Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes where today we are analysing transfer rumours and ranking which ones NEED to get done before deadline day!

Joshua Kimmich to Liverpool, Karim Benzema to Chelsea, Antonio Nusa to Spurs, Gio Reyna to Nottingham Forest, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting to Man United, we talk about all the biggest rumours and decide which ones are most important!

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02:01-06:30 Antonio Nusa
06:31-14:29 Man United Striker
14:30-26:18 Karim Benzema and Armando Broja
26:19-30:01 Gio Reyna
30:02-33:25 Orel Mangala
33:26-40:22 Joshua Kimmich
40:23-44:21 Sacha Boey
44:22-49:03 Conor Gallagher
49:04-50:52 Arthur Vermeeran
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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes look who's In the building today hello doy crley Mike m cabin and I am back yes it's good To be back man to you it's really good To be back it's good to see you guys at Home as well how's every been how have You been yeah not too bad thanks not too Bad yeah just you know that's how a Suspicious man really wellthy what do You know well the traitors will be done By by Friday tra final so may by the Time you yeah by the time you've uh You're watching this and you if you do Watch the traits as well you will have Seen the twist at the end I'm not saying Anything it doesn't involve me um Prediction oh early does I think the Safe prediction is that Harry takes the The lot we're shooting this on Thursday By the way but not seeing the Thursday Episode yet so I also think Harry is Going to be very dis hard to displace Here yeah it's going to take a major Hammer blow upon Andrew's exit to take Him down I think which is a shame unless Unless Andrew manages the master of all Mastermind who Knows there's no D I'm Afraid there's a Diane there was a Diane She's already out and she was Scottish She's Irish actually maybe I need to Watch it you guys have talked about it I Feel like I have missed out on a popular Culture moment you have absolutely have

You been there dude I'm good thank you I Actually bumped into a football daily Fan yesterday and I felt a bit rude cuz We're getting onto a train and you know When everyone hustling and bustling to Get on the train anyway I didn't maybe Give him my full attention so shout out Whoever you were you look like a really Nice guy I think you probably look he Look of Tom anyway uh shout out I'm Calling you Tom uh who was a fan of Football daily really appreciated our Work which is always nice to hear nice We're still here battling away so uh Today as you can see from the title we Are talking about deadline Day deals Potential deals that could be wrapped up Before deadline day we've each bought to The table three rumors that have been Surfacing online over the last few days Or maybe further back than that that Still could rear its ugly head before Deadline day we're going to kind of chat About them see what think about them Maybe trying to which ones we think are The most important to get done before Deadline day and which ones are maybe Can be left towards the summer because It feels like a lot of clubs are leaving A lot of business towards the summer do You want to go first then yeah why not I Want to talk about a guy that has been Quite strongly linked with Spurs Actually Antonio nusa uh the Club Brugge

Winger now they are in talk supposedly With Spurs at least when last reported Which was about a week ago over a 30 Million euro deal noose would then stay At Club Brugge until the end of the Season and join and he's an incredibly Exciting Talent he's already broken Through into the Norwegian setup him and Oscar Bob on either Wing feels like There's a really good crop of Norwegian Talent obviously coming through led by Harland and odard uh but they do have Some attacking weapons now and and no Has been really really impressive uh in Those moments for Norway and they call Him the Norwegian Neymar which is not Particularly helpful I think for an 18-year-old uh but that is the sort of The sort of level of the sort of when You watch him play those are the Qualities he's got I'm not saying he Does it to the same level but it it's The dribbling tight spaces amazing Acceleration off either foot uh just Looks like whatever he whatever it is He's got it like he he looks really Really exciting um and last year sort of Broke through into Club roues starting 11 at 17 this year really kicked on Though uh and in terms of successful Take on Progressive passes received Progressive passes received I know he's Playing in the Belgian league but he's Up there with sacka in his own division

Successful take on would be right up There in the Premier League as well uh Compared to those uh numbers in the Premier League so yeah he's he's adding Goals and assists to his name and it Feels like Arsenal are looking at him Liverpool are looking at him Dortmund Are looking at him so if Spurs can get This done in January and Loan him back For the rest of the season so he can Continue his development I think it's a Really potentially exciting move and With teim OA having come in January they Don't need him may maybe immediately but With perisic having left the club uh With Manos Solomon sort of injured Regularly with Ryan ceson having sort of Stooled in his career really signing Another left Winger is a really good Option for them and he can pay on either Flank as well so I'm quite excited about This potential move yeah I think Chelsea Were interested in him last summer they Were well weren't they and that deal Ended up collapsing for some reason Maybe one of the other 32 youngsters That Chelsea opted to sign send out on Loan to one of their sort of feeder Clubs um but yeah I kind of agree I Think Tottenham could do with a bit more Depth in wide areas especially if team OA doesn't get made permanent I'm not Sure Brenan Johnson's had quite the Impact he would have hoped but he's very

Young I see a few Tottenham fans sort of Writing off early and already and I Think that's probably going to be a Mistake I think he's got lots of natural Ability specifically physical ability You know across 10 yards he's very very Quick I think he could do with working On his decision making a little bit and He just looks a little bit rushed at Times when it comes to the final third Yeah when he's in around the Box you Kind of want a little bit more composure But he's so young I think a lot of the Natural ability he's got will come to The four under good coaching that's Certainly what he's going to get from Anu he can also kind of play both flanks So if you think you'd have NSA you have Brennan Johnson Azure wide options I Think it's all right I think they Probably will look to bring another one In though like it's young isn't it it's Very very young but I suppose you need To start you know Spurs don't really Want to think about this but you do need To start thinking about life after sun As well and signing a player that is you Know amongst that crop of of 18y olds That are really emerging on the on the European stage is is really really Exciting and a lot of Belgian Talent Have actually adapted quite well to Other leagues quite quickly I mean look At Victor bonf this year at bar

