On today’s Sunday Vibes we take a look back at the last month of action in the Premier League and the January transfer window, as well as the main stories from La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga!

What has the first month of 2024 taught us? Kevin De Bruyne is back with a bang – is it time to consider him the Prem’s greatest ever midfielder? Conor Bradley is also the latest potential superstar to emerge from the Liverpool academy, and what effect will Jürgen Klopp’s resignation announcement have on the Premier League title race?

We also take a look at Jim Ratcliffe’s first moves at Man United, Brighton’s faltering form under potential Klopp replacement Roberto De Zerbi, the bad mood around Crystal Palace and Roy Hodgson, and the effect of the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules on a quiet January window.

Finally we touch on the worrying scenes at Barcelona and Napoli, and beg the question – is Xabi Alonso and Leverkusen’s steam about to run out in the Bundesliga title race?!


00:00-01:30 Intro
01:30-07:18 Conor Bradley
07:18-20:30 Are Liverpool Title Favourites?
20:30-27:00 KDB – Prem Midfield GOAT?
27:00-30:30 Brighton Struggles
30:30-36:55 Crystal Palace Downfall
36:55-46:45 FFP Finally Working?
46:45-51:19 Barcelona Meltdown
51:19-55:16 Bayern or Leverkusen
55:16-58:30 Man United & INEOS
58:30-01:01:20 Napoli Chaos


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How's that hair looking same as ever in My opinion yeah dude I have the luxury Of not having hair that actually doesn't Move it does move all the time I don't Use Hairspray sometimes it's like halfway Across Here all right welcome back to Sunday V One and all look where we are back in The main building repping Bara today a Couple of us anyway and uh do repping Into Milan with a ripped up plli logo on There bud that's Fad in half too many Washes too many washes at too higher Heat yeah I reckon never being good at The Mikey how are you mate deadline day When we're shooting this deadline day When we're shooting this uh the most Boring January transfer window of all Time isn't it and we'll I'll get on to That in a bit we can discuss that a Little bit today um but yeah who knows Who knows what the rest of Thursday will Have in store nothing nothing I Envision Very very little happening duges how About you I'm good thank you yeah glad January is over feels like actually in Other sports there been you know the Louis Hamilton used pretty massive England Cricket doing well the six Nation starts on Friday I know Mike You'll be delighted about that got your Jeans and shoes ready got my jeans and Shoes ready yeah I'm going to be down in

In in twickers put them out the need to Hide the fact I like rugby because There's not haml and George here anymore You know they hated rugby yeah lot we've Got I think quite a good episode lined Up today yeah absolutely we're going to Be looking back at what the last month Of the Premier League has taught us we Do this quite often don't we on the Channel uh who wants to kick us off We've got three things to bring to the Table Um I don't mind going first just because He is the man of the moment as we film This on Thursday afternoon at 3:15 and It's Connor Bradley of Liverpool what a Sensational month of football he's had I Mean efl fans will find that frustrating That it's only when he's done it for a Few games in the Premier League that Start people start giving notice because He did have an exceptional loone spell At Bolton wonders last season uh I think He finished with about five goals and Six assists he was named Bolton fans Player of the Year player of the year Young player of the year for Bolton uh They finished fifth in League one but They won the efl trophy he was man of The match in that game and obviously it Was an injury to Trent Alexander Arnold That paved the way Joe Gomez already Being used at left back so I love it When almost circumstances fall into

Place for a young player to get his Moment and they just instantly take it And and run with it um yeah he's been Absolutely brilliant uh he' been used to In fits and starts before the start of 2024 think he'd only played about 119 Minutes and the full 90 that he played Was against Union sjoa in the Europa League and Liverpool actually lost that Game but he's played six games in 2024 Five assists and one goal in his last Four uh just absolutely remarkable and Tore Chelsea apart really and had that Great Cameo against Arsenal as well like He's doing it against the well Chelsea Aren't one of the better teams this year But at least a big game at least uh and Yeah the assist I thought particularly For zosi was beautiful his finish was so Nice as well it wasn't actually until it Was highlighted to me afterwards that he Kind of slips as he shoots as well and His whole left foot is kind of being Taken away but the contact is so good uh And his underlying numbers admittedly he Has played very few minutes so don't run Away with these but .59 expected assist Per 90 of players to play 150 League Minutes only te o verer and Jacob Murphy Top that he's averaging around four Tackle it does a little bit but to be Fair the highest in the Premier League This season is Pablo Sarabia on 0.5 so No one that's actually played regular

Kevin De Already a Fu but it to show that in the Games he's played you know he's been Exceptional so far you know against Chelsea three tackles one dribble four Chances created and Liverpool are Looking really really good really really Good like you changed your you changed Your team talk prediction from the Startas I have changed my team talk Prediction that is going to come back to B me so badly if they win if they win The league um but fair enough where did You where did you put them like outside The top four I said they weren't Guaranteed to finish in the top four I Think you said was Brighton ahead quite Quite specifically Bri basically it's a Clip that is just roll the we can just Roll the CLI put the clip in I don't Think Liverpool will 100% be in the top Four I think they look all over the Place defense [Music] Liverpool look at that attack Ser come come in three of their five are Legitimate title their def their defense Is not fixed by any Means they will be third by any means I Think newcast be distracted by Continental football and haven't started Very well I think the major threat is Probably bright for clarity there the Question was where will Spurs finish so

I was actually arguing for Spurs to Finish in the top four and disparage Liverpool in order to make that point um But yeah Brighton being was that before The season four or five games the season Which to be fair Brighton had won five Of their first six and Liverpool were a Bit like we didn't really know what they Look like ling a lot of chances as well Allison was in overdrive but I just Think klopp given the fact that Robertson has been out until last night Or until this week I think Simas has Been out Trent saos light obviously no Salah to be in the position they are in Is is amazing and to find a young player Like this Northern Irishman looks like He's got an enormous future uh and there Was actually a Bolton fan that put on Social media that he'd asked klopp on a Beach a few weeks ago during the International break being like can we Have Connor Bradley back and he was like It's too late he's part of the first Team now and no and you know you can see With good reason you obviously in a few Hours time it's Liverpool versus Arsenal Huge huge game if Liverpool win that at The emirat they go eight points clear of Arsenal that feels really really Difficult for Arsenal to come back I I Would argue then on the 10th of March is Liverpool Man City and if they're you Know still five you know three or four

