll serve him best Just keep popping that jab on the back Foot yeah good pressure again from but Need to be busier with his hand you Mention the white can he let his hand go Busy with the jab that right hand will

Follow you can see the hands are lower Now I want to see that punch Again by [Music] [Applause] Keep it was clever it was smart but now He's looking onto shot looking lazy Looking see that jab right there Beautiful jab that's going to set up the Right hand whether it's a hook straight Or Uppercut another good Round got up opportunity to land that Right hand needs to vary this movement W There you go Darren you called it just We're in round seven schedu for T i I must say I was worried about the The pressure already does But 56 Dr Miller had some moments in the Fourth and the fifth looked like he Might be able to take control Butly the cleaner shots have been from D Noce believe the Jab You saw Miller in the corner with some Big deep breath but once the bell ring When you gain that much weight when you Have that much MTH you know these rounds You know That right right legs are fading and if You start walking them back big men hate To be walked back [Music] That not picking it up You there's body language in the corner From Miller isn't great body language is

Saying it off from Miller breathing With left here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia downstairs goes to he's fighting With a lot of confidence here it was That body now he's bouncing on his toes He's found that second Wind ni boxing backwards keeping that Jab in the face not forgetting the body The only Thing what can Jerell Miller do Differently to turn things around or Does he have that skill Set nice right hand over the top another One from du Another good round by Dall with that jab A lot of people including jel Miller He's digging deep in this fight got to Get CR for That he said before this fight that Miller was tailor made for he's got Three minutes to do it here's Chris mx's Score card yeah pretty clear entering This final round trell Miller does need A win on my scorecard and look he's got Some Knockouts in his career but he's Not known a big left H by Miller d right Now does du want to stay in the middle Of trade is this smart I don't think so Send him the keys crank up the engine He's close to getting that's been The the only way you can win this Fight the only chance he gets to land The shot is if the completely slowed Down to a crawl

Here SP came out kind of hot here in the 10 but you got to believe he's got Nothing left as he eats another right KN And upper some bravado but it's du who's Stealing the show he wants the knock out He want a big shots from D stumes to the Ropes are we going to see another finish 26 seconds to go beat down against the R Big B going to get time KN down finish Here Daniel Every performance he could be so So proud of himself to stop him and he Weighed in at 333 lbs he just that that is so One-sided story here tonight watch this Finish well listen he's going to buy a Porsche it was Duo who had all the Horsepower right there shots the Uppercut the right hand Big Baby Miller Was looking for a way out and I called It I was susceptible to Uppercut and it was Dubois that came Around Target and Dubois just beat his Person record for total punches landed In a fight smarted him and he out willed Him that is so much promise then he had Them mishaps but he can really build From this get not only to win so well But to win in sty in the final round in Such dramatic fashion for dubis what do You do with him who do you put him in The ring with put him in with a on This Card we've got the two main guys to

M and kudos to Daniel du a lot of people Wrote him off Darren triple D Daniel Dynamite To every baby has a daddy beat You

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