Leverkusen Lois appender only was it was It at L for a year Odon kosu who's doing Really well for bar lusen as well Char De Kara now doing really well at Atlanta So it's a league that seems to you know Not take too long to to get up to top Five League level so if Spurs did bring Him in and he was s of eased in uh from The start of next season I think it'd be Quite exciting yeah I like that move I Like that move given his Totten 30 Million euros was it yeah and they' got A bit of money in the bank from the Harold Kane also like I think the only That are spending they're the only club That are spending and recently their Recruitment has been bloody good like Specifically in the summer with Mickey Vanent James Madison prior to that as Well almost alongside the sort of Pari Overhaul of that recruitment structure And I know that I think he's still Working as sort of a consultant there on Some level isn't he um so I think a lot Of that recruitment probably has his Fingerprints on it but if this is Another example of a youngster they've Bought to the club then more power to Let's see whe they can get it done Mikey Yeah uh Should I stick on Spurs or Should I go elsewhere gowhere let go Elsewhere um let's let's go to man United then because obviously Anthony Marshal out for 10 weeks now he's never

Playing again is he for United probably Not I mean he'd be back in around April Time he's gone in the summer his Contract's up in the summer um so yeah I Think I think we we we could we may well Have seen our last M uh you know game Marshal the United shirt it would have Been 9 years at the club when he leaves Which is pretty yeah pretty astounding Given just how kind of Bitty his his United Career has been is he the most Expensive teenager in the world when he Signed maybe I've made that definitely Right up yeah I think I think he was Like 40 million wasn't he and that was In the days that 40 million was still You know not the most common um kind of Price pre Neymar day certainly um and Yeah well he's had one loan to Sev and That it I mean um yeah it's pretty mad To think um so two weeks ago I said that United probably just shouldn't sign Anyone this January but that was that Was agree but that was on the that was On the presumption that martial would Probably be available at least as a Backup U for these last few months as it Stands though are you actually saying You know I need another Lan Striker maybe maybe maybe get Eric jup Moting in from Bayern Munich the problem Is is is that CH mooting contract up is Up in the summer um so whether BN would Actually uh sanction Al loone I'm not so

Sure he's 35 in March um having said That they do have Mattis tellers backup He has mainly played on the wing but They do have good backup even without Chupo moting for Harry Kane um the other Option is is that man united I mean the Thing is United don't just don't have Money to spend so they it would have to Be a load if they were to get someone in But but if there was some way of getting Joshua xery through the door as a more Long-term option as backup for hland or Someone to you know even play alongside Him Potentially maybe that's something they Could do maybe if they were to work Something where they had like a loan With a with a obligation to buy in the Summer potentially when there are going To be more funds that feels a lot more Like an any or signing actually xery so I'm goingon to change my mind actually Joshua xery from bologna seven goals in Sera this season you know 22 years old Fits the kind of mold that that United Should be looking for and United do need To have really do need to have two very Good Center forwards going into next Season I just I I just think United have To hit paw they have to hit Paws they Really do I think the Joshua xery uh Example I think potentially a structured Club might work but I think who is Making this signing United are yet to

Appoint a sporting director they're yet To appoint a new head of Recruitment and Those are the rumors that we're hearing From very reliable sources are going to Be made if Joshua xery Ares before the Sporting director and before the head of Recruitment arrive what happens if it's An obligation to buy if that head of Recruitment and sporting director go we We're going down a totally different Route here Joshua xeri doesn't suit our Our style of football we're going to Have to pay a 50 million euro obligation To buy from bologna because they're not Going to award a small amount given that It's going midseason and potentially you Know it's not beond beyond the realms a Possibility if there's a coaching change That's even more turnover he might want To move into a totally different Direction I think until there's a new Sporting director a new head of Recruitment there man united should not Be doing any business even if it's a Loan with no obligation you just don't Get going to get zxy on that deal no no No no but you could get you promoting But what's the point just because you Don't have anyone behind hland unless You play rashford centrally who strug Rather this year I'd absolutely rather Do that I I don't see any Benefit I don't see any benefit from Signing a loone signing this season

Beyond potentially a run in the FA Cup Is a right off it is a right off United Are not getting loan out Sano like a Couple of injuries to your forward line And you look really pretty thin of Course but the season nothing is going To happen domestically really for United They're out of Europe they're out car They are not going to finish in the top Four yeah so the FA Cup potentially Let's take that as an example of a run And let's say that a player like chupo Moting came in he he would be my third Choice Striker for United in an FA Cup Game I would probably still start Rashford down the middle over him and And I think rashford's far better off The left like I don't think in a Potential four games that are in that Competition for United We at the Quarterfinal stage now we are aren't we Quarter finals semifinals finals or Round of 16 round of 16 so four games Potentially in That in the we're round of 302 even We're not even round of 16 yet yeah but We've got Newport this weekend right Round 16 final semal four games in that Comp you're signing a player for a four Game Run effectively I I don't see I Think he play minutes in the Premier League though as well what is the point Of those minutes in the Premier League What what is the point because you need

To occasionally rest this 20-year-old Striker that has looked pretty just play Rashford then fine but then you Chang The entire who do you then play on the Left United for the but then who do you Play on the right Anthony I think I Think you don't have there's a number of Problems with signing a lone player Outside of just that as well I think the Perception matters at the moment for Inos I think to sign another lone player Another lone Striker when they've gone Through igalo they've gone through veor Last year they also bought sabitzer in Last year prior to that long like older Players that have come in on very Short-term deals like Ronaldo like Cavani I think if inos arrive in this January window and their first bit of Business is a 37y old lone Striker 37 35 I think he's 35y old lone Striker I Think straight away the questions are Nothing's changed Director has yet to beo who making that Decision like for me there's just Perception issues there's on the field Issues it's a waste of wages to be Honest in in this time where man united Don't have many I just don't see any Upside promoting he's a slightly Different CLE of fish Tig harot to veg Horse shoting yeah shoting is a higher Standard of player right now than either Of those yeah but is that just cuz he's