Points ahead of Man City then it could Be Liverpool's it really could I think As well we have to talk about you know The effect of Jurgen klopp leaving in This month uh in this period and how Galvin izing that seems to have been Particular on the anfield crowd you know It's as loud as I've ever heard it Almost very emotional after and before Every game and I think that's going to Have a huge factor in the title race I Don't see Liverpool losing another home Game uh all season they lose at home Anyway fact I see them pretty much Winning every single home game from here On in so you know I think that is going To have a large Sway and I also think That if we're looking across the last Month and also across the kind of this Season when we're talking about Jurgen Klopp's leg Y and players like Bradley Like I think we have to look at how many Minutes and how much emphasis he's put On giving young Academy players chances In this team and how much they've taken Steps forward this season you know we Haven't even spoken about the likes of Curtis Jones you know seen dop get Minutes yeah C Jones fantastic I think He stands a very good shot of going to The Euros potentially in one of those Mid slots um as well yeah Harvey Elliott I know he's not an academy player but Still another young player being given

Minutes in that side you know Quanza Getting minutes at the center half so I Think if we look at Jurgen klopp's Legacy going forward not only if they You know win two or three titles this Year but what he's set them up for next Year in terms of Academy success and Academy breakthroughs I think can't be Understated absolutely I mean this I Mean we're already having the Conversation but my first thing I'd Learned from the last month is that Liverpool I think yet are the real deal Like I think it's I think City are going To have to be much better than they've Been so far this season to in the league And they will they they may well be they May well be because they have been Really good the last few weeks K kdb's Back kdb looks obviously excellent since Coming back and Harland is yet you know Harland will probably be starting this Weekend but on on that point about klopp Um I think yeah the the academy thing is Is really true and I think that Without you know without him coming in And them kind of transforming the club In order that you know whoever's Managing the academy team is doing so in The same you know with the same ideals That klopp has with the first team you Know that's basically where I know you Know he he has since become a bit Tainted by his time Aston Villa and and

Now in Saudi but Steven Gerard's success At Rangers was largely due to the fact That he just basically coached the Liverpool youth Team tactically in a very similar way to Klopp initially when when he when he was First coaching um so having that Continuity between the two um it yeah is Massively important and and you know is Is why someone like Connor Bradley can Go from League one last year to Basically being a CH well to being a Champions League level right back this Year um like he like yeah it's very Early days but he just does look Absolutely electric and importantly Offers something very very different to What Trent Alexander off offers there so Actually you know in terms of Trent you know his Evolution to being More of a Midfield type player um who Knows maybe that is his future maybe Trent could actually now feasibly be Moved into Midfield and Conor Bradley Play at right back or at least whoever Succeeds joggen klopp has now the choice In terms of you know what what game is Coming up to to alternate between the Two at right back um and that's you know No disrespect to Trent because he's Obviously you know in my opinion Probably still the best best right back In the game but um you know being able To have that luxury of switching between

Two different starles is is is massive Obviously yeah salah's still um yet to Come back I think he's back towards the End of February um yeah I mean the Arsenal game is massive they are still Away at Arsenal and you know it is it is A tough game tough like when you I just Think when you look at those two teams And actually regardless of what the Result is today when you look at those Two teams over the last month or two It's it's I just think Liverpool are Light years ahead of Arsenal like at at This moment in time I just don't think I've seen seen Arsenal reach the level Of performance that we've seen from Liverpool especially in that Chelsea Game I just first half against Chelsea Was one of the best I mean you had you Had Ibrahim aate flicking the ball over His head in the in the center circle Like they were absolutely toying with Them they were so confident that Chelsea Weren't going to get anywhere near them And for about 5 minutes in the second Half you know around the 70-minute mark When kungu scored Chelsea did get to Them a little bit but aside from that Could not get near them um and just Shows just how much confidence is R Through this side I think yes someone Like canate speaking of him has been Massive like I think he's only I don't Think he's missed a game through injury

Or anything since like early October so That's been massive and then even then Geral quona coming in when needed has Looked really really comfortable and so The matip injury has been nowhere near As catastrophic as people thought in December held by the fact that verge of Vendik is back to his best as well You're you're partnering probably the Best center back in the league after a Difficult year last year maybe William I Think that was that was their problem Last year was that van dijk's drop off Meant that actually it was canate who Was having to be the kind of helping Hand in the back line but because he Wasn't um you know fit all the time that You know that that that backline was Often A bit chaotic whereas now when You've got Virgil Van Dy fit and on form It's like yeah it it does kind of mean Yeah it doesn't matter as much who's Alongside him but either way like I Think yeah that that him and him and Kate's partnership I think we were Saying few weeks ago probably the best Center back pairing in in World football Um yeah Robertson's back now as well so You've now got the choice of him and Gomez Who's obviously been excellent the Last cou we touch on Gomez by the way Because I think he has just been Frighteningly good as a left back as out Of position left back to the level where

Surely there are conversations now about Him going to the Euros like you think so As an auxilary left back you know been Out the side majority because of his his Injury problems trippier can be used There as well but we don't have a great Deal of left back options Luke Shaw's Fitness very questionable as well it's Totally realistic that he might not even End up going to the Euros if he was to Pick up another injury or a couple of Injuries around tournament time and if That Happens is there a better left back Option in England right now than Joe Gomez I don't think so no and the the Difficulty is that that Maguire Shaw Left side of that defense has been one Of South Gates like key is one of the Key building blocks that he's built on But we don't we still don't know for Sure whether Maguire is going to be his Starting center back I mean I imagine he Probably will be but it doesn't feel as Nailed on as it has well for the last Few tournaments it hasn't really felt Nailed on to be totally honest but this One feels a little bit more up in the Air the thing is that with stones' Fitness issues you imagine that he Probably will start Maguire and then Maybe he would look for that Relationship with Shaw but Joe Gomez You're totally right and I think to be

