Professional american lightweight boxer Oscar Duarte with nickname “La Migrana” against most active light weight fighter and top ranked athlete Ryan Garcia with nickname “KingRy”. Fight took place in Toyota Center, Houston, USA on December 2, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Oscar Duarte (USA) vs Ryan Garcia (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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We are live in Houston Texas Toyota Center welterweight division 12 rounds It's the return introducing to your First fighting out of the blue Corner Wearing the colors of Mexico green white And red he waited officially 143 lbs and In 28 professional fights holds a record Of 26 victories one defeat one draw 21 Big wins coming by way of Knockout El Chihuahua Meic [Music] [Applause] Oscar and across the ring stands his Opponent fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing blue trim and gold he weighed in 142 and 3/4 lb in 24 professional BS his Record stands at 23 victories just one Defeat 19 big wins coming by way of Knockout here is the former WBC Lightweight champion of the world he is The fighting pride of a high desert from Victorville California presenting King Ry Ry [Applause] Garcia back to you know for Oscar dwarte This is a fight to prove he belongs on The top left called a clown and a Quitter been told in Mexico he was known As Queen Ryan and no one there respects Him for right I'm going to remind people Just how badass I Am round one Garcia in the Blues Duarte

In the white section of Ryan Garcia and Of course you can expect the speed that Jab that's a great body shot by Surprisingly DTE has a lot of fans here [Applause] Tonight that was a big left hook by D Stationary and throw that left hook Around the guard right there ryanard the Mental may not be firing the way it Should be fights we saw that Ryan's good At dishing it out but against tank Davis He showed he wasn't so good at taking it Opponent get stationary he can't do that Against Ryan Garcia he's got to throw Punches as he's trying to get to see That punch he won't throw he doesn't see It he took advantage right there but if He doesn't see D's putting his head down and coming In that punch going to be that uppercut I told you D's elbows are a little bit Wide I mean it covers all his torso but There's A mixed emotions from this capacity Crowd don't try to go forward all at one Time absolutely there's that uppercut And there back on the back foot Counterclockwise now he's been going the Same way go the other [Applause] Direction keep [Music] See right there's the uppercut he's Going to be looking for that punch the

Lee hand it's going to Work right hand from for the jab in the Hook of course but it's going to be hard To land hooks off the the puck it's just Going to Ricochet off his shoulders on The top of his head and gloves who says Sh he should be content with just Touching the gloves touching the jab Keep Yep so what should he be doing now the First hand you flashed a fast jab this Round fake said I don't respect Ryan That much but I do respect his P his sir I'll expose Him Talking about solving the puzzle of Ryan Garcia one thing he does he pulls Straight back and that right hand lowers When he pulls back that's what himself Shan out of position at times when he Throws that hook you saw the first Knockdown against Javon Davis came at The [Applause] Shot left hand Body right hand on the button from right [Applause] Ryan is such a reactive fighter like He's a Twitchy Fighters you know punch He's thinking about a counter Shot guys like that you got to Fain you Got a fing D from using his [Music] [Applause]

Offense good [Music] Sh we got here look at this look at this The pull back hand down sweeping left Hook over the chin Southpaw caught Ryan With one of those shots put him down a Couple of years back and that punch was One in Short from being more Devast right hand from DTE there you go see now he stabbing him To the body that's what's going to do It and there's incredible body Punchers things that are going to wear Ryan down being in his face just like Thinking him that's going to wear him Down physically and mentally and then The body work that He's D is not really throwing a lot of Shots right now you know he he's taking His power shot a chance to actually Counter anything which is also a little Bit of draining mentally and D'Angelo Keys is quite another thing to do it Against the guy with the kind of Reflexes of Ryan Garcia yep you see the Reflexes you see the speed it kind of Threw a left hook from There I come to school of I come from The school of get get what you can get Cheating or or no no hey oh that right Hand again and follow up with the left It just Missed over eager is he being patient Enough for you I think he's being