Playing for Bayern Munich no he was very Good at PSG as well I think he's not Been great this year but he was pretty Handy last year I just I think that man United I think it's easier to get 10 Goals in the Bayern Munich side than man United I think if he was to get three Goals in the second half the season Onone at man united we'd be like was Okay what is the point of that for the Loan for the for for the Fe wages I just Sorry I just don't think man united Should be signing any more players until They've got a sporting director and a New head of recruitment I do see your Point I do see your point I just think That you're so thin up front now we are We've leared out a lot of players to try And Balance yeah I think police probably Will leave um and obviously we've seen Hugi go out as well to the lower leagues Dan Gore's gone recently Hannibal's gone Too Greenwood's obviously not in the Club you know I think there's going to Be Reliance on ammad to pick up minutes In the second half of the season but Either way he's coming to I don't see a World in which United finish above Seventh anyway and the best they can Hope for United can hope for in my Opinion is a cup run I think yeah I I Think that the point does stand there I Think like I it would be great to have

Just some backup other than rashford at Sense forward but at the same time can United sign anyone between now and the End of the window who will actually Improve the team no have United actually Been able to sign anyone this month who Could actually improve the team no so Like I think your budget the 10 we Injury to martial doesn't AFF it for me Doesn't affect it for me and there is no Budget there's zero budget like pretty Daming indictment martial isn't it that He's injured for 10 week back up strike And people are like there's actually no Point it kind of quite nicely into my One here which my next one was Ben Yeah benar to Chelsea but man united are Also linked with the benar approach Aren't they obviously having problems Al It he had went on holiday didn't he I Think he wasn't didn't have that signed Off by the club to go on holiday during This mid-season break then arrived back Late and there's been a few issues I Think his Camp have refuted the fact he Wants to like he wants out of Saudi Arabia but there are continued reports Aren't there that he's going to leave Potentially on loan and man united been Man united there's no way United Affording those wages I he must be on Upwards of 500 K week he's got quite a Complicated contract I saw some Figure don't know whether it's actually

Verified often isn't but 86 million a Year apparently I mean what are we Talking about honestly like there's just No way man united are paying those wages Even for a six-month deal it doesn't Make sense to me it really also does Benar give up you know does benar foot The potential tax bill that would come His way you know similar to so many Problems there and I also saw him being Linked to Leon which you know obviously Would mean a return home and it would be An amazing story wouldn't it but this is The Le this isn't the Leon he left and This isn't the Leon we've seen in recent Years to an extent and they've just Spent fairly big on gift all banners Exactly and you know 16th in league and I think it would have to be a remarkable Story for Leon to suddenly smash their Wage Bill structure out of the window Totally like he would be their top Earner by about 600 Grand a week at this Stage and they're 60 for the I just Don't see happening so let's discuss him To Chelsea because this is the r rumor That is BU bit Andel have actually got The money to AFF him well Chelsea Looking at Johan clear Striker and they're looking At potentially also Callen Wilson saw The Callen Wilson rumors this morning1 18 million pound deal potentially there I am I will laugh a lot if you sell brya

To bring in John Jan well you see that Or even to bring in Callum Wilson I mean He's he's so injury-prone I don't know Like I I like call Wilson I think he's Great got 18 goals last season seven and 14 this season how many minutes hases he Actually have to play at Chelsea as the Guy to Warrant 18 you think of him kind Of experienced Marksman could Potentially get double figures in a Season I don't think I I would make that Move if I was Todd Burley and I can't Think of too many totally opposite moves To the moves we've seen Paul win Stanley And coake there which has been under 25 On Long contracts on low wages I don't See why on Earth they would mix it up And go for Callen Wilson uh who like you Said has had injury problems and feels Quite settled in Newcastle I thought you Quite behind it no I think he's a good Player I think he's I think he would be Fine there but why on Earth would they Do that like I I I almost understand That more if it's a short-term deal than Selling to bring in John jat It's Not Alone um I know I know I know but he's At least got more proven quality than John Jan I don't see the benefit that Upside even you know unless Jan's going To explode in the next few years which He might do but he doesn't you know he Doesn't look like he's ready to explode Anytime soon it's just another stop Gap

It's just another replace a youngster Selling an academy graduate to balance The books and bringing in someone of Equal or Worse quality than better than Bro right now I why would let him go They've only got Watkins and him Ken Wilson and Isaac up front for Newcastle You could argue potentially they let him Go because of the sort of rumored Financial Fair Play Issues Newcastle Were facing maybe that bumps them up a Little bit but John Jan we haven't read Anything about Villa having Financial Issues is very much the number two to Ole Watkins has got the occasional Minutes coming off the bench and has Actually had impacts in those minutes on Occasion like neither mooves makes Massive sense I suppose Callum Wilson I Think would actually be okay for Chelsea But I just don't see a world in which They do that and as for benzar at 36 feels more Roman abov it feels more Roman Abramovic than it does Tod Burly Right yeah yeah I'd love to see the Level he'd come back because it would be Fascinating because even in his last Year at Real Madrid he was he was really Pretty excellent obviously the year Before that one the Balon door you know He he is a pretty special player i' i' Love to see this move eight years ago But I'd still be interested to see what Level be but I do I do think actually

Back to C I think of anything yeah Chelsea do need to sign more experience If they are like I think so would you Rather six months of Benzema or Three-year contract for Wilson um twoe Contract for I mean six months of Bena Would certainly be more more fun um And like benar you know does have the Ability to have a galvanizing effect on An attack um I think Wilson I think Wilson is a clever would potenti be a Clever ass signing in that that Chelsea Attack does produce chances and he just Is a proven go get if you look at Expected goals across the league they've Produced the second highest expected Goals at any side and that's been the Case for a while now as well like so Just massive XG Underperformance performance I mean and Even so Nicholas Jackson is still Probably going to end the season on Maybe 12 13 14 Premier League goals Which is absolutely fine um but I think It is good to have someone there can Take the pressure off him a little bit Because the goals just haven't been Coming from out wide enough I don't Think like Cole Palmer has got a great Record this season but I think Sterling Should have scored more um for one uh Mudrick certainly should be scoring more In this Chelsea side um not not been Very impressed by him this season either