Honest that clip that we showed at the Beginning of me underestimating Liverpool I think I underestimated quite A few things I didn't think mallister Could play this role as effectively as He did I thought not having an out Andout defensive midfielder would be a Massive Issue show your beard John come on In Look Who's Back corporate bab Corporate bab now now be away with You get away with you um so yeah I Didn't really think they had the outon Out defensive midfielder and then I Think which to be fair I think all of You guys were arguing with me in that Clip that I think I underestimated their Forward depth as well like it does Really help 70 minutes you can bring You can bring on you can bring on nun You can bring on gakpo when he's you Know when salah's back you know Salah Can rotate Harvey Elliot's made a Massive difference Off the Bench this Year Curtis Jones when he doesn't start Games makes a huge difference like their Squad I think is far deeper than man City's right now uh and I think they've Got better players in better form across The the pitch than Arsenal yeah I think Yeah I mean we get get onto jot like I Mean four goals and two assists in his Last four games two of those were were Sub appearances I was having a look at I

Think in terms of like goals per goals Per 90 uh just you know just pure Efficiency I think on Harland has a Better goals per 90 rate than him Finishing is out this world yeah Finishing is amazing and you know we saw The goal against Chelsea you know he Just does have that ability just to Wriggle through defenses um and you know His his dribbling ability and his Overall technical ability I think was Therefore see even even in his wolves Days but I feel like this Season I I think actually since coming To Liverpool he because he's been so Closely associated with being like Really good in the air and that being Kind of a Hallmark of his game I think People have taken their eye off actually You know this guy has you know played a Lot of a lot of his time as a Winger Before playing at Liverpool and actually Is you know overall as a technical Player I think is you know I think he's Clearly better than like Cody gakpo for Example like I think I think yeah I Think so personally um as a as a as the Full package I think so and I just don't Know whether he's like I think gpo's key Strength is his like ability to hold on To the ball in tight spaces like I I Think jot is obviously more of like I'm Not saying he's a better forward I think Jot is more penetrative I think it would

Be would be what i' say Mak to starting 11 that's the biggest W that's the Biggest W over in that battle is like Jotter is a starting 11 member I think In their best side I don't think gakpo Is oh no no I wouldn't say that either I Was just talking about their technical Ability yeah but this is what's mad with That Liverpool for is the fact that at Center forward okay you don't have Someone who's like at the level that Firmino got to but you do have gakpo jot And nun like all to choose from in there Which is pretty mad and once salah's Back maybe Nunes will take a more Prominent role because they had such a Good connection kind of pre- Christmas Time um there's so many there's so many Options there there's so many options or You can alternate jotter and uh L Diaz On the left although at the same at the Same time L Diaz you know I excent is Best off the left as well at the moment As well I think he just rips apart that Sort of left hand Channel and like of All the players like I think Lis Diaz Fantastic player but I think at the Moment not as devast I don't think he he Has the impact that Darwin has in terms Of you know what he brings to the side With running in behind in particular and I also don't think he brings the goals To the team that Doo jot brings there's No point talking about Salah

Comparatively so I think if the three I Would probably drop him and I think the Forward line the strongest is actually Darwin jot and Salah but I don't think That will be the most used forward line Because I think it lacks a little bit of Discipline potentially and that is what A player like L Diaz gives you Structurally MH yeah yeah for sure Certainly gives you gives you more width And Darwin Darwin has that impact moment Off of a bench doesn't he you know if if You're one nil down and you look to the Bench and Darwin's there you think let's Get Darwin on here there's big chances For him like he always seems to find a Way of getting a shot off even if you Know he's finishing his 11 shots and no Shots versus Chelsea pretty right 11 Shots must be close to in a Premier League record I was I was looking at it I thought I just thought it was but then Actually it's not even a Liverpool I Think I don't know it may be a Liverpool Record but in 2011 Luis Suarez took 11 Yeah 11 shots against Norwich of all Teams he was known for scoring hatrick Against um scored but I don't think he Scored anything in that game oh was it Not that game so so in 2011 he scor he Took 11 shots and didn't score against Norwich that was before he Suarez yeah Before he Peak Suarez but um but yeah But uh but four four woodwork hits in a

Game is is a Premier League record at Least since records began 20 years ago Um but just very quickly to to kind of Finish off on Liverpool there is that Game against Man City on what is will Probably be the 10th of March Liverpool Will have are playing seven games Between now and then including that Arsenal game of course on the weekend Final um caribel Cup Final as well if They win that then they'll be flying City have nine games um between then so I don't know whe that will play a factor You know Salah will be should be back Fit for a couple of games before then as Well like and it's at anfield I feel Like if Liverpool get a result at Arsenal this weekend they win the Carib Cup then I think they go into that Favorites personally the city run Fixures is very nice though it is is Pretty nice um it is pretty nice yeah Like brenford Chelsea at home Bournemouth away man united at home the Week before so if they get a big There yeah probably although I back United be much better than than they are At this moment in time can't get much Worse my one thing about Liverpool sorry And also Liverpool the other thing is They will have had the first leg of Their Europa League last 16 three days Before the man city game that be Absolutely fine hopefully but it it

Depends whether that's in a way leg or First my one factor about Liverpool that Maybe I'm just putting this in there to Of cover myself I think the Klo news is You know it's great right now it's Really galvanized them has the potential To make every game quite over emotional From January to the end of the season And like exert a lot of emotional energy Now we saw Arsenal I think at points Last year it got all a bit emotional in That title race like comebacks and just Too much drama on Pitch celebrations and It was just maybe got a little bit too Much now I wonder whether the Klo news You know once you've had the initial Like we need to win it for cl where they Exert too much energy in January and They slightly fade in April they hav't Done it though man they the one teed not Many of this squad there's a lot of new Players in this squad yeah but the key Players have been there D Trent Virgil Van Dy Allis Sal I think the key players Have been there and done it and that's The important thing you know you've got World Cup winners in your Midfield that Have been there at pressure moments Extremely emotional moments like M out There we got a lot of Liverpool love I Think it's a valid a potential Point Keep definitely a valid point and and I Think it's it's almost less so on the Players it's kind of on the fans as well

