Professional new zealander heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker with nickname “Lupesoliai La’auliolemalietoa” against canadian top ranked athlete and title challenger Simon Kean with nickname “The Grizzly”. Fight for IBF and WBO inter-continental heavy weight belts took place in Boulevard Hall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 28, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights

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Joseph Parker (New Zealand) vs Simon Kean (Canada) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Introducing to you first fighting Tonight out of the blue corner he comes To the ring wearing black with gold and Weighed in officially at 25.1 lb coming to us from TW devier quec Canada he brings a professional record Consisting of 23 wins just one defeat 22 Of his 23 wins coming by way of knockout Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome The grizzly Simon [Music] [Applause] King and his opponent across the ring in This Championship contest fighting Tonight out of the Red Corner he comes To the ring wearing blue Trunks and Weighed in at 250.1 lb hailing from South ockland New Zealand he has a professional record of Coming by way of knockout here is the Former WBO heavyweight champion of the World Lupi Mal Joseph [Music] Parker okay gentlemen yourself at all Times touch Gloves So Joseph Parker here looking to get Back on the championship Trail against Simon Keane here a man with an

Impressive record as far as the figures Are Joseph Parker then at the age of 31 with four wall in deeper waters and Kane and a big left hook lands onto the Canadians chin in one of the early ex From the Canadian this is a big step up But he can punch for sure honey shot Money shot whatever you want to call it Certainly punches hard with that rear Hand Parker so he has to watch out for That key he's on the front foot but the Cleanest shots Landing from Parker good left up to the body one of His only successes in the opening minute Of a lively Start yeah good variation upstairs with The jab dropping the right to the body Then going back upstairs with the the Left his trainer Andy Lee was to just Control the boxing but a right hand gets Through from Kean jabed he slowly Brought it back to his chest and that Allowed Keane to find the right hand Over the top a Reminder lands a good right hand of his Own though Parker oh Big Shot heavy punches Landing Across the first two minutes in keeping With the three previous heavyweight here Tonight that was a good shot Mike from Par followed it straight down the middle By a right hand both letting Big Shots Go Keen being forced back though now good

Sharp accurate punch with that lead hand Wins on his record and all but one of Them have come inside the distance but As I was saying earlier not in this kind Of company with that lead hand and That's allowing Parker to find that Right Hand a nice variation from the work of Parker but that was the right hand that For a moment looked like it's sted Round so the arrivals of the celebrities We saw There in between the first and this Second round just giving us a title Fight still to come Fabio wardley Against David adelay and then it's the Main event Fury against three minutes Between Joseph Parker the former world Champion and the Canadians King trying To establish his jab look up was calling For in this second round but he pushes The shot out as opposed to snaps the Shot out and that will allow par in Speed when Parker throws his jab very Quick very accurate him with his lead Hand Kean trying to look at that right Hand just falling a bit short that's Where the The Stance is so wide needs to Close his feet up ever so slightly that Would allow him to bring the front foot In down there Parker slightly guilty of Just being lazy with the lead left hand Keing the opportunity to Pig in that Right hand over the top yeah you can see

You see it just there but lovely Shar Shot picking there follow up by two Hooks certainly worked on his defense From what I've seen in the past NOS he In there with a a classy operator in Parker who lands a lovely jab and Changing and Keane does look unsettled When Parker starts to vary crunching Left to the body from Parker he took That well ke right around the rib cage Lovely shot looks very composed relaxed [Music] Par just over half a minute to go in the Second Direction he's walking onto that right Hand of Parker that's not where he wants To be want to be moving more to his Right away from that [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Shot from Parker on the front foot he's Establishes jab early and when I say Estance and range and we've seen Parker land numerous K Keen try and get His into action and there's that lovely Left of the body right [Applause] Round T and Aring Mmof solid Jabs from Simon Keane the Canadian who yeah he's trying to to let That lead go but every time he throws it He's getting countered and that was a

Nice right hand one two he took it well Keing trying to land some shots of his Own but again the variation it's not Always to the Head he'll drop it to the Body he'll drop the hands of Keen lending great Advice that point most Fighters would Have looked up that was a lovely right Upper cut beautiful sparker he sens his Hurt key here Mike and you could sense The reaction of the crowd as well Through ke ready to fight back but the Uppercut goes through for the second Time in round to go Keen go for the First time crunching right up a cut what A shot knocked out Mike second up cannot Make it to his feet all smiles from Andy Lee in the corner and it's a welcome win For Round by Joe Joyce but showing that He's coming back now refreshed and Simon Keane just as he waved Joseph par then Had to be careful what he wished for and Was decked with a couple of very Opportunities to to really change his Life but the speed the power and the Accuracy as I straight as that fight Finished was so evident the Class very very well taking that shot Must be said he changed the direction of The Shots wasn't it was his final uppercut Was an absolute Peach he threw the jab The knees accuracy the speed in which She threw that right uppercut was

Absolute class Bob Williams had Completed his count Kean was still Completely unaware of where he was he Looked at some stations from a man who Was quite simply in the end a class aart Absolutely speed power an opportunity to To really change his life but the speed The power and the accuracy as I straight As that fight finished was so evident The Class very very well taking that shot Must be said ladies and gentlemen here Is the official time 2 minutes 4 seconds Of round number three Our referee in charge Bob Williams Reaches the count of 10 Therefore your Winner by way of knockout and now the Ibf and WBO InterContinental heavyweight Champion Lup Lai o Mali J Parker So in the end an impressive night's work For Joseph Parker at the age of 31 That's the 33rd win of his career 23 of Them now inside the distance

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