Um so so yeah I think someone who could Come in and take the pressure off off uh Jackson a little bit would be would be Good cuz he's had the Chelsea FS on his Back as well yeah disree I think K Wilson's more muddled thinking because Benar well I think both are muddled Thinking to be totally honest K Wilson Even if he arrives they're still going To want to sign a really proven top Level young striker in the summer Probably Victor Rossman they'll go for So what then Nicholas Jackson's third Choice behind Callum Wilson who doesn't Who and he needs the development time Nicholas Jackson he needs the trust like It's kind of calling time on Nicholas Jackson when actually he shown glimpses Of being pretty useful this so so Probably do Nothing I would I would stick with BR And um Jackson at the end on so you Would so you would you was make top four But then you would sign a in the summer Yes i' go for yeah and then put Jackson Down to number two and probably sell bro To balance the bcks I think uh I think Just for neutral perspective I meanman Chelsea won't happen I don't Think without Champs league footb but it Would be fun see Ben Mar Chelsea would Like it would be it would be so fun like Just just to see how he does like you Say just to see how he does he's very

Chelsea he's very Chelsea before we go Into yours dud I've actually got broer As my other one so should we just Quickly touch on that I don't know Whether you guys have an opinion on it Obviously I was watching David Ornstein's um sort of vodcasting he was Doing on CBS and he was talking about The three clothes being Lo with him Wolves West Ham Fulham so I thought it Might be kind of fun to see who we think Would be best suited to there I think For me the stand outside is wolves um You know sassin kadic has gone out to Frankfurt this window Fabio Silva's gone Out to Rangers this window which kind of Does open up a little bit of a space in That forward line when you think CA Having a really good season seven Premier League goals a dribble monster You know such a good ball progressor Hang having the best season of his Career arguably I think the last time he Scored double figures was 2019 and that Was in Austria uh and he's already on 11 So you're kind of slightly worried about His placing one of them potentially and With the return of Pedro Netto that Feels like the locked in front free but None of the them are truly natural goal Scorers I don't think like hang is Having an amazing season but I don't Think he's the most natural finisher I Think he's getting in really good

Positions this year and taking his Chances at an above expected goals rate Which you know great but I don't see it Continuing can he can also play wide Kaa Has never really been a goal scorer I Mean other than that one exceptional Season at at H um Atletico never really A goal scorer last season never really a Goal scorer this season he's got seven But I think he could almost play as a 10 Like definitely got the technical Amazing ball progressor Works super hard Could almost have a little bit of a Joe Linton style retreater there where he Drops into a Midfield role maybe he's Not as good of a defensive machine as Joe Linton has proved and off the ball Capabilities are amazing but could he be More of a ball Progressive from the Midfield areas I think potentially so There is maybe a space for a nine in That Squad at least rotationally and bro Feels like quite a nice fit you know Prior to the ACL injury which obviously Has had massive impact on him there was Quite a lot of hype around Amando Brocher That season at Southampton yes It was only six goals in 32 games but He's really really young he was super Young I think he was 19 or 20 and some Of the finishing was pretty exceptional He was very physical for a 192 year old Rubbish Southampton side worked hard off The ball though like and even before

That vitess I think he got 10 and 30 so There were definite little signs of Amando broer being a very decent Prospect up front and Gary O'Neal might Like to work with something like that Like I think it's quite a nice fit the Only thing that puts me off is that fee You know like 50 million is too much I Don't I don't see why wolves would spend 50 million on Amando broer I feel like That 50 million could go on another Young striker across Europe um their Talent identification seems to have been Okay recently actually so yeah I think Physically he definitely would suit that G NE side for sure he can play in front Two as well potentially yeah yeah him Him and qu like Quang kind of being Second Striker to him potentially um Oro Being second Striker to him yeah I quite Like that who are the other ones Fulham And and West Ham I think West Ham's Actually the best fit for me personally I think M Antonio is probably going to Retire in the summer or be let go you Don't burn through the middle sorry do Like bow through the middle but you Could I mean they need another forward In there you can't rely on him you could Play kudas through the middle as well But I think prob you know being that Having a little bit more stature to his Game he's not like a natural Moy Striker Because I think he's more of a channel

Runner than like a hold up the ball sort Of guy although Antonio is a channel Runner yeah true true true but he Probably just doesn't have the the Stature to hold up the ball in the same Way as Antonio is what I'm trying to say But and then at the same time it's Worked very well playing Bowen through The middle so I think Moyes is you know The his use of the forwards this year Has been a little bit underrated I think Actually I feel maybe it's just I feel Like I feel like West Ham can maybe aim A little bit higher well signings Recently have been excellent haven't They yeah pretty exceptional like I Think the the Calvin Phillips signing is Awesome like really good move uh loan With an option not obligation well I Just think West Ham are potentially Competing for a top eight spot I think Wolves Realistically I think if they were to Get into the top half it'd be a Miraculous job done by Gary O'Neil this Season I think that Squad is maybe more Like 12 whereas I think West Ham off the Back of that conference League win the Signings made the seller players likea And Kus I think they potentially can aim Slight higher than Amando brosia who you Know his best ever season 10 goals that Feels like more of a development at WS I Think West Ham budget's pretty clearly

