Hello and welcome back to Football daily where today we are analysing the news that Jurgen Klopp and Xavi are set to step down from their positions as managers of Liverpool and Barcelona at the end of this season!

Who could replace them both? Will Xabi Alonso takeover at Liverpool? Is Julian Nagelsmann in the frame for either job? Could Imanol Alguacil make the step up at Barcelona?

All those questions and so much more answered in today’s episode of Monday Vibes!

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Liverpool fans will probably need to Maybe temper expectations slightly in That like you're you're just not going To replace him like you're not Barcelona Aren't shopping at waitrose or M&S for Their managers no they're at little They're at Ali they're going for the Bargains they're going for the bargain Buckets at KFC they they they don't have Great options hello and welcome back to Monday Vibes happy Monday everybody it's Myself and mcbs as usual mcbs how are You yeah I'm good thanks DS thanks had a Nice weekend um band practice had a bit Of band practice Yeah working on my yeah Working on my childhood dream of being Both a football pundit and a rockar at The same time already who knows who Knows maybe in six month time I will Officially be able to say that I'm a Rockar but we'll see um yeah good Weekend duges um bit of magic in the cup As well made Stone what a story that is I think they're the first team since the National League North and South became a Thing in 2004 they're the first team From that Lowdown to um to actually make It as far as the FA Cup finish as well Amazing finishes amazing goalkeeping Performances if he's not um sorry I Forget his name off the top of my head He's not playing in like at least League Two by next season I will be surprised Um and uh and yeah uh and also I think

It's the first time since like 1993 or 1994 that a club from that low down has Beaten a club from the top two divisions On their first attempt in the FA Cup or Something like that so um TI really Amazing Stuffit yeah United yeah that was I mean That was great like I love to be honest I loved it like it was you know to to For Man United to go away to Newport and Actually be you know get rattled Especially after being quite comfortable Early on um yeah like I thought like a Really really good performance from from Newport County um and yeah just I guess a bit of A shame for them that they couldn't Capitalize on United shaky start to the Second half um so yeah uh but otherwise Yeah I mean if if that happened then the The title of today's episode would have Been a tough one because we obviously Really want we are going to dig in to Klopp and Javy if United had lost Yesterday against Newport then who Knows what the what the media narrative Around ten hog would be at this moment Getting pretty noisy it would be getting Incredibly noisy um you know United out Of the you know with no silverware up For grabs at the end of January uh it Would have been pretty shocking stuff uh But dude should we get on to the Crux of The episode yes L um because

Obviously huge huge news on Friday sadly We filmed Sunday Vibes on Thursday Afternoon so we were unable to catch the Wave of Jurgen klopp uh announcing his Resignation from Liverpool uh but not Only that um we had Javy post Vale loss Announcing that he was going to resign From his position at Barcelona at the End of the season both quite Emotional um resignations really given Javi's history of Barcelona given what Klopp has achieved for Liverpool um Shall we start at Liverpool that was the First that was the first um announcement And bigger announcement in many ways I Think I think even a lot of Barcelona Fans were not you know I think even when Javy came in at Barcelona I don't think That many people expected him to still Be there in say five six years time Given the state of the club given that Jav's relative in experience given that You know not many managers last more Than three or four years at Barcelona Even pep was only there for what four Years when when he left um so let's Start with klopp I mean first of all Duges like how surprised were you when The news broke on Friday like hugely Surprised I mean George Wright put it in The football daily chat and I I thought It was I thought it was a hoes I was Like what's your source and he was like Liverpool the club I just couldn't

Believe it because I didn't I don't Think anyone saw it coming really I mean His this season I think has probably Been one of his most impressive Managerial achievements so far I mean We'll see where it ends up but you know The chance to win four trophies people Calling it a quadruple it's not a Quadruple you're going for the Europa League but it's still four Mass I mean It's still it's still incredibly Impressive and like the Europa League is Not easy to win my point is that you Can't call it a quadruple when it is not A quadruple yeah I mean it it is a Quadruple it's not the quadruple say Theup it's four trophies how I'd say Anyway that is missing the point because It has been a remarkable achievement I Think given the turnover in the summer Given the fact Henderson left fabinho Two massive you know totems of their Success over the last few years and the Change that they had not getting the Defensive Midfield that they wanted a Number of new forwards signed in the Last 18 months two years needing to step Up with man and firmino now having both Gone it felt like a it was going to be a Transitional year for Liverpool so to be In this position Five Points clear at The top of the Premier League although City do have a game in hand uh into the FA Cup uh next round with a comfortable