Patient and look one thing about her in Boxing today so tank Davis is on a Special [Applause] Level this is where Ryan doesn't want to Be see Shan there was a missed Opportunity I thought D he's in the Corner he's got Ryan Garcia there and He's not letting his hands for Oscar DTE Is to make Ryan Garcia uncomfortable That means hitting him everywhere he Told not to do it [Applause] Anymore right hand right here we get an Overhand right coming right over the jab Hand of Ryan he cannot get complacent he Cannot re on him right here at the end Of this round we get a right left hook In the right hand from Ryan Garcia That's all he needs to do just and Don't Force It All right round four now scheduled For 12 far so good for Garcia who's Constantly moving to avoid DTE on Ryan Garcia's part he's following the game Plan state behind it you know he's Alternating his feet and [Applause] Histe he's got Ryan in the Corner and Ryan almost continuing to get Me hit hit [Applause] There the back of The it's like it's a weird angle that's

Happening right there in In the Heat of The battle sideway just showing his back And possibly the DQ throw here like these are the Situations where You' got to throw six Seven eight punch combinations can't Just follow Ryan Garcia into the corner And do nothing look right there that's What take a body dig on the Rist does it makes you think twice it Inates you r s p c he [Applause] Got pay-per-view is on sale now in the US and Canada I need you to throw more punch unleash And let those hands go let's check in With Chris manx spelling it out for him You've got to put more pressure and You've got to lot but he has not let his Hands go 4036 in favor of Ryan Garcia Now he's letting his hands go slipped an Upper cut through the and keeping those Counter punches that look at those power Punches he you got to beat D mentally Not physically beat him mentally pull it Out of make him Feel Garcia almost completely turning Usually when that happens it's because a Fighter has pivoted good shots right There D took those punches good normally Hooked by DTE Sean it's always something An amateur would do their first time in A body structure you know maywe had a

Small head and whiters he hit behind the Peps well those are things you fighters Aren to Garcia tried that that L Campbell uh body shot right there Probably the best round of the fight for [Music] DTE don't give him that much Space you can't give him space that way You can't get Comfortable as he fights [Applause] Back than Start yeah seeing the shoulder R Effective are you in the fight in terms Of There you go that's a that's Hook by Turn I I don't know man you can't I Can't explain that I don't get it I Don't know why he's personally made that Adjustment I think he's going to be as Dwar trying to turn the Tie Garcia tough he knew he was in for a Fight maybe [Applause] Not Ryan Garcia might be employing this Strategy like the adjustment back to the Game plan and jabing using the speed Sets up the power body is it's too Strong for that one shot can go Backwards and then pop that jab oh he CAU him coming in BO from the fans right Now if you're moving that much Chang I Like it I like it I think it's it's the Right move to make fights have gone the

Distance we're in round continuous Pressure of Oscar dwarte start to pay Dividends as Garcia continues a lot more Move in the last couple rounds that's What I just said and a lot more booing Coming from the from the fans that were Actually prising Garcia's entrance this Is not only you know the the her Business it's also the show business and Right now R I want to see hook to the Head hook to The the the typical combinations hook to The body hook to the Head he's got the Head oh hook to the Head hooked to the Body with Ryan Garcia and Oscar de la ho Right now we're seeing a version of Oscar De La Hoya but these Are these are largely wasted Opportunities an engaging fight right Now that's on Ryan Garcia but Oscar Dwarte to me is not taking advantage Like he should to be able to land Something big and Chris oh nice left Hand legs that betrayed him his a knock Down caugh by The Dam and it's over and gar gets his 20th KN out you don't get up at eight and you Give a referee an opportunity to count You out at and he still didn't make it Up no D made a mistake he didn't was a Man that was defeated and was Hurt and it happened but was perfectly Timed right on the T for DTE and he was

On skates right there D's legs went Under him no that on Tempo now let's watch the count here if We can and and this right here Ryan Right there he sees it and he goes for It a lot of Fighters don't know how to When they got a fighter exactly where he Needs him and then right here the he Understood the respect let and now WBA Gold champion king Ry Ry go Give us the Pyro

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