Like fairly large there following s but Can everyone a higher for £40 million I Think all those clubs could potentially Do better I know I know he's obviously You Know living in London bigger wages know European Champion obviously Chelsea want That Fe I'm not surprised they do you Know they need to balance the book Somehow but I just think maybe all of Them could do with a a cheaper Alternative that maybe has the potential To be a higher performing player Especially on the back of that serious Injury I don't know whether I've Necessarily been wowed when I've seen Broo this year I think he's done pretty Well in moments it's been fits and Starts hasn't it but maybe all of them Can aim a little bit higher sorry Amando Yeah I do think you're a really good Player I think wolves would be a really Good fit um next up who's got the next Suggestion um okay let's talk about a Move that looks like it's going to be Done actually it was one of the Surprising moves of the window or you Know if it is completed definitely one Of the most surprising rumors giena Potentially going to Notting Forest on Not Mar sorry not Marse I don't know I Haven't heard that is that Mar I think It's the battle it's the battle between Forest and Mar here major battles going

On it's Ste versus dearia yeah okay Because there was a number of different Rumors uh last week about clubs that Were interested in him which included I've got it down here real sidad Atletico Madrid Seeva and Benfica so if I had those on the table and also notti And Forest who are four points above Relegation at the moment and L have a Game in hand and they could face a Points deduction I'm going to one of Those I don't know why i''d even go to Forest no disrespect to Forest but it Doesn't seem like necessarily the best Time to be like get me to the city Ground um but at the same time he does Need a move Jaden Sancho's returned to To Dortmund even if it's only for six Months you know he's instantly hit the Ground running rain has really fallen Down the pecking order I've actually got The stat here uh he's never started uh He's only started more than six League Games in a season Once Raina so he's Been used Off the Bench primarily in his Entire career except in 2021 where he Started 23 and actually responded with Nine goal involvements in that season But he is very much an impact player at Dortmund he's had a number of injuries It's close to 60 games missed since the Start of 2021 even this year he just looks a Little bit short on confidence he had

That falling out the world cup with his Coach it just feels like nothing's Really gone well for him in the last Couple of years and he needs to get his Career back on track for him personally Is not in Forest the right move right Now I wouldn't suggest so but they do Kind of need him like a Langer and Gibs White out and at the moment they don't Really have anyone else I mean they're Having to play Nicholas Dominguez on the Wing uh against brenford last weekend Alongside with Joo on the other side I Think Huds and Ado is the only fit Winger at the moment so I can see why Not and Forest want to go for him but is It wise for not and Forest to carry on Spending you know it's another someone On pretty sizable wages you imagine or At least compared to their budget um There is definitely a talent in there in Gea he does need a move I just don't Know whether not in Forest is the one For him right now I also think in term Terms of kind of you know what we've Heard about GI roa's character over the Years as well like he's not the easiest Player to manage and I don't know Stepping into a yeah inflated Squad Which you know Has basically just just about stay yeah Just about stayed in the Premier League You know through just sheer spending not Really that much through any kind of

Huge coherent long-term plan um yeah Feels a little bit disastrous if a Honest I think I think I think Forest Suits players who who are a bit more I Don't know maybe a bit more experienced Have already kind of proven themselves And also players who haven't been yeah Going from a Champions League club to to Forest is is quite the step down so sa Dad sa dad would be great for him I Think sa dad would be be brilliant what Do think Mar um again like Mars it's Very tempestous slightly slightly messy Vibes Mar I I think you need Jena Somewhere you know like yeah somewhere Similar to Dortmund really but even at Dortmund it hasn't quite worked out so Yeah I think I think he needs a really Solid structure around if Benfica were Having a better season I think Benfica Would be quite a good move but there's a There's a risk with going to Benfica That even if you play well for benica You know clubs around Europe are just Like well it's it's the Portuguese League whereas if you do well in the Premier League for ni and Forest you put Yourself in the shot window for a better Move this summer but I agree with mcbs He needs this move to really work for Him and I just think not even for us is A risk yeah big risk Mikey next one um I'll go to Um I'll go for someone going out of out

Of Nottingham Forest actually now um Oral Mangala now I don't think I think Forest Will probably fight to keep mangala um However with PSR stuff maybe it would be Wise to cash in on him because napol are Interested although at this at the time That we're recording this it looks like They're more likely to get a loan deal Done for Leander dandona from Aston Villa um as their kind of Midfield Signing for January I would much much Rather mangala um if I was Napoli um and I think mangala like is how did you go From winning sorry how' he go from Winning the league to signing Den donka I Know equally I would back I would back Napoli to get a tune out of den donka Like he's not he's not he's not a Terrible player he's still only 28 he About 100 minutes year International This is the thing eight eight eight Starts in the league since the start of Last season one start in the League this Season ason midf that ason V Midfi to dep hard toach it is really it Is really good but I think from a Napoles perspective who would I rather Sign someone who's like basically played Next to no football over the last two Years or someone who is the best Midfielder at their Club um and I know Villa are much better than Forest but I

Think oral mangala has looked really Really good for Forest impressed when You saw him last Friday yeah I think Against brenford he was easily forest's Best player um I think again and also He's someone who I think I don't know Whether he'll ever get to a really good Level in the Premier League just because I don't think he's quite combative Enough for a deep lineing player in in The Premier League whereas I think in Italy where there's a little you have a Little bit more space to actually run Into look at someone like Ona him going From fham to Napoli like he instantly Looks so much better um and I think as a Ball carrier I think and a transitional Player as well I think mangala can add Like a a different Dynamic to that Napoli Midfield 25 million euros this is Apparently what quite a big price it's Quite a big fee it's quite a big fee I Can't I I forget what Nottingham Forest Paid got like yeah he 15 I think yeah Like he was and he was pretty you know He was pretty um essential to that Stutgart side as well um but I just Think Napoli zilinski is leaving in the Summer they're only real deep Ling Options on Giza who's away at the moment And Leota Um like they've already brought in a Number of signings this January as well