Victory over Norwich uh into the Carib Cup Final Europa League uh last 16 tide To look forward to as well it's been a a Really really special season in terms of Timing I think it's quite interesting timing Because he did say that he told the club In November so the club have had what Two months nearly two months uh well it Depends when he told him in November Maybe over two months to start looking At that new candidate start looking at His replacement could they have carried On doing that in peace I think it's a Potentially interesting one like there Is so much speculation you saw the Emotion before an FA Cup tie against Norwich that is potentially going to Work in their favor but it could Potentially become quite draining six Months of speculation around who could Be that replacement now I think most Liverpool fans dream is for it to be Announced maybe in sort of March Time Who's going to take over that candidate Doesn't ruin the end of their season and He arrives on a sort of Fan Fair and There's a little bit more stability Behind the scenes as well because it's Not just klopp it's his entire coaching Staff looks like they're leaving as well So it doesn't look like it's going to be Pep linders unless as a surprise George Shater is leaving as well so that's a

Lot of change at one go but in terms of What klopp's achieved he almost feels Like you know Guardiola in many ways Feels like an alien in terms of how he Interacts with people in terms of his Sort of mannerisms klopp is almost the Most human embodiment of management I Think in the way he you know conducts Himself in a room the way he gets the Best out of people the way he plays on Your emotions and I think he's done an Absolutely Sensational job at Liverpool Taking over from a real period of you Know there was that season under Brena Rogers in 1314 but other than that there Hadn't been a lot to shout about from Liverpool and to never finish lower than Fifth in any of his F five full seasons Or six full seasons at the club to win Every trophy available by the Europa League you know superb work uh but I Suppose mcbs that leads us on to the Candidates because you know he leaves Enormous shoes to fill yeah massively And I think Um I I think it you know Liverpool fans Will probably need to maybe temper Expectations slightly in that like You're you're just not going to replace Him like you're not like he obviously Very quickly You know you know embedded himself Within kind of Liverpool's culture Really um and I know like say someone

Like Rafa bonitz kind of did that as Well you know still still has a house in Liverpool I believe still lives there I Don't know whether he's he he lives There fulltime or not but anyway uh well Probably not now that he's you know Managing his Spain uh but I digress um You know all those aspects and like you Say duges like just how human he is and Um you know his his kind of morality Kind of shines through you know when When when you hear him speak and and Everything um so to replace him in that Sense is is going to be really difficult And you know His yeah I mean his style of play as Well was so is so distinctive the way That he transformed that club from Helped transform it from top to bottom Um but like you say dues there's you Know it's not just Jurgen klopp who's Leaving a hole there there have kind of Been holes that he's been papering over Over the last couple of years you know Michael Edwards really is his departure Is in some way was in some ways more Defining in 2022 with the fact that Julian Ward didn't work out as his Successor and then bringing in schmack Last year and the recruitment has Remained good but not quite as uh well Organized yeah and probably less yeah Definitely less clinical than than it Had been in that kind of Glorious kind

Of 2016 to 2019 Period um so there's a lot of work to do At Liverpool and I guess we have to look At the first candidate who is the Outstanding candidate which is jabby Alonzo obviously du you've been a Massive fan of his work at by lusen he's Obviously a yeah I guess he probably is A Liverpool Legend playerwise won that Champions League in 2005 crucial role in The final as well crucial role in the Final of course scored the the the Rebounded penalty that that took it a Three all um you know one of the best Midfielders in Liverpool history what he Went on to achieve at Real Madrid and Then Bayern Munich afterwards you know Amazing um and his managerial career so Far has been absolutely Flawless the Work that he's done what that he did With the sasia dad B team and then to B His time and then eventually take that Lusen role um yeah it's just been Perfect and he said back in 2018 that he Would potentially want to succeed Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool um in interview so he Did go he did go early um and it feels In many ways like The Logical next step For him like if he were to win the Bundesliga with b b lusen ending Bayern Munich's you know longer than decade Hold on on the Boie like where is the next level like You're already a Champions League level

Manager essentially um and you know you Don't I don't think you pivot to like a Spurs Level Club necessarily after that West Ham thought going to get him a few Months ago yeah so I mean yeah like I I Think Liverpool is The Logical Next Step It's Like Real Madrid obviously must be on His radar as well obviously must be There but do you I think you go to Liverpool first I think you do go to Liverpool first um I think the Liverpool Job is a tougher job in some ways than The Real Madrid job at least footballing Wise more competitive league for sure Like La Liga might be less competitive In two years time than it is now even Depending on where Barcelona go from Here like Real Madrid are just on the up Um so it's more of a challenge and and And in some ways maybe you know a real Madrid in four five years time might be A nice might be a nice kind of you know Just winning machine for him to join Once he's done the work at Liverpool um But on the kind of lus stuff obviously He dropped points for the first time and God knows how long on the Weekend there was so much I mean I do Feel sorry for him as soon as that Klo News broke just before the Friday Presses I mean that was all that jabbi Alonzo was getting asked about he Obviously said that he's very happy in

