Professional american heavyweight boxer and title challenger Amir Mansour with nickname “Hardcore” against nigerian talented puncher and top ranked athlete Efe Ajagba with nickname “The Silent Roller”. Fight took place in Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, USA on March 9, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Amir Mansour (USA) vs Efe Ajagba (Nigeria) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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We look at the tail of the tape I mean As big as mansur is ajba at 65 240 he's Got the advantage in Hardcore Mansour F a Jug instructions we have Thomas Taylor Boxer Chief second let him work to the Top of the letters same thing to the top Of the belt guys back protect yourselves At all times listen to my commands touch Them up back to your corner I like the way Jimmy Kennon did the Little reach around with the microphone To make sure the is with us ringside Lex Lewis Chris Meers later Marcos Vio Scoring unofficially with you at home And nice to have you with us live on Five Monsour three losses have come by Knockout and they came in his last four Fights eight professional fights he's Only had 11 rounds professionally CL Captioning available for tonight's Tel Here and you know they don't look like They warmed up and they need some s on Them any punch can you like fighting Outdoors though I love fighting Outdoors Because I can get that breath of fresh Air temperature in the 50s no rain in The forecast the sun setting here in Southern California behind our facility Given name is lever Moore when I as sure About that he said I I wanted to change My name I don't want people introducing

Me as a boxer Here Comes Meanwhile a Jo Bay is need to loosen up A little bit More he's basically walking down Mansour He is and that's not typical for Mansour If you watch his tapes he comes right Out usually yeah I know when he came Into the ring he said oh he's kind of Cold so he's not warmed up I know de you Have a blanket ontic ringside so they're Shirtless out there Fighting fight Tomato cans you know between his time Starting his career taking a break Dealing with ag 46 he looks a lot Younger he's been fighting regularly Look he fought Gerald Washington he had Gerald Washington down bought him to a Draw Uh he had Dominic Brazil down got Stopped in six but you know he's oh he Got hurt by right the right and he's Down on the punch from a he set that up And he set it up with a left jab he's up All he did was just a lot of weight Behind that right hand our referee says Okay to continue here 40 seconds in Round one and a left from a Jagar all right tried to respond has man Himself he's in trouble and he knows it Jag has to be careful as well because And he's down with the left through the ROP he's going to get up but I got to Tell you if he does get up he's down Again because a j is really

Tonight ref said talk to me protect Yourself that's the last thing on the Mind of f a joa who wants to finish this In a Hur that 85 in reach by ajba you Saw examples of that and then what else I like what aa's doing is he's stepping Back real nice when uh Mon's Rush on him He's stepping back nice and keeping his Distance if manour makes it out of this Round I'll be surprised no pun no and Given the fact man was in that round Well he fought like It an awkward move Sure punches left uput left to the body But right now oh that's a they got no Feet were Tangled Tangles because he's Southpaw and you know have experience Boxing each other a jagar hasn't boxed Too many Southpaw so they're going to Get but J thinks if he just hits him One More Time Square it's going to end the Fight not to overplay the reach but it Just seems like he can keep his distance And then land what he jab and that big Right hand got R Ronnie Shields oh there Land to the chest inside is M he's Already been down a couple of times Including an additional time on a Slip Monsour is wobbly right now he got Hit with a couple of right hands a Little wobble and you know everything He's everything uh uh oh he's getting Hit with is is really starting to hurt Against the ropes is b a joa the all

Black trums with a red stripe messed up With his feet right now joa doing Right Thing Foot on the Outside cuz you want to being a big guy You want a guy to be in the center you Don't want him to be on the outside so Your power is in the Center yeah he's he's going to got a Scream from Monsour 6-1 bar 65 Ze a CH by The Knockout specialist With the 85 in reach 9 and0 and they're Taking the gloves off he has won this From Nigeria did a lot of little amount of Time yeah maner was never right future Ahead of him he's had his Olympic Experience his comfort level would help Him against any kind of opponent and it Did today he is the winner by way of Knockout he is still Undefeated the one and only f a Jar

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