Haven't they they brought in junior Hammer Troy s and gong um and yeah I Think you know this Napoli team does Does need more investment um especially If they're going to you know finish you Know or or at least battle for Champions League spots this year which which looks More and more unlikely but they are Still in the hunt um I think mangala Would be a good pickup whether Forest Would sell him yeah I mean only Gibbs White has played more minutes than him This season so um I can see why Nottingham Forest would want to keep him But I think for player and for the Buying Club I think mangala would be Yeah mangala to naol would be great yeah I mean could you imagine if joose does Go there spetti to Mourinho in three Trans three appointments crazy yeah very Very interesting that one uh okay my Last one uh slightly different vibe here It's not really a January transfer but Just over the last few days over the Last 48 hours just been some Rumblings About a potential summer transfer that There could have been contact happening Already in this January window and that Is Joshua Kimick now there's no way I'm going to C There's no way he moves in January bying Fans keep your hats off like it's very Obvious that's not going to happen the Rumors are obviously he's out of

Contract in 2025 so this summer would be their last Opportunity to get a fee really for Joshua kimik who I think we can all Agree is one of the outstanding Defensive m midfielders in well football If not the outstanding defensive Midfielder in well football alongside The likes of rogery and de Ron two many But with the contract up in 2025 Bayern Apparently have other priorities at the Moment this is from build in terms of Signings you know we've seen them Trippier we've seen them linked with um Who's the at PSG the alternative M they've obviously put Eric Dyer in too So clearly the contract's kind of been Put on the back burner I don't know Whether that's just irritated Kimi a Little bit essentially that his contract Hasn't been sorted by now and now we're Hearing PSG sniffing about Manchester City sniffing about and in the last 24 Hours livero Liverpool sniffing about And I love that move obviously I don't As a man united fan but yeah as a Football fan Liverpool potentially Needing a defensive midfielder you know Endo 30 now we saw the recruitment over The summer I know mallis has got a lot Of minutes in the six I do think he is Slightly better as an eight than he is a Six he's doing a great job at the moment Let's take nothing away from him and I

Actually think Endo is really growing Into this side as a 30-year-old fine but Kimick in that deep lying position With exactly with mallister and saos in Front of them and then in possession you Know we're talking about one of the Primo Progressive passes in World Football here I think he's averaging About around about 10 Progressive passes A game at Bayern from that deep line Position him and Trent Trent flying Those balls over the top kimick cutting Balls through the lines Defensive transition almost St no but is it the case I I would just Love to see that imagine them Interchanging that right back slot when Trent tucks in there kimick drops in When Kimi drops in there Trent drops in You got two quarterbacks you know oh my Like delicious move I don't know whether I'm just being a bit miserable but we've Only ever seen him in a double pivot at Byan yeah really he play alongside Mallister true but he's not really Played you know in this Midfield in this Imaginary Liverpool Midfield he'd be the The defender he'd be the guy that's Expected to do most defensive work which Is not the role we've ever really seen Him do and I wonder whether he'd be left Slightly exposed at times like Bayern Have had a number of defensive issues Particularly in transition over the last

Few years he's not particularly quick I Don't know whether I play him as a lone Six I think it would be much easier to Play in that lone six at Liverpool than At Bayern I think the Bundesliga is a Far more transitional League um Domestically and that's why a lot of Wingers uh shine there who you know have Acers of space to run into I think that Someone's B about aren not at all but I Think that is the case it is a more Transitional league and as a six you can Get harmed a little bit more I think as A six at Liverpool as we've seen with a Player like mallister I don't even think Mallister has look particularly exposed For Liverpool actually you know he's Clearly not as defensively astute as a Player like Joshua kimick who um we've Seen be able to play it right back at Times such as defensive now in fact came Through as a right back really and Transition into Midfield more and a Pep Guardiola but I think that if we're not Seeing mallister get that exposed too Much I don't think we'd see kimet get Crazy exposed I think Liverpool's line Is maybe a little bit better than Bayern Munich's certainly think Virgil Van djk Is a better Center back you know I Actually think K is probably better than Upo as well so as a back two I think That offers him more cover in there I Just think all around would be an

Amazing move the reported fees of 50 to 60 million I think is an absolute snip Cuz you're not even taking into account Some of the other things that I think he Brings decides you know his leadership Qualities his organizational well would He be on set pieces with Trent he's an Amazing Crosser of a ball he'd be right Up then they just you can't take Trent Off set pieces man He's almost as good well yeah it's a Weapon to have isn't it but either way I Just think it's a very Klo signing in Terms of the leadership you know Personality character that he would Bring to that dressing room I think he Would work like a dog he would just buy Straight into that Yogen Klo system I Think having a German at the helm as Well helps so youve got an immediate German speaker there I think if Liverpool could get that deal done they Should move mountains to get kimmick Over the line nice that he's a couple of Years younger than Vergil van djk as Well in terms of that TR I know it will Still be Trent taking over from Van djk As Captain but as you say in that Leadership figure because him and Robertson are around the same age as Well and there is a nice you know with Henderson having left in the summer There is a nice transition of that Leadership group taking through those

Younger players cuz Liverpool's young Players like you you look through that 11 of of players who are under 25 and It's really really impressive I think Three 20y old started last night Against only 24 like Lis Diaz is still Really young canate Joe Gomez is still Relatively young given how much he's Well played the playing really well at The moment um so yeah I I'd be excited By the kimich move I just don't know Whether I how old is he now though 28 my My only thing is is that if you if you Sign kimick now In three four years time you you're Guaranteed to have to spend at least 60 70 million on another defensive we're Talking we're talking three four years At this stage I Don't of Florentina Louise I don't think This is a 30 40y old is it I don't think It's a 34 a 30 to like 32 year old like I think a 28 is fine the absolute prime Of his career I wouldn't be worried About Kimi Physically either right back as helpful As I just I just think that that be like The other teams linked Man City scary Thought him and Roger playing as a Midfield to really really scary thought And as was work with pep guarda before In some ways I think kimik would would Maybe just fit into a city Midfield Easier like straight away like he could