His job he's not going to speculate but There is no doubt that that must be Playing on his mind now like there's no Doubt that the timing of this is less Than ideal for jabbi Alonzo he's got Bayern Munich in two weeks time uh you Know they're now only two points ahead Of Bayern Munich in the league um so I Think that's very interesting but like You know he's obviously transformed by Lusa the XG is up three uh 30% on last Season he took over a club that was you Know in the relegation Zone uh when he Joined um and has you know revitalized Them you know the work that he's done Very quickly with someone like Victor Bonface turning him into one of Europe's Most prolific Strikers the management I Think of Florian vers coming back from Injury um Jeremy frong kind of you know Upping his Game uh yeah I mean there's so you know Someone like Pi H capier who who has Really come into his own this year as Well um yeah I think I think he is you Know he's the manager that I think Liverpool fans rightly want and I think Really if there's the opportunity to go Out and get him I Would um there are you know I was Reading about how his style is different To kops and maybe isn't that suited to The squad they you know they're a very Possession based side they play more

Short pass than anyone else in the League Liverpool have you know Transitioned between a number of Different Stars you know from very high Counter pressing to more Counterattacking fullback Le um a play To you know what we see now which is a Kind of like hybrid of possession and Pressing and um you know no longer as as You know no longer as reliant on on Width as they once were um so yeah but But equally you know jaab Alonzo is like You know any modern great manager has to Be tactically flexible so I don't I Think that's being overplayed a little Bit I think that be something I don't I Don't what you think dudes would You if if you were you know the FSG Group now would you be hounding shabby Saying you know this is this job is Yours like if you want to take it hing's A a a big word may maybe I'm going but No no no I think I mean he is the the Obvious the obvious candidate he's the The candidate that's having the best Season by a distance And you can understand why you know Having nailed the transfer window in the Summer pretty much every signing he made Being a huge hit losing musabi was was Obviously a huge blow but replacing him So effectively this has almost been the Perfect season for B Leverkusen and in Many ways you know even if they don't

Win the Bundesliga even if they don't Win the Europa League they haven't had a Season like this since the early 2000s I Suppose when they nearly won the treble So he has almost achieved everything he Can with bar Leverkusen it's a logical Step to then step away B Munich with Their commercial and financial control And might over the rest of the Bundesliga are going to come back really Hard next season you know if they don't Win the Bundesliga you expect them to Potentially make a change in manager Especially if they don't win the Champions League you know Bayern Munich It is difficult to compete with Bayern Munich year on year in in in there Whereas you join Liverpool you have one Year and then Pep's supposedly stepping Down from m city although he although He's flirting with signing a new Contract now yeah exactly the new Dynasty um well the continued Dynasty I Should say so yeah it's a it's quite an Interesting time to take over Liverpool There is a lot more change behind the Scenes than ever before and slightly you Know some key players are are Approaching the end of their careers as Well Salah van djk Etc but he'll be Really excited by the young players at Liverpool that are now getting quite Serious minutes you know Curtis Jones Canate Nunes even Lis Diaz is Connor

Bradley you know there are a number of Players saos who are approaching or not Even anywhere close to their Peak yet Harela and there is a There's an Opportunity to really grow a a club There and with his ties to the club You'd imagine and given the turnover This summer at Liverpool you imagine He'd be given more time and the benefit Of time you know we're going to get onto Javi in due course but he was probably Given more leeway and time because of Being a club Legend it does it does Impact that so I think he'd be very very Interested in the Liverpool job Understandably and I think it's for a Young manager it's the it's the correct Next move I think Real Madrid or Bayern Munich they're not going anywhere for a Manager like that Liverpool feels like The the club with the yes a lot of risk Attached to it because there's so much Change there but a huge upside as well Yeah massively I do feel like in jabby's Mind though this has come a year too Early I think what would have really Suited him was klopp seeing out his Contract until 2026 at Liverpool he has That other year next year at bausen no Matter if it's more successful than this Season or less Um he's just got another year in top Level management to to draw on um as as He takes on yeah a really really big job