Like in previous Seasons like it's it's You know there's there's kind of always Been like slight anxiety from Liverpool Fans being like like actually anfield Needs to calm down a little bit because If we're too if we if we are too much Then like you know the that's quite a Lot for the players to deal with every Week like anfield in a title running It's just it is bouncing every single Weekend um and so it it's kind of also On the fans not to put too much Emotional pressure on the players as Well obviously that's really hard Because you know fans will be fans and They But like that you know it's not actually All down to the players in that sense uh Let's move on to mine let's just do a Quick one of mine we've each got three By the way uh we've got man united to Come I've got I've got Crystal Palace as Well if you're a palace fan stay tuned For that but I think we should just Touch upon because we're talking about Roughly Manchester City about Kevin De Bruyne last month if it's taught us Anything has it taught us that maybe he Is the greatest Premier League Midfielder of all time with that return I think to come back at this level to Come back at this level from that injury The immediate impact you know four games Three assists one goal but it's not just

I don't think the numbers it's the Manner of it you know when you're away At Newcastle you need dragging through Games he comes on splits the legs of the Defender Pops in the corner of 20 and Then the ball to Oscar Bob happens and You I in that moment I just thought oh My God like he actually I as much as I Remember Gerard having you know Similarly amazing moments as well Skull's having a few and Lampard I think Kevin De bruyne Now has every I don't think right now he Is the greatest midfielder of all time But I think by the time he leaves Man City he will be I would be surprised if It doesn't go that way premier league History yeah yeah I think if he hangs up His boots you know five Premier League Titles now a treble I think if he hangs Up his boots with seven or eight Premier Leagues a treble in there he'll he'll Definitely be the second most assist in Premier league history I think he's on 100 he's third now 104 I think he's got 111 fabrigas in front of him then gigsy On 162 which he might not catch but you Know the disparity between the mount Games play between KY B and giggsy kind Of makes it you know a bit of a mismatch Um I think he could hang up his boots With M with like eight Premier League Titles a Treble and I think he might well be like

Skols has got him in terms of titles I Don't think he's going to win 11 and his Win rate is 70% kdb I don't see that Dropping an awful lot that's like blows You know Gerard and Lampard and SK at The Water I think I think he might be yeah I I think I think even before this last Month I I think he was at least top two Or three Premier League midfielders of Time if not if not the I think he was Just something about this month that Like spurned it like threw it back into My mind just thinking Jesus how good is It's him coming back with a with a you Know yeah yeah full ahead of hair is he Got new teeth as well he looks slightly Trimmer as well he looks good he looks Great and and to just yeah espe like That Newcastle Cameo and also yeah that The the Alvarez setup um I think really Special pass I was going to say because Like if it's under hit there's a Defender in front if it's over hit There's the goalkeeper and the defender Behind it is perfectly weighted and it's Just the sty of it as well isn't it it's Just I I think like yeah regardless I Think kdb is the most complete Premier League midfielder of all time more Complete Gerard you Think yeah I think yes I think CU I just Think he's had to do less defensive work Yeah

Play deeper but I think he could play Deeper I think in terms of all round Package like what you could do offer Defensively as well and ground coverage And things like that I would probably go With Gerard or like but in terms of just Style though sty Kevin Kevin De bruyer Is so much better like in most aspects Than Gerard that I think probably k b I Still think it's Skulls I think That's transition multiple positions the Amount of Stu he won the longevity I Don't know I think de bruyne is I think He already is in my mind to be honest I Mean he's got the longevity he's got the Titles he's got the the stats he's got The feeling that you get when you watch Him the fact that almost no other Players can do what he does yeah what You got to do to become the greatest Ever Premier League import you know you T t is very difficult to top you don't Think he'll ever top tiry even though You know he could win he B him might end TI top top three top four um I mean Salah's got to be in the discussion Probably as well for Import um I mean de bruyne's a better All- own player but I think tyon re for Me is the greatest Premier League player Ever and I can't really see that being Topped anytime soon I mean 20 goals 20 Assists in a season yeah although kdb

Did hit the 20 assists let's not forget He did he did he robbed of one as well Should have been 21 it should have been 21 I think you're always slightly Nostalgic for well actually this kind of Goes against what we've just said Because we've all agreed that de bruy is Already there or will will soon become There but you're always kind of Nostalgic for the first player you kind Of fall in love with sounds like yours Was skulls mine was probably on re just Cuz no Sunland players really ever made I think the one I guess the one thing Going against kdb as well is that like I Don't think skulls Gerard Lampard never Played in in an overall team as complete As man city um never played played under Guardiola I mean yeah SK under Fergie in Especially in the late 2000s yeah yeah That was that was that was an amazing Team but I think Skulls um You know in some ways skulls had to work Harder to remain to become that kind of Player later in his career whereas kdb Obviously a really hard worker but like You know he hasn't necessarily had to Change his game as much in order to keep Up with this man City team like the Level of system that he's he's working Within I just think is A Cut Above um And so like maybe if you did have Gerard Say in this man City team he would look

A bit more like de bruyne whereas Gerard Was having to like drag quite average Liverpool teams through games for like a Number of years lamp Lampard was was Kind of having to become a auxiliary Like Striker at points because Chelsea Actually didn't have a particularly Consistent number nine or never have had A particularly consistent number nine Over the last 20 years even the even Even in but yeah but even in the drba Days there were there were years where He he scored five goals and so Lampard Had to make up that difference I what You mean the one thing I wor about de His injuries like he has had whole Campaigns or at least half campaigns Quite regularly where he missed where he Missed games I Hope eight Premier League Seasons now Man city this is his ninth only two Seasons he's played less than 30 Premier League games so 1819 one of those okay I'm wrong there to be fair I thought it Was more like three or four that he Maybe played less than 30 this season's up cuz I don't see like Obviously there's no way you can play 30 This season that be his third Historically actually like he has played An awful lot of football fair enough Fair enough if I take it back for some Reason I feel like he's had more layoffs Than he has uh right next up on digs um

