Professional american heavyweight boxer, ex-police officer and title challenger Jason Gavern with nickname “The Sensation” against american most effective heavyweight puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. Fight took place in StubHub Center, Carson, USA on August 16, 2014. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Jason Gavern (USA) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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So Steve why don't you walk us through The numbers well you see Jason gavern is Wilder's opponent here he took this Fight on six time to be worrying about That he needs to get rid of Gavin as Quickly as he can both men are in the Ring let's get the official introduction Here's the always classic ladies and Gentlemen from the StubHub Center in Carson Showtime sponsored by coronaa Masina and AT&T mobilizing your Judes Scoring this M from ringside all from C In the ring and a special attraction Scheduled for 10 the rounds of boxing on My right fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing camouflage Trunks and haling From cimi Florida introducing Jason [Applause] G from Deont [Applause] Wilder mpce M PE sir I gave you both Inst clean Listen and obey my commands At all time protect yourself at all Times good luck to both everybody out Please chin the opposition he's faced Thus far but everyone who steps in the Ring with him he says tonight he about Looking short he wants to fight Burman [Music] Ster for Deonte wild here's a right hand By Gaer not in great shape he admitted it

He took it on six days noce he wants a Quick fight too stop step away separate Gav is Wilder's former sparring Partner From a distance obviously where gav Can't hit him if you want Wilder in the Purple trunks he throws another overhand Right gab Does and a right to the body we get to Have Way he is Chisel again he's a little heavy cuz he Took this fight on so short Notice as you point out he want to get Some work In with right hand all those Factors wild right There stop punching Nobody start throwing a wild punch keep Jabing face keep it Moving that back foot right or left and Come in that direction okay and work Your way up you got It this is round Two schedu for show stat figure here Brian Wild connected with eight punches Notice first guy they called to bring in The Spar they brought in Demetrius King Little gamesmanship because king of Course is beating Burman St exactly and They admitted that they admitted it was Gamesmanship here's a onew by Deontay Wilder tall guy looked to keep distance

And land the big right hand that's Exactly what Wilder is all About he keeps jabbing and moving a step Or two to the side stop nobody punch Step right one thing he knows about Gavern from all their days of sparring Is he watches his feet knows his hands Down but he's so big and tall and has Such a long reach that when he takes a Step or two Back Jason gavern as Steve pointed out Took this fight on six days Notice Wilder says he wants to look Sharp what happens this goes round we Talked about his need to get rid of Gabin for obvious reasons he doesn't Want to blow the title fight But Time 31 And0 in there that Wilder will face when He does fight for the title hopefully Later this year against St right in by gavern tried to nail down A fight and they say they won it in November Jason istically dominant now of course It only takes one shot when you have Wilder's right hand power but he's not Been dominant thus far in this fight Like A huge Advantage for Wilder and Jab you Would expect that's entertaining did you See that as Wilder hitting with an upper Cover on a bridge he turns to the camera

Say did you see That well all you need to know they Based in CMI Florida a left hook by Gav well Jason Gavin should write a book One he has utilized the jab for the most Part in the third round Here's a right hand by Wilder down go and he calls a knock Down6 s eight hey turn around look at me And he's exactly right a fighter Ducks His head and gets hit behind the head Well it's a Fighter's fault not beon Wild Fault Wilder ends the round with a jab give me Water give me water get him away where This Please Gavin disputed watch Gavin Bend His head drop his head down that's why He got Hit I guess it was Behind yeah look like to the ear the Left ear of Gavin I know you're getting tired I know You get tired that's not a good s and Wouldn't that be ironic if in the fight That it's supposed to be the safest Fight Here's a r to the body by Gav Brian you think there's a chance Wilders perhaps not had that fighter Meeting when he said look I I really Want to go more than four rounds I want

To get some work in tonight I really Thought he was just talking but he has Been in no rush at all here tonight Represents it's tough it's tougher on on Wilder people expected the another big Right hand by Wilder three four W Jason he said come on baby come back With the Hook gav has now been down Twice I don't think Jason gin was Thinking that he was going to win this Fight look he's getting the biggest Purse of his career Tonight Under a minute Now this is certainly an by Wilder when people expect a one round Knockout or a two round knockout Something wrong with You he told Jack say you got any Oxygen under 30 Seconds stop stop punching everybody Separ yes there's a right hand by Wilder There have been opponents of Wilder who Have been knocked out with without much Effort from Wilder Malik Scott among Them gav's a legit tough but I need you To get up Qui you got pushed give here Cr's over just stop at the Bell yeah Agre you heard him he called that one a Push we done done and you just heard gav Say stop the Fight That's all right get up get up hold this

Please so there you go he had enough you You talked about it he took the nothing Happened he started getting pounded a Little bit By can't go round four and Deontay Wilder still hasn't fought past four Rounds right hand little kick to the That pretty much had enough it's one Thing to be tired and in a fight with an Average fighter but G getting shoved Back by that jab Wilder not real sharp Tonight Though y'all make up Y what you Want

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