And I think the key with Liverpool and I Think you know klopp is leaving Liverpool in a great state but you know What will the recruitment Department Look like what will the analytics Department look like you know under a New manager at Liverpool does will ja Like will jabby be given almost like too Much responsibility If he if he comes in Um it's hard to say I mean it's you know It's hard to say say for any manager What what Liverpool's going to look like But equally like you saying dues like There are so there's so much good young Talent in that Squad and actually mixed With a good amount of experience as well Like talk about van dijk like who knows Van dijk might stay at the top of his Game you know van djk could be a Thiago Silva you know he might he might stay at The top of his game till 36 Sal's Talents aren't diminishing are they at All no um no not not the moment yeah he Might I mean he may slow down also yeah I mean that's that's a worry isn't it if Sal Salah were to leave I think that's In terms of personnel at the club uh in The team that that would be that Probably be my biggest biggest worry um Especially with with klopp leaving um Let's run through some other candidates Dues I mean is like if it's not jabby Who would be your go-to Next I mean on this list we've got down

Desery Thomas Frank nasman Posta cogo or Simone and zagy we've also got an Outside sh of gr and Potter and actually Looking at that list it's probably nlman It would be my second choice I know that He didn't do as well as people maybe Expected at Bayern Munich and but I Actually think his his faring was a Little bit harsh like they were playing Outstanding football particularly in the Champions League at that time yes he Didn't me necessarily manage the egos of The big stars in that team like Manuel Neuer Thomas Müller Etc there was a Little bit of a run in with matalas Decked as well where he was a little bit Critical of him at different points but Some of the the attacking football the Goal numbers were were excellent really They didn't maybe have the the solidity That many people expected and but b Haven't had that for a long time as well He also has you know played in a similar Style of football to Jurgen klopp at Different points he's done exceptional Work at RB Leipzig exceptional work at Hoffenheim he's still very young he's Got a lot of energy the difficulty is That I don't think Germany are going to Have a particularly good Euros so he Wouldn't be arriving on a sort of Tide Of Goodwill in the same way that shabby Alonzo would and also do Liverpool want To get in someone after the

International tour surely someone needs To come in first earlier yeah you need To be there first of June but then I Just think I think deser is a little bit Of a risk right now I think Thomas Frank Doesn't have the experience of managing A top club but would actually interest Me quite a lot I think I think of all Premier League managers he probably Feels like the next one ready for an Opportunity like why not I mean you can Only achieve what what you can with the Resources you've got and given the the Tony situation given the injuries They've had to deal with this year to Have never really been in a relegation Battle during your time in the Premier League with a club the size of brenford No disrespect to them I think is a Really good achievement so yeah I'd be I'd be keen on Thomas Frank an poao you Can't missed the boat I think I I can't See him swapping Spurs for Liverpool After a year I think he'd wait for he he Can't leave after a year I'd be amazed If that happened yeah it would team out Of character for POA kogo but equally Poao would he's a Liverpool he he would He'd fit Liverpool really well like I Mean he'd fit a lot of Clubs really well Like he's just he's just a great Character but like in terms Of having someone you know to to replace The character of klopp I think Posta kog

Would be would be pretty amazing um so Yeah but equally dues I think yeah it's Hard to see him leaving that Spurs Project after he who would be your Second choice I think Thomas Frank would Be I think Thomas Frank would be I think Thomas Frank in some ways is quite a Basically it depends where Liverpool Wants to Go if Liverpool wants to be winning Titles straight after klopp I think Thomas Frank is a risk but I think if Liverpool wants stability and they Want someone who who gets the way that The club has been run I think to Thomas Frank would be perfect he's been at Brenford since 2016 you know he was Invol he was very embedded in the club He was very heavily involved in Transitioning players from the B team to The first Team um you know he's worked at an Innovative club that been kind of at the Forefront put analytics at the Forefront Well put analytics at the Forefront and You know made bold decisions like Getting rid of the academy for a B Team Etc um so he has that first of all he's Worked with a brilliant recruitment team And again you know like with jabby you Who knows what what Liverpool's Recruitment is going to look like in the Future but he kind of gets that culture Um and he yeah first of all has played