Okay mine's more of a quickie as well Actually um it's just to draw attention To a team that you know you can't ever Really criticize them because you know It goes against the Premier League Fabric at the moment and that's Brighton I think there is a little bit of a Discussion about their current form like There are huge factors which I'll come Into come on to I should say what is Their current form three wins in 20 Three wins in 16 uh in the last five Months so since the 24th of September Which was the period that one saw them Win their fifth game in six to start the Season and certain idiots were saying They were going to finish above Liverpool they've only won three and 16 Uh in that time they'd be 15th in the Table they have drawn a lot of games in That time I think they've drawn more Team more games than any other Premier League team I think they're eighth for Draws in Europe uh in Europe's top five Leagues um but their most recent result Results nil nil against West Ham nil nil Against wolves and then that really bad Performance against Luton on Tuesday Second worst of the derer era not the Worst cuz that goes to Everton five at Home well also they lost 61 I feel like was a little bit more of A fluke though whereas that Luton game Did remember my Newcastle stag when we

In the pub and we were just before the Stag started and Brighton got lost 61 to Villa earlier this season oh yeah I Forget about that yeah I think Luton did Put three XG and like 20 shots they That's a lot yeah squ yeah 3.6 XG um and Yeah in their last three games they've Conceded 5.75 XG and you know previously Their previous losses were against Villa Man City Chelsea and Arsenal Chelsea Less so but those are you know top top Of the area teams this season but to Lose 4-nil against L terrible injury Problems that's what I was going to talk About and also it needs to be caveated In they've done well in they're still in The FA Cup they recovered from a really Difficult start in the Europa League First year in Europe they won four games In a row they've now topped a group with Mares Ajax and AK Athens that was a Really impressive achievement and yeah Is worth talking about their injuries I Think soly March is a bigger loss than People really envisage Julio and ciso is Out till next month veltman's Miss games Ter lamp's Miss games esta Nan's Miss Games Anu Fatty's Miss games mata's now Miss games ding's being at the afcon Like their their attacking depth which Actually was looking surprisingly good At the start of this year has just been Completely ruined really um yeah and Only three players uh Gilmore gross and

Dunk have started more than 15 League Games that's the fewest in the Premier League uh for amount of players to start Over 15 followed by man united so both Have had huge injuries to key players This season but I think yeah he's not Under pressure by any means whatsoever I Think they'll they're still eighth in The league I still think they'll finish In the top half but it's just something To keep an eye on that has crept up in The last month like nil nil nil nil four Lost Luton they're under he's under a Little bit of pressure to turn that Around quickly to to recover what has Still been a solid season but their next Game is against Palace and you lose Against Palace in that d be that never Really got that invested in to be honest It's a rivalry it's a rivalry fine um Yeah they got Palace um yeah this Weekend you know it feels like yeah they It would be nice to get back on track I'm not saying a big game mate for both Teams it's a big game both so maybe We'll talk about that next yeah I mean Those games do tend to like no matter on Form I feel like those the games always End up being kind of high scoring draws Or whatever I actually you've got to Start to disprove that they are always Draws but they're never High scorer Really really there hasn't been more Than two goals in that game for the last

Five really it tend tends to be if it's Going to be though it could be this Weekend I'm not going to lie let's talk Why don't you go crying out for for um I Might just jump in here Mike I know you Got b m up next so we'll save that one Because Crystal Palace has popped up and I think that's one thing I've learned Over the last month really the Crystal Palace is stuck um I think there is a Bit of an identity crisis going on at Crystal Palace right now we saw the Banners unfilled by the fans didn't we At the 5-nil smacking about by Arsenal That I think everybody kind of saw Coming everybody expected happen we also Saw you know Parish out banners Yanks Out banners obviously in reference to Texter and you know I'm sure that would Have cut Steve Paris extremely deeply You know this is a guy who really saved Crystal Palace from Administration Didn't he in 2010 so I think there's a Lot of pressure on not so much Roy Although Roy to a level because you know They Sim three wins in 16 fans have been Very critical and I don't think he Helped himself at all said uh the fans Here have been spoiled over the last few Years and obviously apologize for that After and I don't think that helped his Cause at all because Palace fans haven't Been spoil they've been in the Premier League for a decade now they've got

Every right to expect a new level and Parish has talked about you know we want To make the step up well the investment Hasn't been there to make the step up if We being frank you know you look to the Summer and you think of France coming Through the door hasn't started a Premier League game yet you think of Rob Holding coming through the door hasn't Started a Premier League game yet is Injured now yeah is injured but equally You know is that the caliber of they Want de Henderson came through has had Major injury problems and is now Battling with Sam Johnson for the number One sh it looks like he might well have Won it and Sam Johnson potentially over The last 24 hours was in talks with Forest about leaving I don't know if That deal is Going someone else in goal so probably Not so you get to the January window and Things are not looking good for Palace Forms out the window you know they are One of the worst performing sides in the League I think across the last 10 games They're 19th in the form table so very Much slipping into a relegation battle I Don't think they'll go down but that Conversation should be had and then we Get to the January window and you know We Che dor torn Achilles e and Alisa clearly the best Two players in the side dragging them

Through games at times almost Single-handedly I mean look at the Result against Sheffield United what a Game you know two miraculous goals Really the E and three really actually You know the flick from E first and Foremost is amazing but the two finishes From outside the box and a pair of them Outstanding they've only played together Six times this season like they've had Injury problems theor has torn as Achilles you're thinking they're going To need to get some experience in here Parish has talked about getting Experience in here they they've signed Adam Warton like yeah potentially a good Player and I think you know for the Long-term future of Crystal Palace like They do very regularly it's very Positive you know very highly fought off He also quite disparaging about the Academy yeah and look the academy has Produced like a lot of players over the Years but it hasn't produced the players That have been sold on regularly enough To kind of bank roll the incomings you Know like you've seen a lot of PE play Teams do and I'm not you know hammering Crystal Palace here because they're one Of the clubs that haven't spent big Frankly that's one of the reasons that PSR hasn't touched them and I'm sure We're going to come on to PSR later in This show because you know Everton and

