Professional swedish heavyweight boxer Otto Wallin with nickname “All In” against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight took place in Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 23, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Otto Wallin (Sweden) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Fighting out of the blue Corner wearing Black with blue and weighing in Officially at 238.5 lb his professional record 27 Fights 26 victories including 14 big Wins by knockout with only one defeat Originally from Sweden but now living Training and fighting out of the Big Apple New York City New York USA he's Ranked number two in the world World by The ibf and the heavyweight division He's the former Ebu European Heavyweight Champion Auto All In Valy and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the Red Corner wearing White and officially weighing in at 251 lbs this Olympic gold medal Champion Now has a professional record consisting Of 29 fights 26 victories including 23 Big wins by knockout with three defeats From Watford London England the two time Heavyweight champion of the World AJ Anthony Joshua finish here in Saudi Arabia Okay keep your punches off the back of The head and protect yourselves at all Times touch them up the lck oh here we Go ovin so confidon says that AJ is not The same anymore he's mentally fragile And I will he said listen Vin's right

I'm not the same anymore I'm better now And I'm going to show it Tonight here we go 12 rounds heavyweight Division it lets you know know that hey AJ is going to Seek and Destroy punch Him through the Target right off the Bat and letting them hands go AJ once he Gets going combinations that's when he's Dangerous not too much thinking just re From foot faints try and push Walling Back he will move Walling we see that Gasier of life like we saw in the last Fight with wild good body shot from AJ Right to the rib cage I love seeing that I mean AJ that's what you want see That's Strategy Yeah you mentioned the jab of Wallin who who frows an awful lot you Just see in there the step on the Outside of the right Football counter right from AJ and you Can you can tell that's exactly the game Plan that's what they worked on throwing That foot is on the outside of Allen's Right AJ looks switched on there's a Nice right hand that came up short by AJ Cuz he didn't he didn't set it up AJ Know he's in a fight he's not over rawed By this occasion or AJ as an opponent to On the nose a wall right up the Bat bin set the all-time comy box Heavyweight record for Jabs thrown in a Fight in his bout against morat gasia 49 not drill hey

Ready right Here Anthony Joshua was the aggressor in The first Round the question everyone has is how's Joshua going to react once he aggressive On that front foot throwing that right Hand throwing that jab snapping it I Want to see across the front foot of Walling just putting the right hand Short there but when he some sharpness Some some some good stuff from Joshua Right now he's throwing the jab under Jab Successfully you always feel variation Against the you f on the outside the Right big right hand that stood W in Back pushed him back it's that jab to Set it up there it is again that's not Going to miss it's because of the jab The jab is going On he doesn't throw the right hand too High either AJ throws it more at the Chest I love that right hand by Joshua He's throwing it behind the jab and he's Also throwing as as bin comes in with His jab he's punching with Excuse me a Bin in and out perfectly done by AJ it's A good snap and his feet are under him That right hand not just targeting the Head straight to the body sced with the Shot this is better from W something to Build from at the end of this Round so here we go round three start Creeping forward on the front foot

Trying to put a dent in AJ I love that right hand to the body that AJ's throwing Joshua he's even stepping In deep enough where he can have power That he's familiar with bin having Sparred them and fting amateurs but There's a over 150 rounds together over The years they know each other inside And out there you go that that's what You see by joshu War so you can look at That right hand Again needs to bring his feet in to the Body it's a lovely shot he just needs to Go back upstairs good work B getting Little with that right hand Joshua just Missed with a big short right hand right Now there it is again yeah see he's Waiting for the lead he wants the Counter he wants that jab coming out bin Keeps pawing at his nose and that left Hook mve Ballin the face of Wallen Swelling under that right eye there you Go that's what I want to see from Ballin You know he fell off balance cuz he Threw it from getting confidence back up Joshua let him feel that that you got Something in Return side he needs to get that front Foot across and look for that left hand Take his head off getting bullied at the Moment there's a right hand from B that Lands looks a Mess Very yeah very good positive start from

Anthony Joshua Focus he's swing on the outside Looking for the right hand and I know You've been a fan of this serger the Right hand foot in position to get Leverage on that right hand and because He landed it to the gut now the one's Upstairs landed to land up up top and Looking for that left hook it will get Around the guard of volin Soon so here we are in round four Balin Bloody nose and a cut under his right Eye as Josh do the right fing with the Lead hand with the feet right hand the Variation with the shot been very Impressive targeting the body see a hook There this is really really pratically Joshua very positive it's the accuracy And the fact the balance is with with Joshua he's stepping in deep enough to Where he's Landing that right hand to The the gut the chest and upstairs SE in His eyes he's total focused but his body His balance everything's there and he Stopped Walling from really committing Countered you can see there he's just Putting the shots out Walling just kind Of put coming in I thought we'd see more Of what we saw counter Chris I thought We'd see more of what we saw against Mor Gia he from these types of interactions Instead he's trading with a bigger punch Intercepting anytime that Bin's thinking Of throwing his right hand and it's

Because he's been throwing to the Stomach that's opening up the chin shot He's getting closer with the feet as Well foot closer and closer and you know That when you got a South Pawn Leander That foot position is important Josh is Doing always keep him straight right Hand right to the chest and the belly I Think 's going to stop being a Stationary Target too he's giving AJ an Easy target to hit AJ loaded up right there and that car B Actually check hooking this is good box Really good mentality is fragile but Right now it's bin who looks Fragile his face is looking pretty Fragile for AJ Joshua's barely been Missing that since the first round That's that's the money punch they've Been working far too easy for Joshua Right now by the way want to apologize To those of you in certain parts of the World who experience and here's what I'm Talking about with Joshua beautiful Rhythm right there step back with his Right foot right there just barely Missed with that something has got to Change for the biged here as he eats Another and I don't love see a big right Hand from AJ there is choosing to fight This fight thr the shots with real Meaning I'm glad you said almost yeah Some te flashes committing to the shot Is what I like from AJ of the right hand

I think the only difference there a Right hand for AJ again the only Difference is that the AJ Bowl was a Combination puncher we're seeing AJ land He will throw five six punch Combinations because he he was still Undefeated fighter out there but now you Know it's a more calculated he certainly Hasn't been the offensive Juggernaut We've seen yeah he's not offering much At all I did say in the buildup to this Fight he's very versati time that we've Seen him on the front foot his hands Go AJ go for gust and it will right in Between the shot of he should bring the Up that he used to Be that's not familiar there's that Right hook straight to around the Guard wilting Rose fading Away power in the shots at All fantastic stuff from Joshua that Left took Rock bin around the Temple Joshua gets his 24th knock out And boy did he make of Aov it was about to get violent I'll Tell you but maybe one more fight in Between I think Joshua is looking for Bigger and better right now of what Turned out to be the final round the Referee goes over to the corner and that Is it fact he was unsteady he didn't Really know where he was and AJ was on The ascendancy he looked very good he is AJ

Anthony Joshua Okay okay okay yes Sir right this is how we doing

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