Some great football with a really Limited Squad um And and is very tactically flexible We've seen brenford be like a high Pressing team a long ball team a Counterattacking team um you know a team That has actually know in his first year Play played some pretty good football in Possession as well um so he's got that In his locker um he's worked you know He's he's developed you know great young Players over the years as well um you Know is clearly brilliant at Conjuring You know a really good team spirit Um and the connection with the fans like He you know he's really part of the Brenford community you know his his Manner you know after games you know you Greeting the crowd felt wrong yeah like I mean it's you know almost feels like After every win he's doing a lap of Honor you great that's so Klo you know Like um and you know in that sense I Think yeah I think he is someone who Would really quite quickly enamor Himself with with the Liverpool fan base Um so I I like that and I I also you Know and also like Premier League Experience he's got tons of it you know He he he knows the league inside out He's really well versed in English Football um it would feel a little bit Like the Brendan Rogers appointment I Think Thomas Frank um will be I think

Thomas Frank is maybe a bit more of a Rounded package in terms of Like his connection with the fans um and You know people may you say oh Brendan Rogers wasn't I think Brendan Rogers was An amazing appointment at the time Actually for Liverpool and and without Brendan Rogers I don't think there would Have been a Jurgen klopp at Liverpool um You know he managed the club in in quite A difficult time and this is not as Difficult a time for Liverpool the squad Is in much better place than it was in 2012 but post clop is going to be Difficult in many many ways um so I Think someone like Thomas Frank would be He would be a really sensible shout um And that's kind of like although he's Tainted from his time at Chelsea that's Quite quite like gr Potter as well well Like he's got those he's got those human Elements as well as the Tactical Elements that that really set him apart Uh but yeah I would go for Thomas Frank If it's not jaby Alonzo um so and Dari I Saw the athletic were we're talking About him I mean in terms of like Someone who is kind of now a star name And is playing some of the best football In Europe could you see it happening or Do you think not to be honest no no just Because I mean he's so wedded to 352 uh which I'm not saying that he Couldn't change that up I think at Lazio

He mixed up a a little bit more than he Has at inter um but yeah he's done Phenomenally well at inter particularly In the cups but looks like I mean They're in a real title battle with Juventus but you know with that goal Difference Advantage with that the fact That Laro Martinez is just more Consistent than any of the Juventus Forwards the fact Marcus trams hit the Grind running as well I think they will Win the league um and you know obviously Reached a Champions League final last Year it looked like they took a lot of Belief from that the fact that they Matched Man City I think in that final Really I mean it wasn't a particularly Entertaining game intera them a number Of issues Simon and zagi It I don't know why it feels like a bit Like if Liverpool went for Diego Simeon Like it just doesn't feel like the Natural progression going from klopp to En zagi feels more drastic than klopp to Derer or clopp to Posta kogu or Definitely klopp to nasman or klopp to Shabby Alonzo there's just something not Quite clicking and I think it's I think It's primarily formation based so I Think he's very very happy in Italy as Well um so i' I'd be surprised if if he Wanted to do that but let's move on to The Barcelona news because as if we Hadn't had enough difficulty digesting

That Klo news Javi announced on Saturday That he would be stepping down as we Said at the top of the video at the end Of the season this didn't feel like Anywhere close to as big a surprise uh I Think if he hadn't have stepped down he Probably would have been fired at the End of the season potentially it has Been a disastrous season he's had a Really tough week they obviously lost 5-3 to Vel on Saturday they got beaten By Athletic Club in the Coppa Del Ray in Midweek they just took a heavy loss to Real Madrid in the super cup that the Champions League remains their only hope Of a trophy really uh I mean they're 11 Points behind jerona who have actually Played a game more so that Gap could be Cut but I don't think anyone Realistically thinks they're going to Get themselves into tighter contention This year and having won the league by 10 points last year with their best Points tally since I think 2017 18 it's Just been an absolute disaster of a Season and I think a lot of it comes Down to the summer really I think Jordi Alba Sergio bcet huge absence is I think As good as Lin Mal has been this year I Think they've missed as Mund B big time In terms of creativity and there's been A few issues outside of javy's control As well you know pedri not being fully Fit for the entire season gav's ACL

Injury you know there are some to Stan Picking up big injuries as well there Are some contributing factors but it has Not been an impressive season whatsoever Uh yeah they've dropped points in eight Their 22 League games they only dropped Points in 10 last year they've already Conceded 29 League goals they conceded 20 last year their attack in terms of Goals per game has actually gone up Which kind of defeats the point I made About Usman D Bell but I do think having The opportunity to rotate yal a bit more Would be uh would be very good but yeah Only two clean sheets in the last 11 Games uh and big defeats to Jona and Villa Royale or in terms of goals Conceded in those games in that time as Well let's talk about their next Management cups because Arsenal fans Were freaking out a little bit on Twitter with Metta being linked by Sport And Geral Rome Romero sorry saying that Artetta klopp and nasman on the Three-man short list replace Javi but Artetta shy not leaving for Barcelona Right now no probably not I mean let's Get real I mean with sports saying that He's already he'd already like he Wasing yes I mean yeah I'd be amazed if That was the case um yeah I think meel Etta has a there's a lot of unfinished Business at Arsenal He's got a lot of power um he's been