Forest we could easily been looking at a Situation where texter had gone out Splash loads of money on players and There was PSR issues there they've had Very tight Pur strings they've budgeted Very well they've got a brand new Training ground they're building a main Stand at cell H part was going to you Know cost a lot of money but having said All that I just don't think the ideas Align right now like Hodson kept them up Did a great job in that 10 game period To keep them in the league Fantastic was it the right decision to Keep him in the summer and give him Another year there I don't know whether The long-term planning that we were Seeing off the field with players like Franer coming through the door you know The development of younger players like E like Alise does that align with giving Roy Hodson a short-term contract when you Really think I think we all knew as good As the job he did there was he probably Isn't there for the long term so should They have just bit the bullet in the Summer and tried to plan out a long-term Project because now you're in a Situation where I don't think Roy particularly wants to be there he's Like he's there and obviously loves the Club but I think he knows he's not going To be there long term the club don't

Want to sack him because he's obviously Done such a good job in the past and It's kind of an awkward situation do you Get your first choices in in this sort Of time period like it just feels a real Mess and I think CH pal fans players Like gu and probably Alis again in the Summer definitely I think you know Al's Got a release Clause built into his Contract when he signed that new Contract to kind of fend off interest From Chelsea in the summer I think that Came at the agreement yeah we can keep Before my year we'll build in a release Laws at a similar sort of fee probably To allow him to leave and I think Crystal I just think Crystal Palace fans Deserve a little bit better at the Moment cuz you know I keep seeing people Say well you know mid-table keeping Themselves in the league blah blah blah They should be happy with that well They've been here a decade you know You've seen what teams like Brighton Have been able to do push up the League West Ham have been able to do there's Absolutely no reason Crystal Palace Shouldn't be able to do this um with the Correct investment in the right places And a manager with a long-term goal you Know Steve Cooper and gr Potter have Been linked to the club I think Steve I Think gr Potter in particular would be a Really really exciting appointment just

Because he was tarnished at Chelsea Doesn't make him a bad manager was a Mess so I just think Crystal Palace need To align themselves a little bit better Off the pitch and I think if they if They lose doie Freedman or something Like that you know there has been links Isn't there to to Manchester United I Think um I think I don't want to say Things could unravel but they need to Get the next appointment right yeah for Sure I think the good thing for them is That with Everton and notan for is Facing a potential points deduction we Not quite sure I think they'll be Absolutely fine this year but I totally Agree there's been a lack of ambition They finally start a right back as well You know Ward and Klein Munos coming in Seven six seven million from breaks the Run of w no Klein Waka Ward back to Whatever Really was ages ago now like in terms of Sales Trier my memory then like it's Been a long time' so big isn't it long Long time long long time uh that that Leads us on actually to to my second one Which is about PSR um but interestingly When I was when I was kind of looking Into PSR and particularly about this January wind and why the Premier League Hadn't spent as much that was also Another Factor the fact that the clubs Around mid to lower in the Premier

League actually probably aren't as Worried about relegation as much as they Have in seasons's past just because of Yeah the potential points deduction to Forest the the points deduction that Everton already have coupled with the Fact that ever have had a really poor Month and so we're actually back down in The relegation Zone the fact that Burnley and Sheffield United Realistically don't look like making up The ground to to secure safety in the Premier League so I think a lot of clubs Are like well actually spending 40 50 Million in this Window actually may not even be the Difference between us staying up and St Going down um anyway um whereas I think Last year I think it was 150 million That was spent by Leicester South Southampton and um who else went down Last Year le le was LE yeah yeah um and that Didn't you know that didn't save them um So so you're saying PSR works well well I'm what I'm saying is that it's not Necessarily all about PSR but PSR seems To have worked in terms of curbing well PSR at least has had a major being a Major factor in Premier League teams not Spending as much the two teams that have Spent you think West Ham and Spurs are The two teams that sold massive Homegrown and academy stars in the

Summer really like in in rice and Kane Like yeah yeah absolutely and and West Ham were very fourth right as well this Month um I know they've not done like Crazy business And I think not sure whether side Ben Rama has been confirmed yet I know he Was negotiating With but um so it's not yeah it's not Like West Ham suddenly you know spent Loads of money this month or anything But they were very forthright this month In putting out a tweet being like we are Well within PSR um we're absolutely fine they put a Tweet out with like the figures I think You know I think they've only I think After I think after the rice sale I Think it was something like 32 million Pounds forgive me if I'm wrong I can get The Tweet up on the screen now um to Clarify so like you say Joe yeah like Spurs and West Ham to you know two of The most confident clubs Spurs are the Only club that have really spent Anything really significant at least Before deadline day um I think you know Before deadline day dragin was the you Know the most expensive signing at the Equivalent of 25 million EUR um before Deadline day the entire Premier League Had only spent 77.5 million on transfers Compare that to last year about the Price of mad yeah I mean yeah I mean

Less like this time last year we were Looking at a 720 million spent 300 Million of which was spent by Chelsea in January last year 620 million of that Like net spend as well so only1 million Pound worth of talent went out at the Premier League last last January um and Like just looking at the figures it is Pretty astounding like TW uh so that was The biggest spend and then that was Followed up by 201718 when 486 million Was spent in January and then that was And that was the I think that was the January that Arsenal bought aubameyang Man City bought leaport ver Virgil of Andar went to Liverpool um but then 2122 Was third on 295 million um and I guess There are contributing factors last last January was the first January since Bley Took over at Chelsea and that you know That is obviously a a kind of Exceptional kind of fre moment bit of a Freak moment 2122 that was the year that Newcastle Got taken over obviously that happened In October and Newcastle in renegation Trouble and the ownership at Newcastle Obviously spent a lot in that January as Well so there are factors there but Nevertheless something like PSR has Meant that Newcastle you know are not Spending in January because they're very Close to the edge obviously we know About man united even last summer they

