Professional chinese heavyweight boxer, olympic silver medalist and WBO Interim champion Zhilei Zhang with nickname “Big Bang” against croatian top ranked athlete and IBF International champion Filip Hrgovic with nickname “El Animal”. Fight took place in Jeddah Superdome, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on August 20, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

Zhilei Zhang (China) vs Filip Hrgovic (Croatia) | BOXING fight, HD

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Look at the tail of the tap you see the Age of jalet Jong 39 years of age we Mentioned the perkovich doing a very Good job of fighting long from the Outside like a big man oh right hand From J and down goes wow now I want to See a replay of that but initially Looked like it was something of a c to Put him down referee clearly saw enough Contact to make this call but and you Didn't see a lot of complaining from Herovic yeah I was going to say no Argument from hergovich so that's a That's a Telltale sign right there that That sure that shot probably rocked Him's he's a little Unsteady oh there's that straight left Hand from from JN that is a power punch What a [Applause] Start so an entertaining start to our Co-feature here between Philip hergovich And Jal jeang and Jang tries to jump on Herovic perhaps in the opening moments Of the contest causing a clash of heads Opening moments of the and looks like a Little bit of a cut and some swelling Now on the forehead of Jean oh a bad cut on hergovich is Head and manx you mentioned this earlier A lot of skepticism to the degree that There is skepticism about Jong is Obviously rooted in the Jerry Forest Fight but what Jang was going through

That night having discovered after the Fight to have had kidney failure dehydra J J we have come to know over the last Few years he's risen up the heavyweight Ranks I talked to him about it out the Hospital one thing he said to me was I Had one glass of water the entire time I Was in Florida not just one a day one Glass of water this is a man that weighs In excess of did not take care of his Body during that fight looking much Livelier right here a couple of left Hands right down the middle he said he To Gall of a day so he's completely gone The other bored the chis algeri jug he Is now putting a thumping on Philip hers J to be able to do it in a stadium in Beijing where he says he'd be able to Draw 100,000 Fansic around the Ring replies from hergovich have been a Little bit absolutely he's trying to He's trying to oh good counter shot There from J and herovic might be in Some Trouble and he will forward consistently And herovic is always fighting off his Back foot which again is not something Hergovich has is used to he's moving Around like a middle wave oh good Uppercuts on the inside from Jean Herovic looking a little wobbly positive To me guys it's badage herovic is Telling you the guy that looks like he's

Had a lot of the fight taken out of him Jang doing a great job picking his shots Not looking for Big Shots putting things Together Comp Jong has herovic reeling right now As herovic shots to the body oh good Body shot too and look you look at the Shots that Jang is throwing they're Clearly visibly hurting him herovic is Throwing power shots of his own sign of Actual hurt on the face of Jang has been Eating his lunch all day oh good counter Over the top from J with the right Hook I think that first right hook in Round number one that shook up hergovich And put him down for a flash knockdown Power shots in the center of the Ring Right There hergovich Me in round Six it's been a pretty high output fight For heavyweights especially super Heavyweights according to compy box sits Right around the heavyweight average oh My goodness a left hand right down the Middle and that one had a dis a distinct Pop to it I don't know how herovic Walked through that that the Jong has Knocked out many opponents with perovic Impressively stood up to it and her now Lands a hard right hand on Jang and has Jang backing up look at the pressure he Woke something up on hergovich with that Shot next there from hergovich the

Momentum of this fight the pendulum Starting to swing oh in the favor of Hergovich who rocks the head back of Some punch resistance here eating some Heavy stuff from hergovich in this round No doubt that the pace from Jang has Slowed since about round seven or so Good work but a little bit less of It and I think you made a good point a Moment ago Chris offensively that Doesn't mean that they can stop what the Other is throwing at them but right now It's before it was it was Jang pushing Pushing the pace oh nice right good Right hook there from Jong jong's Corner yelling to their Fighter that herovic is hurt he's not Displaying that right now yeah I don't Think that Jong landed on that last Exchange he's got to get back to Throwing that straight left down the Middle that is the damaging punch for Jean these uppercuts aren't bad either And these Rock hergovich back against The ropes I like when Jang does those Short little shots that's been very Effective whenever he's had the chance To do That oh oh couple unprotect Domination the effect of the punches the Effect of the pace of this round by Rocking hergovich as he does again with The right hook and hergovich again Thankful here to this round of herovic

It's Jang who seems like he's the one Leading the race problem with some kind Ofation or slippage in that center of The Ring good body work from hergovich There Jang has been taking the punches Better whether to the head or to the Body he he seems less of big Shots of hergovich than the other way Around Herich digging to the body a quick Combination up top and Jong forced to Hold on you know was gasing the reason For the exhaustion from Jang I think It's just been his out own right great Power shots Jang again lands on Hergovich who kind of goes for a walk a Little out again some confusing body Language here but then he'll bounce back In win around Sometimes back good shot to the body There from hergovich Just sinking that right hand to the Stomach of Jong and Jong looks to the Left of the tank it's one of the Two but it is Not good right hand over the top final 10 seconds of a back and Forest between herovic and Jang and both Men will her's case slump into the arms Of his corner I think slump is the right Word herovic needs one of his [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] Cornermen get over a little bit quicker And double over in his Corner excellent Fight excellent heavyweight fight ladies And gentlemen after 12 rounds here in Jeda Saudi Arabia we go to the judges Score Totals leik yank kovak and Robin Taylor Both scor this bout 115 to 112 pavle Cardini scored this contest 14 to 113 All three for your winner by unanimous Decision he's still undefeated and the Winner of the ibf heavyweight world Title Eliminator philli Elim MO Herovic

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