There four years now which is pretty Amazing actually alet AR you know he's He's not he's he's not a new new there Anymore um even for some reason I still Feel like he's fairly fresh um I think It's cuz he looks so young yeah I just Think um well there's that yeah just the The not aging um which you know joggen Klopp was saying was yog klopp said Something that manager age in dog years He was saying other day which I loved um But um I Think I just don't think I I don't see What the appeal is of Barcelona right Now to many top young managers um and Micheletta especially like you say dues He's he's got Arsenal in the palm of his Hand he can really do no wrong there um And most of his decisions at the club Have have worked um and have been Greeted as such and backed financially Which he wouldn't have at Barcelona Though would certain wouldn't have that Or at least if you were backed you Wouldn't you know it would be with Certain Caveats um and pay off the fees over the Next 25 years well yeah and it's just Even my problem with Barcelona is it's Not so much the lack of funds it's the Way that if I'm honest in my opinion Leora just Hasn't hasn't been a big enough change

From the previous um uh regime there um When you look at recruitments at least You know that you know levandowski in The short term like worked and but is Very quickly not worked in terms of the Money that they spent on him um you know They haven't pivoted to enough to to Recruiting young inexpensive Talent um Yes they've out of necessity you know Fast-tracked a lot of lamazia products Into the team you know yal being the Kind of outstanding of those this season But like it it does it's still an Unsustainable thing and yes once the new Stadium is completed we'll we'll kind of Have a better idea of like what what Barcelona can realistically you know Post in terms of Revenue season on Season but it's a really difficult job To come into and I think you know it's Telling what Javi you know said like it You know Javi didn't beat around the Bush like he said he's been Mistreated um you know And there's almost a sense that he Himself knew from having worked under You know van har and Ry card and and Pep Guardiola that you Know the the the manager's job at Barcelona is is not long well you you Just don't well I mean yeah you just Burn out like um and it's it's a damning Reflection on the culture of the club to Be honest yeah he was very thankful to

Lorta but you just you just think like Could there be another way at this could There be a way in which managers are Protected more from the media um because It is it is just an absolute cauldron And the standards are so high know Regardless of what financial situation The club finds itself no matter what Kind of limitations are are placed on The first Team um and then when you have your Great Rivals you know winning champions Leag winning champions leagues and and Building a team that could dominate Europe for years to come um that only Increases the pressure more um so and to Add to that La Liga is you know I know The Girona story is brilliant this year But generally speaking is you know not As enticing as it once was what kind of Pulling power do Barcelona have you know In the long term what kind of money can They offer for Europe's top Players like yeah From essa's Perspective I don't see it from Yogen Klopp's perspective if they're looking At him definitely don't see it if he Tired as pretty tired and wants to live A normal life I think if there's any you Know you know like I mean yeah Barcelona The Barcelona manager's job is like you Know is is as as as you know resembles As little to normal life as as is Possible in the managerial world even

Then julan nlman if he's on their radar Maybe maybe he would take the job um Given that he's still young he's hungry But he's got something to prove and you Know Barcelona is maybe quite a good Club to go to if you have something to Prove like that if you're not already in A comfortable situation and you know you Want to take on a real challenge um and Take on the Catalan media U maybe juli And Aug like that but U but I mean shall We go through some of the other Candidates yeah why not maybe some of The more more uh like sensible ones Maybe like managers who cuz it it does Kind of feel like especially after Javi Who you know not a disaster by by any Means like you know did win La Liga last Year played some great football in his Time did some good work in terms of Revitalizing lamazia which to be fair to Ronald colan he was already doing a bit With getting Gaby into the team before He left um I guess someone like well Rafa Marquez first of all the B team Coach um what do you what do you make of Those links is there any point in Getting rid of Javi and bringing in Rafa Marquez I I don't really see it you know Know he's pretty much as inexperienced He has said that he'd be interested in The job of course he would be it would Be amazing step up for him but I don't Really see the benefit you know last