Were having to think about uh PSR as Well in terms of their late business in The window just getting loans in um Chelsea as well like have not spent and Have been trying to offload Armando Broer late into the window um in order To try and like work out some way of Bringing in talent in um fman Villa also Close to the edge as well Viller Obviously have you know reinvested the Jack relish money excellently um over The last couple of years um but even They're not safe from it um so yeah I Think it does prove that you know with The Prem you know at a time in the Premier League has been under a lot of Pressure in terms of the calls for an Independent regulator to come in um you Know that you know that that's something That's very much happening still very Much happening within um you know within Parliament um that these you know the Profit and sustainability rules do Finally have seemed to have a real world Effect and it may well have been just The fact that Everton got that 10-point Deduction like Premier League like clubs You know the actual hierarchies within Those actually being like Oh one second Like there are actual consequences to Our actions which obviously we hadn't Seen before um so yeah I think that's Definitely something that we've learned Is that you know the Premier League

Spending can be curbed um and I think It's kind of about time to be honest It's like you know H how on Earth in Like the two years after like you know a Pandemic ripped through the world and Like absolutely decimated the Entertainment economy have we still we Still saw like Premier League clubs Spending like bigger than ever in January Windows like it it did seem Incredibly jarring um and so for clubs To actually now have had to actually Take stock of of their finances and and Whatnot like it it does just it just Feels a bit more Justified it it feels a Bit more real um and there is the Possibility that these rules actually Might not last that long you know UA um have you know have shifted ffp to To I think mirror a little bit more I Don't know how similar it is but Basically they they you know they're Shifting to a squad cost ratio model Which is a bit more similar to LA liga's Model um and there's talk that the Premier League could do something Similar there as well just because the Premier League likes to be a bit more in Line with UA um in terms of yeah you Know clubs playing in the competition And then being more aligned um which Would be interesting as well because you Know we obviously saw what the squad Cost ratio rules did for Barcelona and

Did for La Liga as a whole after um you Know after the co pandemic when you know So many losses were incurred um and but What would be interesting about that if That was to come in in a similar way Would be that we wouldn't have I don't Think you wouldn't Hope anyway uh you Know points deductions being given out Midseason it would be a lot more you Know there would be a lot more checks in Advance of a season and clubs basically Being like you can only spend this much From you know from June until you know Uh you know may the following year or or From June till January we're just Looking at transfer Windows this is how Much you're allowed to spend you know You have to sell this much in order to Bring this much in this can't exceed you Know your um wage bill by this much or It has to you know it has to only be 70% Of the wage bill or whatever which yeah It's a bit more boring but I think it's Probably a more sensible system like I Knows has like had a lot of hate Especially from like Madrid and barcel Fans over the years but like you know he Has kept that you know he has kept La Liga in check in that sense and like the Premier league has has generally been The opposite of that over the last 20 Years like it it's kind of been a free- For- all especially with the kind of the The you know the money that you know say

Like uh the PF or Roman abovich were Able to bring in yeah I think that's Basic like bar I mean have you got Barcelona I was going to talk about Briefly at the end yeah I mean yeah I Mean what that actually brought to mind Actually Mikey's speech of you know Clubs having to be a little bit more Financially prudent not spending within Their limits it just brings to mind a Certain That has spent 1 billion he glorious to Watch though it and and their players Are tied onto contracts for the next Seven eight years and no one no one is Able to no one is going to be able to Afford them and a few people said I told You so and I'm loving it I'm absolutely Loving so you're referencing Chelsea Here I'm referencing Chelsea football Their unique strategy couldn't pot could Potentially have not come at a worst Time in football history there is going To be no money people are going to be Tighter than ever if the Premier League Don't spend as well the rest of the Other markets around Europe have le less Money to spend as well I just think They've really tied themselves into Long-term projects unless these players All suddenly explod there's a potential Explosion there who knows I mean I don't Think they've actually been as bad as Last

Year also I I can imagine after this January I still think like this summer There's probably going to be quite a lot Of spending in the Premier League like I Think I think yeah like that yeah that Investment in man united I like I think This might this could prove to an Anomaly I feel like it's a bit of a Perfect storm and the PSR rules just Kind of really coming into bite at this Moment in time um so I wouldn't be Surprised if we if the Premier League Spends you know massive I don't think Chelsea's players going to be at the top Of anyone's wish list though no no Absolutely not I think Chelsea yeah Chelsea is still a unique example for Sure for sure like I'm with you on that Do you have Barcelona uh I was actually Really going to talk about Napoli I was Just going to mention Barcelona at the End basically Barcelona lost 400 million During covid you know had to pull those Levers is selling what 25% of their TV Revenue for the next 25 years there's a Chance they don't finish in the top four In La Lia this year which is crazy which Is and given that there so much of their Finances are tied into where they get in The Champions League assuming that They're always going to be in the Champions League it's Unthinkable that The club might not be in there to be Honest player for player I still think

They are easily top four quality at the Moment I think they're going through a Bad patch at the moment um but Mak some Of those player Acquisitions mate just Look diabolical like levandowski yeah You know on a on an on an increasing Year on-year wage next year his wage Goes up another 50% I think buy another 25% is getting worse and worse um Bizarre like now with the emergence and The level that he's playing at I think You know we can look at linu and say you Know this is barca's best attacker here The money spent in raenia now looks Pretty bizarre doesn't it um obviously Hard to foresee how good luminium hour Is going to be but equally you know they Were struggling then for money they Should have belted down and gone we Cannot spend a penny we're going to have To rely on lamazia let's let's just back Lamazia to the hilt here you know you Look at kazi's like Breakthrough over The last couple of weeks it's hard to Say that he hasn't been better than Jules kundai over the last few weeks as Well so does then that mean why did we Spend on Jes kundai when we had this Level of player coming through the Academ why didn't they just back lamazia To the hill and go we're going to spend No money here we can't afford to that We're going to battle Maia it's going to Cost us a fraction of the price a

