Professional american welterweight grappler and MMA fighter Dillon Danis with nickname ” El Jefe” against american YouTuber, artist and cruiserweight boxer Logan Paul with nickname “The Maverick”. Professional boxing fight took place in Manchester Arena, Manchester, England on October 14, 2023. Spectacular boxing match in HD, Highlights.

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Dillon Danis (USA) vs Logan Paul (USA) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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Introducing first fighting out of the Red Corner wearing pink and black and Officially weighing in at 94.4 lbs he Comes to us by way of Ohio USA and Living training and fighting out of Puerto Rico the world famous internet Influencer and mega Star professional boxer entrepreneur and WWE Superstar Logan Maverick Paul and across the ring his opponent Fighting out of the blue Corner wearing Leopard print an official weight of 195 Lbs making his boxing debut an Accomplished Combat Sports star from New York City New York USA he's an internationally known MMA Star and the for top Jujutsu champion of the World he is Double D [Applause] Dillan start please please hey hey Hey go Globes come on all right oh they W well in the buildup to this fight Dylan danis has proven he can talk the Talk better than His family his future wife and his Legacy Paul promised danis yesterday at The W right here we Gois in the Leopard is trying to tire out Logan I Think he wants him because he keeps

Talking about his big muscles to Overexert himself Dylan is talking to dy I think that's why Logan Paul had to Tell himself last night I got so worked Up you let's remember this is Dylan Denis's debut martial arts and things of That nature but boxing he's never done This before and that's why there's so Many questions about how he's going to Look here nice shot from Logan Paul and Logan Paul orising the Pres danis really hasn't thrown a Significant punch yet Through look how quick and how strong Logan Paul is people need to understand He shocked the world when he came out in A WWE ring people said how does he Perform like this his athleticism is on Another level Jake much more I mean excuse Meanz first surgery fail took him four Years to come Paul's in phenomenal shape He really really is he's an Athletic oh right Froman danis fired back just miss big Right and relax you're throwing a lot of Punches you got to let him come so you Can throw don't run just let let him Come and just throw he's let him come to You and Peter Quy's I don't know if that's the advice I would technically give to him but hey To win this fight so the pressure is on Paul fut with Logan Paul I mean he's the

One that has the wrestling career he has The boxing career Dylan style and you Can already hear the crowd too they want Interaction they want excitement these Guys promis [Applause] That On Jake Paul's Corner telling him hey It's okay for you to back up fight off Your Backlit the guard There and I appreciate the fact that he Continues to come but guys tell me his Hand is bouncing back towards us about The talking and the trash talk but you Can't do this you can't say you're going To rip somebody tire out Lo but it's Only caugh with left [Applause] Hand And look at Jake Paul unloading the T Now we'll see if he back up oh He's I don't think he forgives Dylan Donis anymore he is unloading the C now it's all Z and now do it for a very on two for Logan Paul He was unloading the tank and I don't Care what Dylan Dan's corner is telling Him you don't take that once he mixes up The variety of the shots and goes to the Body then the head is going to start Opening up for him you chop the tree and

Then the head is going to be available That last sequence excuse me two rounds To None remember Logan Paul had that moment Against Floyd Mayweather Where under denis's left eye so I guess An eye for an eye now what he did on Thursday Oh dannis face is beginning to swell [Applause] Up you'd like to see maybe Dylan have One of [Applause] Those oh he's doing the old Anderson Sila this is an mitjitsu match you lose The crowd when you start doing stupid Throwing a backhanded punch come on What he's going to try to do is Afterwards say I again the body shots that's been the Knock on him from the start even in MMA He didn't have those Fundamentals 10 seconds to go here in Round three another finish Danis see if he can do It from your gut Now listen now it's a piece of I credit Logan Paul never backed out never even Let us think he was going to back Out the corner of Log again on the right ear left ear At hey but this is Good I think we're going to see a Different kind of attack out of Logan in

This round the back end of the statement But let's see what he brings to the Table it's all about adjustments all About Adjustments he has to take this up and Notch a little bit because if he drops This round he ultimately [Music] Has he loves a challenge and I think if You ask him right now he was like I wish This was more of a battle I wish this Was more of a [Applause] [Music] Fight and hopping forward out of That to walk him down till he starts Ging out out then push the pedal to the Met it has to come now Dylan has to Start fighter is basically in the ring Trying just not to get knocked out it's Hard to put him down another round for Loogan let him [Applause] Go don't Get Stay round five scheduled for six it's Only 6 minutes left the Belet just throwing it on him and this Is where he needs to keep it if your Logan Paul is in the middle of the Ring I think they both have is the only one That can do what they need to do this is Great from Logan he's taking his there Go do some guard manipulation that'll do

It and that W danis Up Swing himself up and we're going to see Another 5 minutes of this on but he is Not winning any ounce of this fight lure Paul to the MMA this performance isn't Going to get anybody All touch Paul really right there swing A miss again Foundation may be going for Danis look like it tweaked the knee a Little bit Oh Oh punches Paul 82 wow nine times as many punches landed For did all of the work outside of the Ring before this fight to make this Event as big as an me in five rounds I Mean it's like a bad seventh grade Basketball score because all these People paid a lot of money to see a War exp himself he doesn't want to be a Meme Exactly Will mean Nothing he'll find a way to spin it Logan doesn't even have to keep his Hands he him he him had a feeling this This couldi security was just about to Enter the ring jeez look I would take a Point away and it looks like the referee Is not that it's going to matter no kick Right Now Moon Sal take the point back Oh a swing and a miss at least danis is

Trying and the crowds turned back to Logan oh they're completely behind Logan He's trying to Finish here's going to be the narrative You couldn't knock me out that's going To be in the narrative he lose off SC [Applause] Ability [Music] Yeah H well he's Down it's Andrew G ready over again There's J PA in the get really ugly guys There's a lot of bad blood there as you Said Jake Paul bottles are being Thrown for all over it yeah they were Well Dylan danis got his first and boys Fight lesser competition I don't know Maybe he goes back to MMA maybe he goes Back to Jiu-Jitsu but he did not back up And get cooler heads to Prevail by Playing Rage Against the Machines Well Done Right am I supposed to actually go In there to by such an event is Logan m [Applause] H hey you know you done something right Coach when you walk in and they're Booing and you walk out and they're Cheering it's not the uh it's not the Way it normally works but when you earn The crowds respect

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