Season with Barcelona B they finished Fourth they then lost in the playoffs to Real Madrid he hasn't done anything that Suggests that he's the second coming of Pep Guardiola I I don't really see the Progression there but it does feel like Barcelona aren't shopping at wait Ros or M&S for their managers no they're at Little they're at Ali they're going for The bargains they're going for the Bargain buckets at KFC they they they Don't have great options I mean like Look look down this list I mean I think Imman agil is an excellent manager But three five year five six years ago Would you imagine the ra Saad manager Who's currently sixth in La Liga getting The Barcelona job it used to be the top Job in World football well you say that You say that duges but I mean ano valde Went from Athletic Club to Barcelona Kik Setien went from real Bettis to Barcelona like they're at one of those Did not work out well yeah um but like I Mean it's not like Barcelona have Necessarily been um you know eating at That top or all hungry for a big Superstar manager to to manage them in In the in the post pep era like I mean It just felt like at one stage Barcelona Felt like an end destination for the Kops the guardias the aneles ETC of of Our Generation whereas now that that I Don't think they're able to attract

Those managers I mean I might eat my hat And maybe they'll sign artetta but even He's not proven on the same scale as the Other ones I've just mentioned but That's not to say that agil hasn't done An amazing job at ra Saad I truly think He has you know he's won a copper Del re There their season finishes have pretty Much got better and better every year You know Champions League this year Unbeaten in the Champions League topped A group with Inter Milan he's brought Through a number of young players but at The same time is he a nailed on success At Barcelona no can anyone be a nailed On success at Barcelona right now Probably not but it feels like a a huge Huge job for Iman agail in the same way It felt like a big job for Kik satien in The same way that it felt like a huge Job for anesta valde and to be fair Anesta Val I think did a really Underrated job at Barcelona but I do Just slightly worry that Agail you you can get slightly eaten up By by the Barcelona job and look I mean Look what it's done to to top managers In the past look what how how exhausted Javi looks how lost he looks at the Moment I know he doesn't have the same Levels of experience but he knows Barcelona inside out and he's still been Almost surprised by how taxing it is to Manage a club of that caliber so yeah I

I think agail could become a sort of Flavor of the month particularly if they Do will in that Champions League tie Against PSG which starts next month and Finishes in early March I think he would Be my choice there's also Thiago MTO Who's doing well at bologna they were in Champions League contention they've lost Or haven't won in four games I think They've drawn two and lost two of those They've dropped down to seventh or Eighth but his bologna side you know He's punching above his weight there He's obviously got experience playing at Barcelona between 2001 and 2007 Michelle At um Jona as well will be talked about But again you know he's managed hesa Ral Valano and Jona like that's not really a Grounding in in taking over the Barcelona job so I think I'd probably go For agail having said that if you could Get a nsman maybe he's more suited to to Managing and instantly succeeding at Barcelona but would he be up for taking The Barcelona job right now so many so Many unanswered questions I don't know I Feel slightly lost with this one what do You think yeah I Echo your thoughts Duges um and it yeah it will be Interesting I mean I I'd be more Surprised if they were to go out and get A nlman um but in some ways maybe that's What maybe they do just need a complete Culture shift and and someone who is not

Spanish or like has no PR not attached To the you know So-Cal DNA and coming in And just R you know ripping up the play But could be could be something Interesting um you know I mean if we if We to look at Lea's career like he did Hire Reichard in 2004 and that was you Know that was kind of quite out of the Blue you know rard had like no top level Experience before that um no top level Experience since then either but like he Did you know he did for for three years At least did a brilliant job there um Has he not manag anywhere else I don't Think so I don't think so let know in The comments below not but I'm pretty Sure rard just hasn't really done any Managerial work since Barcelona unless He gone to yeah so so you never know may Maybe Lor's got someone like nman in his Sights but as for as for the kind of More Barcelona appointments I mean You've already looked at agu seal Michelle M obviously previous Barcelona Player um pimento at Las Palmas has There's been a bit of talk about him Doing a great job at Las Palmas and was Was uh Barca B manager um before that And was you did lead the did lead laasia As well before taking the B Team role um And weirdly kind of when his name Cropped up I kind of remembered that Actually he was he was my candidate to Replace setien back in

2020 um just because of the the the club Situation and and that need to have some Connection between L between laazer and The first team which had really had been Lost under Val and setian in that era um So he his name's come up but leor fired Him not not long after coming in as President in 2021 so that feels very Unlikely Michelle has done a great job at jiron And he's kind of embedded himself in Catalan culture as well which will play Would play very very well with lorta Like he's from Madrid but he on taking The J job he he very very quickly Started to learn Catalan and has yeah Really embedded himself in that way so And plays great football and has done so With limited resources I know like you Know they are backed by the city group But um you know that the recruitment's Been excellent and um you they lost Someone like RL who was so important to Them in the summer to Barcelona and um You know were able to yeah recruit Really smartly you know the the do bck Signing was you know one of the signings Of the summer um yangel Herrera has been Great like there's been a lot as well Yeah sa has been brilliant like you know Yeah that that kind of blend of Experience in youth has has been really Impressive So yeah I don't know like it's it's it's