Just slot in there but then City but Then City have also spent you know get Bringing in Nunes and kovic in the Summer like kind of means that like they Just bizarre those weren they very Bizarre uh and then also Barcelona Linked now Barcelona wouldn't be for Next summer it be hoping that he doesn't Sign a contract for a free yeah classic Obviously got no money uh which I just Yeah just don't see that one happen me Like they're kind of relying on the fact They're Barcelona there again and I Think when you're up against Man City And know's going to be manager by the Summer like I just think yeah one of Those two man city or Liverpool both Amazing moves let's bring him to man United as well that would be lovely Let's make that happen let's start that Campaign actually Kim unit to United Let's start that campaign wow could Happen last ones uh yeah sure um I've Got two more I'll briefly touch on the One we've already just talked about this Club but Bayern Munich like they do need To strengthen now at right back like Conrad lmer picked up an injury against Unan berin last night in their game in Hand which they won one- nil thanks to That Rafa Guerrera goal so the lead has Been cut to Four Points now between them And Leverkusen uh but Conrad Li's out Mazra is out I don't actually know maz's

Return date I don't think it's for a While they obviously sold pavard in the Summer they made the ridiculous decision To loan stanisich to BU Leverkusen as Well who's not even playing there but He'd just be a useful body to have basar Out for the whole year so they don't Have any right backs now where's pav Playing sorry does pavlovich play there I think he's naturally a midfielder but Yes he did come on there last night um On Wednesday they are links with NY Mukiele that's exciting because he can Cover at Center back as well load move Fine but PSG apparently pushing for an Obligation to buy but I wonder whether They sign someone who is quite clearly a Backup to mrai when everyone's fit but That can step in quite effectively Someone like Sasha Boe from Galatasaray He's 23 years old excellent Defender um And just a really good allround uh you Know allround fullback I think in a i Gatas average around 60% possession uh But he's still about 4.5 defensive Actions per 90 his Progressive passes Through the roof uh he's just a really Good all round fullback and Galatasaray Fans absolutely love him would they get Him in January potentially not Especially with the amount of money that They've seemingly got to spend at the Moment but I just think you got to aim Younger than tripier you can't be

Signing 33y olds in January if you weird Little move isn't it it feels like very Um buern these recent moves the move for So much chaos behind the scenes in terms Of their sporting directors in terms of Oliv Khan leaving in the summer I just Think their transfer strategy has been Really muddled in the last couple of Windows like they've missed out on a Number of targets which doesn't really Happen they've missed out to clubs that You'd expect them to get them over as Well the pelia move was a mess Trev shal On the final day like B weren't known Barn used to do their summer business in February March time and then the players Would arrive on June the 1st ready for Preseason not panicking on Deadline day Not trying to sign Kieran trippier who's 33 years old and actually in a bad Moment so yeah b and a right back is Actually I think one of the most Important moves to get done before the End of the window yeah do you don't Think they need to strength for that Midfield I mean they don't I mean they Don't have yeah with Conrad lmer out as Well they've only got kimich Greta and I Think lmer was their third sentiment Fielder as well so they just have such a Thin Squad in two areas which is why I Don't think they'll go deep in the Champions League or at least they won't Win it okay yeah um I guess I guess Eric

Dy can step into midfield if needed deut Last night he did yeah tired of people Mocking already yeah I don't know that's Starting to wire me up a little bit Already he's doing sort of ENT yeah the German accent thing but like he's Already he already had a kind of voice That was kind of like that anyway and Also like let's not forget that like he Is Portuguese speaker F first and Foremost grew up in Portugal and then English like I don't think he he should Have to talk in a certain accent at all If that's what's communicating that big A German accent yeah and if that's What's coming across understandable to The German media and teammates more Power with two Eric man it's just yeah People just like it it's funny like step Doing the dut Jackson was objectively Funny that was funny I think I think but I think it is is an I think like yeah if You're if you're going into a squad Which probably is probably english- Speaking because you've got players from All over the world um and then you got a German base who you know probably by and Large speak pretty good English as well There is a certain yeah there is a Certain way of speaking English that Kind of is translates translates well um And so and so when yeah when you're Surrounded by it when you're surrounded By that style of English then you

Probably do naturally naturally pick it Up um but yeah uh okay speaking of Midfields um are we we sticking on yeah Sticking on Midfield uh Conor Galla to Tottenham why not Tottenham go for it Saying it's one to watch only saying It's one to watch poor deadlines there I Think I think at the right Price I think Connor Gallagher would be A great signing for Tottenham I think They they need another body in Midfield um Hyberg his contracts up what in 2025 I feel like his long-term future at The club has been in question for a long Time now has never been you know a Particularly you know strong uh Choice Under and under an poao at least um You've also got the cell size contract Up in 25 as well and Connor gallaga you Know in terms of his defensive work can You know replicate some of what hyb does In terms of his attacking play can Replicate a bit of what Lelo does even Though he doesn't you know have the Finesse necessarily of Lelo but um but Yeah and and that Spurs Midfield does Look great when basuma and SAR are there Um but they do need they do need cover There um and I think he can also you Know he he's also someone who you I Think would start in big games um Obviously Madison's returning soon as Well but this weekend potentially yeah

So you yeah I think that that Spurs Midfield yeah it just needs depth it Does need depth and I think that's if if Spurs could get Chelsea down to 40 Million pound I think that would be that Would be an amazing signing for I think It's a coup as well like take there's Something to be said rival yeah there's Something to direct Rivals Captain like He's Captain him I think 15 times this Season he's clearly a key player in that Poino system as much as people say like Chelsea fans say oh you know he we can Move him on we wouldn't be that fuss Well poino I think would be fuss poino I Think would definitely be fuss he Started more than any of those other Midfielders he has been relied upon as a Leader in the dressing more than any of Other those figures hence the captain C I think that would be a major blow to Pochettino it'd be a statement of intent To the rest of the league even if he Wasn't starting every game having the Options of a Midfield five that can Contain s basuma bentinger Madison and Gallagher is amongst the best Midfield Fives in the Premier League it's young It's talented it can go two ways it's Comfortable on the ball it works like Dogs off it I I think it's an excellent Midfield five I think for 40 million Pounds it would be an amazing signing And I think if you and if you think

