Professional american heavyweight boxer and title challenger Kevin Johnson with nickname “Kingpin” against brittish top ranked athlete, olympic gold medalist and IBF, WBA and IBO world champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight for WBC International heavy weight belt took place in The O2 Arena, London, England on May 30, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

Kevin Johnson (USA) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Maro betti the three judges assigned From the United States bill Clancy from Venezuela Nicholas ILO from Scotland Victor Laughlin and inside the ring in Charge of the action at the Bell referee From England Ian John Lewis and Now Ladies and gentlemen from the 02 arena London England 10 rounds of boxing for The WBC International Heavyweight Championship introducing first fighting Out of the Red Corner wearing blue with White official weight 17 Stone 7 lb 1 Out his professional record consists of 29 victories including 14 wins by Knockout against six defeats and in his 35 heavyweight contest he has never been Stop from the ATL Atlanta Georgia USA Here is the Challenger Kevin [Applause] Kingen [Music] Johnson and across the ring Hing out of The blue Corner wearing black with red Officially weighing 17 Stone 10 lb 8 oz He count Olympic gold and now as a Professional has a perfect Record 12 Fights 12 victories 12 Knockouts from London England a member of the most Excellent order of the British Empire The Undefeated WBC International heavyweight champion AJ From the UK

[Music] Anthony Joshua boxers oh and the referee I spoke To you both in the dressing room I B my Command at all times you better to know The rules was the heads keep the punches Up and when a shout break you break Clean and remember defend yourselves at All times Shake G well can Anthony Joshua bring up St Number 13 does Kevin Kingpin Johnson Live up to all those Words and take this fella deep it's 10 Rounds I said 12 earlier it's 10 Rounds That's what it's scheduled for whether It goes that long remains to be seen and We're about to find out Joshua versus Kevin Johnson Johnson's been talking about Letting everybody know where he's been Doing his training after the fight but It's impossible to keep a secret in this Business he's been working with Peter Fury Tyson's uncle and the corner is being Run by Clifton Mitchell tonight and is Also part of the Tyson Fury Team Johnson just invading that right [Applause] Cross yeah there's a chance that big AJ Might learn a few tricks tonight because Johnson is really experienced he knows His way around you know he knows when he Has HED how to cover up get through the

Odd crisis and so forth you see him Showing little faints at Joshua who Knows maybe even like get a few shots Through and test his chin out for Us but we'll find out how much ambition He's brought with him as this one rolls Along the double jab there as well Johnson joshu was talking this week as Well he said we the plan is not just try To bomb him out of there break him down Bit by bit because the record would Suggest your ability there's the first Big right hand Landing followed up by Left and Johnson already in big trouble Here Just shrugs if to say is that it is that The best you've got but he was shaken Jim and there's a body shot coming in as Joshua continues to stalk him down and Make this ring really small see I just Feel that Joshua when the time comes Will punch right through the defenses of Johnson I mean that was a terrific right Hand a right hand Lead Johnson didn't see it com and Beautifully delivered it Was and Johnson doesn't have any thing To keep josa off him I think he's Feeling this Already I think he's starting to think Well it's easy to talk it's not so easy To Deliver Johnson is backing up for all his worth

Here as Joshua continues just to zero in On him taking his time couldn't land the Right hand that time just out of range There as well but it's survival mode Already this for Kevin Johnson who tries The old Al Shuffle that gets a bit of a Bit of a laugh from the crowd in the O2 That's where comparisons with Ali End well Johnson is never easy to catch Cleanly but when it reaches the stage That josa doesn't have to worry about What's coming Back he expect he'll just March through At least Johnson getting some punches Off Here he'll play his part as long as he's In [Applause] There Joshua going away once again and Nails Him right hand And it was the ropes that kept him up he Hung on to the Rope he takes a count Last 10 seconds somebody thrown Something in the ring he and John Lewis Hasn't seen it now he's got rid of it But can Johnson survive Joshua looking Up just blinks him out of there inside Around there goes the bell and Johnson Is Finished Destroyed in a Round he's on his feet now is he and John Lewis going to let that continue