A it's it's a PO your cousin wanted he a Poison chalice oh yeah yeah um uh yeah There are some Barcelona fans apparently Who want Mourinho uh which um yeah let's Not get into that I think Mourinho would Be yeah not appointed manager Barcelona Manager after poking the eye as a former Barcelona manager you can't um and even So it's just such a short-term Appointment and what like and a manager Who generally speaking has not left Clubs in a better State than they were Before Real Madrid fans be abely Delighted if that happen so yeah I think In some way in some way someone like Nles I think would be great but I just Don't know if they pay be able to pay His wages um so I think in all Likelihood it may well be a Rafa Marquez Or a Michelle like I I do think that and Ail I think I I just think Agail what he's built at sasio Dad I Just think it would be a real shame for Him to go to Barcelona in some ways I Just don't I I don't see the appeal for For agu seil to to go from a club which He's built really a team that he's built To a club where he's going to be always Playing catchup always Under Pressure will he ever really have that Control like Um that's the difficultas with Barcelona Isn't it because obviously it's a Massive Club probably the second biggest

Club in the world I think most people Would say Barcelona fans might say it's The biggest whatever it's definitely in The top two but yet at the moment it Doesn't have the means to operate as one Of the top two clubs in the world in Terms of pulling power in terms of Spending so you are operating instantly Ated a disadvantage because the Expectations are to be a top two club in The world but your the means the tools You're given are top 20 if that yeah I Mean literally if they didn't have the Reputation of being Barcelona where Would they you know the club could have Fallen apart yeah the fact that players Like gundan levandowski uh you know xia Felix ja Canelo see it is still a Destination they want to go to is pretty Much keeping a float yeah and and you Know there is a good squad there still But it's just it's just muddled isn't it And um you know aside from the defensive Recruitment over the last couple of Years which I think has generally been Quite good even if they're you know Under performing at the moment like they Were Still to be fair saved on a lot of Occasions by testan last year um the Attack needs so much work like it needs So so much work um that's where the Recruitment has really failed under leor Um so yeah it's it's just a big job and

It's and it's uh it's not only that Thing of like you're coming into a club Which has been quite dysfunctional and Is recovering from that and trying to Recover from that you're also coming to A club where the expect ation are just Always unrealistic you know like no Manager is ever really good enough for Barcelona very few players are ever Deemed really good enough for Barcelona Because despite everything they still Want to win the league and get to the Latter stage of the Champions League Every single year despite failing to do So most of the time um since anesto Valver left um So it's just yeah it's it's a horrible Job to take on um so in some ways like Yeah like julan nman out of out of all The kind of you know someone who's got That kind of far in their belly might Might be quite good but like Realistically I just don't see like I'm Not sure if they they will pay top Managers wages absolutely fascinating Few months on on both these fronts these Are two massive issues and you throw Into the hat that man united could Hypothetically be looking for a new Manager Bayern Munich I think there's a Chance that Chelsea are looking for a New manager like the managerial Situation is going to be absolutely Fascina meeting and it means that some

Of these clubs aren't going to get their First choice targets and you just don't Know whether I mean Barcelona what They're not top of anyone's list right Now if if if tuckle were to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season I think Tuckle would be an excellent choice for Barcel I really do like again like could They pay his wages not sure but I think He would be excellent in terms of I just Think he you know the the situation he Inherited at at Chelsea for example Coming into B like I think he's got I Don't know he's he's just he like Tactically he is just a a really Excellent manager in some ways quite Underrated um and is a bit of a disciple Of Pep as well you know like his Philosophy is quite you know quite pep Likee um but he is Adaptable and yeah maybe not a long-term Choice but I think if Barcelona wants a Bit of stability at least on the pitch I Think tuckle can kind of offer that okay Guys there we have it those are our Thoughts on the Liverpool and Barcelona Managerial situations turned into a Really interesting chat at least from my I really really enjoyed it so I hope you Guys did too let us know who you'd like To see in both those positions do you Think the tuckle under pressure at Bayern same with ten hog same with poino Will they those positions become

Available too let us know all your Thoughts on all the managers around Europe not all of them but you know These situations and uh yeah we'll catch You later in the week thanks so much for Watching don't forget to like And Subscribe bye-bye

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