Professional ukrainian boxer, olympic gold medalist, undisputed cruiserweight champion and WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat” against brittish shocking top ranked athlete Derek Chisora with nickname “War”. Fight for WBO inter-continental heavy weight belt took place in The O2 Arena, London, England on March 11, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Derek Chisora (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] Entertaining boxing personalities They've been a pleasure to be a boxing Bubble now they take their turn under The new guidelines no crow and the Action might if Derek jaora over a year Be white hot all the skills the mobility World you're so up for this one man yeah Straight away jaor is trying get he's Got to force the pace he can't stand on The outside allow he stays on the Outside too long he's got to force hot Pace here he's got to try and make it Rolling in there back Us into the corners on the Alexander us As we Expected already around the back good Work from ja this is exactly what he Needs to do right hand there from Getting close he's making it remember Nearly fre stone weight Advantage he's not a Power such a quality more tomers he'll Be able to he should be able to read That I'm sure he will be able to see all That Coming usk as well getting off some Shots and he seen these shots com he's Talking Off just standing his ground a bit us Thought he might do that not just Whistle around the wi the ring on his Back foot there's a Left counter chora on his way in walk

Him onto a shot he certainly adds to the Power his momentum coming forward adds To the power of him Control your Breathing control your breathing please Holding hitting trying to get anything On Usk and that right hand was decent Shoulder to be honest on the chest but The force of it knocked him back into The ropes but uh I me he out booxed Delo With the pace and the physicality Factor That's what chor want to get that world Title Fight he's been hit biger but it's the Accuracy so clever with his feet and his Boxing brain he's trying to get into This Rhythm here quickly and too long That when quality punches are coming Back at him and this good work from Dely nice right good work from jaora Getting a little closer Landing a nice Right hand himself got well that's a big Question mark as well the power of us up At heavyweight Out well you know this is what chisora Is going to do this is what he has to do He has to get close he has to try and be Dirty in there alander so he's just got To get as close as he can and make it as Anything that he can get away with that Is the street fighters mentality all Night all night of Alexander Usk all night all night he landed some

Heavy shots there as He Apologies for some of the language at Ringside there's a lot of is definitely But look this is the this is the kind of Fight that just did land some Shots runs MMA sharp skills of Alexander Usk to the third from the Ukrainian but Chora meets Him takes that half step back fall into Man Zone they catch it Landing he's Getting there he's Landing some good Shots yeah I mean look at the movement There from mus and you know this someone Like just Distance the southp style to go with for Did have that good win over arur spiler But struggle with Tyson still sple hard Accurate shots quality work from Chugging Forwards yeah he's going to take the Sting at him in first jaor is still Pinpoint Precision from yeah good body Shots going in there from us can then Finish with that nice straight left up Miss the accuracy you know right into The middle there the pit of the stomach The solar plexes and then chops that Left hand over on the chin chazar has Been hit by much bigger punches but it's The accumulative effect it's the Consistency the Tak out by David Ha ni right hand

There has to try and throw more Combinations doesn't he matter yeah just Combination from Alexander R he's got a Wonderful left Hand super Talent Super T like he said There he G over his ankle in terms of Quality skill and winning the rounds Yeah wildly but you still think o that Got a bit closer he's picking the spots That he wants to Hit J as well making him Miss Upp going to be there when he's Sing [Applause] Over but he's giving it a real Goes I wonder does us feel under any pressure Under threat doesn't he just need just To try and chock out a few combinations Especially body shots if he's going to Have any okay listen the only reason why He put you a couple shot this is an Interesting one usk seems to Be yeah mean there's a lovely time shot There bang on the chin like we say we Talk about biggest puncher in the world But he still a 15 and a half Stone man Cracking your heart still going to take To this boxing wizard from the Ukraine Sixth round the the movement the Beautiful southp skills as he gets Around there that's where Chor left hand from usk because when usk Has distance it's War of Attrition but

You stand in your ground you use your Legs the way he to make the best off but For me win this fight so far he's the Guy who's the aggressor yes all the time His land in the up and he's being hit Too many times what's your advice first D keep keep going on keep going on try And force the pace a bit more to be a Boxing match D needs this to be a war And he's just using his Smarts just getting Center chora Standing off looking for the swinging Right hands he was so good in those Fights with Dil determined as David Hay Said there take him into deep Waters and Drown Him to play a part in this this is Better from chisora yeah this is good Work this is exactly he wants to do P with their hard shots from Us oh good action here in the seventh And usk opening up now he's back Inora usk stood his ground and came Right back the hard the SP again chora Body shots now he's going to work Alexander R good from Jaora yeah he's having his old success But the punishment he said he can take Leather all night can throw leather all Night he get tired the game Foror left hand and a Right the other way which would level my Score card up a little bit to 53 rather

Than 6-2 but they Point usk as he Generally tends to is just ramping Things up he's turning that screw bit by Bit and he's beginning to take Over yeah this is really good work from He's right at this stage in the fight When he's got your measure it gets Harder and harder and Derek he Has at least had his say in this he's Given yeah he's taking a lot of they do Take effect even though he talk them They are they will a three round so far Other than that given usyk everything up Decent lead at this Stage body shots from chisora fromus What he's like under this sort of Pressure with her especially as you know Anthony Joshua Tyson Fury you know Big yeah he's Landing that right hand That right hook this is good from Jora Know as well he can't afford to switch Off jaora is always dangerous these are Big Shots he's missing but nonetheless R Chisora is still keeping usk Switch 350 amateur fights chor was a Decent amateur Ink's been having a go on The DS spard it's been a great build up Some contrasting Characters who Has when he's got it absolutely right Training Up just watches keeps his concentration Nice right hand There right hand from chisora body shot

From usk and a left Hand usk with a right hand chisora back One to the body and a left sorry from Chisora he hasn't stopped good body shot Going in there well he's a brilliant Fighter isn't he wonderful technician Alexander R they must be exhausted the Par Them yeah there's even more respect now A great effort from he said he For me the extra quality was with us you Know and that's over the course of the 12 round and he was he got out landed he Got out out pointed he was just jaor Made eight of the 12 Rounds really good fight hard Tough 12 Rounder as D and Alexander usk now knows [Applause] About celebrating usk heavyweight Champion [Applause] Alexander us gets it by five on Bob Williams C by

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