But he is in terrible terrible shape Here Johnson and I'm not sure even if they do Let this go on that he's going to be in Any kind of shape to defend himself he's Been wiped out there's a huge right hand Landed NE when it come up off the floor Really he should not be allowed to Continue here I can see this happening Pretty much as soon as the match was Made Johnson has nothing to keep Anthony Josa off of him And those were terrific Punches really powerful shots did well Take himself back up again he's a proud Man I don't see any point in sending him Out for the next round but it seems They're doing it well Clifton Mitchell Was shrug there as if to say it's your Call if you want to go on as you say Jim Brave Man but that's one minute to try and Recover from the effect of that get over The effects of that right hand of Anthony Joshua's and it's not a case of If it's when and that when looks like It's going to be any second now he is in Terrible terrible trouble Here just getting thrown Apart get him over there then John Lewis Is throwing nothing but what is the Point in this he's just desperately Trying to cover up trying to block these Right hands and give him credit he stood

Up to that assault but nothing there Nothing but trying to survive nothing in His legs look his legs have gone he is Stunned he couldn't must a punch now Joshua can just measure one right hand That'll be it Josh Johnson saw that one Coming looking to land a double jab but Just takes a jab of his own gasping for Breath in there Kevin Johnson and then just click with that Long right Hand TR in a neutral Corner well he Knows how to survive I'm amazed he's Lasted this long the punches is taken There well that reputation for Durability is well well deserved but how Much longer can this go on and it Stopped it's over done inside two rounds Kingpin just got bowled over and the Biggest smile in the place belongs to Anthony Joshua who does it again what on Earth are they going to do with him Next well that'll ring some alarm Bells Through the heavyweight division in World Boxing no one's come close to doing that To Kevin Johnson I fancied it would Happen but nobody has done that to him Before but Anthony Joshua different Stage of his career and a totally Different class as well I'm going to Have to let him off the lead sooner Rather than later what is the point Putting him in with

People that you can just bounce around But who do they find to stand up to him What a terrific Talent this young Manners I just said a few a few fights Ago Jim I said name 10 heavyweights Ahead of him name five how many are There I mean that was pure destruction He just Unleashed there on Kevin Johnson It was vicious and it was Calculated I mean you just wonder who do Would suggest Tony Thompson the Price you know but uh he he wants an Opponent with who he'll get credit for Beating I mean we knew he would beat Kevin Johnson okay we didn't know he Would blast him out in two rounds but he Wants credit for the victories that he's Going to achieve and until they step up The Opposition get that and this is it Jim It is a very very small pond of Heavyweights that belong in the company Of Anthony Joshua right now yep I agree With that ni yep I mean we don't want to See him Overstretched but we certainly do want To see him in a a match that is least Competitive and uh we haven't seen that Yet he's far too good for the level he's Been performing at and look at the smile In his face there I think when he came In here tonight he had a point to make And he made it said he wanted to do some

Damage he absolutely destroyed Kevin Johnson the man who's never been stopped Absolutely breathtaking stuff there from The still unbeaten Anthony Joshua Wow Ladies and gentlemen we have just Witnessed the Unstoppable being Sto referee Ian John Lewis has to call a Halt to the contest at 1 minute 22 Seconds of round number two the street Continues for the gold medal Olympian From London England now 13 and0 13 K and he is still WBC International Heavyweight Champion the AJ from the UK Anthony [Music] Go once again those three ringside Judges weren't needed Anthony Joshua did It again so let's have a look at the Tally four first round stoppages six now In the second In the third he'll probably go back in His dressing room now and uh putting a Few rounds on the pads that's what he Usually Does well we still have our main event To come that all British welterweight World title Fight

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