About it just in the I don't necessarily Agree I I think but also if you look at It in the short term I think getting Someone like Gallagher in boosts Tottenham's top four hopes quite Considerably and if we're going into the Summer Spurs have yet signed Chelsea Captain and he's performing well at Tottenham got him in on a good deal as Well um and they're in the Champions League as well I think it's yeah I think It's huge the Thing I I really like the the effect it Could have on Chelsea I think that's a Positive for Tottenham I totally agree I Think the the reason I more Pro it than I would be is because Rodrigo Benton Co Is really struggling to fit Consistently but I don't think he would Be I think he' be the fifth Choice out Of those midfielders I think Madison Theuma SAR and bentina would all and Should all be played ahead of Gaga I Don't know whether he's better than any Of those when they're all fully fit and On form so spend the money elsewhere I Think you don't spend it necessarily in January you probably keep hyberg you Probably keep skit and use that money More effectively in the summer on maybe Signing an elite Striker um or maybe Strengthening further at right uh right Wing or maybe signing better backups in Fullback positions and getting rid of

Emerson maybe signing another a center Half because they' still only got three Really top ones um and that's we haven't Even seen that much of drag or maybe in The Midfield area like not to poop it on My own opinion here cuz I think gag Would be an amazing signing but maybe It's more of a puma backup than a star Backup for sure I just don't know Whether they need another box to box Energetic type and this is no dig on Galaga I think he's had a really that is The an profile of midfielder though Isn't it true I think he's had a really Good year but also I think he needs to Be playing regularly ahead of the Euros I think there's a decent chance that he Goes I'd pick him ahead of Jordan Henderson for sure um at the moment and He's got to be in that conversation for The England squad so for from Gallagher's point of view do you want to Go to Spurs where you might not play Every week you might not probably more Likelihood of game up at Chelsea than Spurs honestly yeah in that midfield for Now anyway because obviously really Interesting one I can I can see why it's Very divisive cuz some Chelsea fans Think he's you know the best thing since Li bread other thing think he's like a Sign of their issues that he has been Their best player of this season I think Both are kind of true have you got any

More names uh yes I've got down one more Arthur verir he looks like he's going to Atletico Madrid this is going to be Confirmed antp Central midfielder 18 Years old was being linked with a number Of clubs had a really good Champions League campaign I think two assists and One goal scored against Barcelona in a Game that they beat them 3-2 uh in that Period where well it kind of kickstarted Barcelona's troubles really um he's been Playing for ANW for two years he's only 18 was watching some highlights of him He is very much like a a sort of ball Controller rather than a final third Player he'll drop in between the center Backs he's got a really nice range of Passing over four tackles and deceptions Per 90 in the Champions League this year They're signing for around 20 million Euros I think and it's a really nice Move I think because a lot of their Midfielders are now getting towards or Over 30 like K is now 32 I don't know Where that time don't know where that Time's gone uh Rodrigo deul approaching 30 Axel vitell who's been used at Center Back but he's 35 they they need they've Got the second oldest average age in La Liga after volano so they needed some Young blood this is a cent this is a Central midfielder sorry that a lot of Clubs were looking at and I think it's a Nice move yeah I totally agree so are we

Ranking these on yeah what do we think Is the most important to get done right Back is pretty pretty high the one that Stuck yeah I I I kind of agree I think Bu meute right back I do think Potentially a forward at Chelsea um I do like Nicholas Jackson But I think if they could get over the Line no I like I actually like John Jan Every time I've watched him like watch The 90 minutes fast than video and he's Come on he's made an impact he's very Physical uh very direct like I think He's quite technically sound I don't Think it's the worst signing ever but I've struggled to see where it fits when Know jacks's there bro's there but I Think maybe an experienced forward at Chelsea okay I think Antonio nusa would Be a really nice pickup for Spurs it's It's not like a Musto though so I don't Think it necessarily fits there's not Lots of must do here for me do you think Was your most like had to be done Um there's not there's nothing like Glaring I mean I think if if they could Get someone in man united getting in a Forward for sure but it just seems so Unlikely um out of my ones I I like Mangala to Napoli um but I think I think short Termwise I think short termwise like but Get gallager for 40 million I don't know If they will but if they could do that

Cuz they would otherwise get him for Cheaper in the summer I don't know Whether gallager is going to sign a new Contract to Chelsea that's the thing um But if they could make the most of this Situation right now and get someone in Who can offer a lot of like really Quality cover and I think would actually Start most games between now and the end Of the season let's face it like I just I just see there being more injury Issues in this Tottenham side between Now and the end of the season basuma and Uh SAR coming back from you know will be Coming back from afcon that they've you Got a lot of minutes in their legs at This point um yeah I think Spurs need Need a utility player like that if they Want to be serious about about getting a Top four spot that top four spot is is Is it's in their hands M it kind of is in their hands is the Title charge on it's on it's uh but but You know what I mean and it's just like At the start of the Season yeah like no One was talking about Spurs as as a top Four Contender really um aside from George wri weirdly enough um but um That's very true but now that now that They have the opportunity they should Just go for it they should absolutely go For it the league if in the summer like There are going to be there could Potentially be some really top clubs

Sniffing around adogu in the summer and If he has a Champions League campaign to Look forward to at Spurs then I think That secures his future I think I think He's I think he's I think he's very Loyal Twitter will explode if Conor Joins first explode yeah exactly for That all right that's it for today's Episode of Sunday Vibes if you enjoyed This video make sure you hit the like Button uh boys will be back for Monday Vibes we will thank you very much for Joining us today Jo great Edition Worries unfortunately not around for Monday Vibes but I'm sure these boys Going to do a stellar job reviewing the FA Cup fixtures at the weekend the big One of course being Tottenham hosting Manchester City Man City never win there So could we see the end of the quadruple Is what I imagine because it's FA Cup we We can't do quadruple anyway can they're At the caribel cup good

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