Fraction of the wages we're going to Sell a load of stars and then double Down on getting a young manager who is Just going to be lamazia Focus that was The way to go and now you look at some Of those Acquisitions those some of Those Acquisitions could could actually Feasibly sink Barca like 11i if they Cannot shift him off the Payroll like that is a huge issue man For them their best players this season And it is the academy players it's Linium out it was gavy before his injury You know even in defense like this spent £50 million on kundai and then have Andreas Christensen who's always the First player to be dropped and you know Him Christensen and Aro would have got You through this dodgy period easily Forine Lopez has been brilliant I think There's a guy called Fort that's just Arrived as well who looks really good Despite having to play out of position At left back Rock scored the other day As well obviously he big money but like You know if you're going to if there was Going to be a club to to at least like Try and base your future like strategy It would have been Real Madrid in terms Of but but at least at least there's at Le you're investing in something yeah I I can understand the investment there But the lack of joined up thinking is I Just don't like I don't see how that has

Occurred like V Rock obviously a Prestigious Talent looks like he's going To be really really good for the future But with levandowski still at the club On big Wages I think like VOR rocket I don't Know whether it was a necessary signing Given that it was a 4050 million euro Outlay in that is not cheap um like I Agree even if he even if he like does Really well over the next 6 months like What does how much does that needle move Towards like what Madrid have done Recently I think I think that's a Confusing signing even VTO rocket as Good as he potentially could be you know I just don't get Why fan Torres was what 50 million as Well not a regular St Felix is I think He's only earning like €40,000 for the Year for the year yeah I don't I think He's actually agreed like some contract To join Barcelona here barcel fans will Be able to clarify this in the comments Where his wage at Atletico whatever it Was I don't know 300 Grand a week I Actually think for the year at Barca He's earning like maybe it's 400 grand For the year not like a week 40 Grand It's something like that where he's Basically agreed to pay for 1% of his Value 1% well Banker in England rather Than but it's a mess mate and I they Just keep spending they keep spending

Yeah and it hasn't led to yeah I don't Think it's led to particularly good Squad Harmony the the squad is very Disjointed they're just not playing well At all ch's now left and where do they Turn for a manager where do they turn For a manager we about this on Monday Show I mean Rafa Marquez seems like one Of the favorites is that any Improvement On Javy no I I don't know anyway we Spoke about Barca yeah next up Mikey um Oh well we'll stay we'll stay on the Continent I guess um yeah a bit of a Boring one to be honest but um I've Learned that I think Bayern Munich is Still the favorites for the Bundesliga Despite everything um I just think given The injury problems that bar are dealing With at the moment the fact that they Are already two points off Leverkusen They play them what on the 10 com up Soon yeah next at lusen for sure um but I just think I just think that Leverkusen have to win that game in Order to win the Bundesliga whereas I Don't necessarily think it's as Necessary for Bayern I just think of age The the fact That like I I would love obviously we'd All love Leverkusen to win the booly This this year but I just think those Last minute um winners against alburg And leig reminds you of Arsenal last Year Well slightly I think doie you were

You were talk you you were making that Comparison went you a couple of weeks Ago um but then to put up what 3.3 XG Against glad back and not score it it Does just make me think that the injury To Bona even though at the start of the Season you no one was saying that Bonface is going to be like the the the The guy and as much as he is I do think That drop off to shik is quite Significant like shik has scored three Goals SE Panda though they brought in B Glaz yesterday they have to be years old Maybe he will the panda Maybe he will be The hero you know the unexpected hero I Would love that um but like one of them Has to start scoring like shik scored Three times the season they all came Against bokam in one game before Christmas he's obviously been in and out With injury a lot like you can't Necessarily expect him to be like you Know the talismanic figure going into The rest of the campaign how many games They got Left there's only 34 games I think They're on about 21 maybe 13 13 games Potentially another six in the Europa League many yeah I think might be a bit More I think Harry Kane's played at Least played about 17 games this year And how seven in the league so I think So let's say let's say 13 14 15 games

Left Um and they they had that winter break As well um I don't think are playing That well either though but they're not Playing that well but but they've also Got such a big they've got such a big Injury list I mean like kimick is now Out till the early March which is which Is pretty bad like that you know but Gabry will also be back by then Li will Also be back by then um you know they They beat arburg with a defense of I Think Guerrero was playing on the right And Eric dial was was partnering delict Um you know they've got they've got a Fairly threadbear team by their Standards and yet they were still able To bring Thomas Müller and Mattel Off The Bench and they both you know made an Impact in that game um I just think Bayern's depth even with the injury Problems they have like compare that to Who lusen who jabby Alonzo was bringing Off the Bench against munchin gladbach He brought on Nathan terer and Adam Claic um you know both like you know Both good players but they're not you Know they're not the level of of Tel and Müller um I just think the fact that bar Are still not playing great and yet They're in Touching distance and still Have a much deeper Squad even with those Injury problems to me says that come March they they they're going to come

Back in a big way um uh but but if if Lusen do win on the 10th then you know I Just think that I just think that I I Think that is I think that is the I Think just for me Anyway that's confirmed that that lusen Have to win that game some big games in Europe actually because I think it's Juve it's the WD Italia this weekend and Sir's very tight as well yeah um my next One uh I've got down here is kind of Inos mean business a little bit just a Little bit I think you know I think the There was still a wor from certain SE of Manchester United fans that it was going To be sort of glazers 2.0 there wasn't Going to be an awful lot of change here There wasn't going to be an awful lot of Communication there maybe wasn't going To be a football first approach still And it was kind of just going to be you Know riding alongside the glazers taking The 25% and I think over the last month Since it's been confirmed we have kind Of seen that's not going to be the case Like I think the capture of Omar Bara Speaks volumes about an outfit that are Able to do business quietly but Effectively you know nobody saw that Coming at all I think some of the Communication that inos have been able To have with fans you know with the man United supporters trust with other fan Groups with sort of local counselors and

Things is a very positive sign um and They're going to have big decisions to Make because you know Eric tanh hard's Form has not been good Marcus rashford Has disciplinary issues off the field And you know is a potentially sellable Asset in the summer for a club that you Know has PS s isues themselves I think There are big decisions to be made and So far in the first month which is what We're looking back on here the last Month I think you know some of the Decisions have been quite bold and Punchy I think a sporting director is Expected to be appointed within the next Two weeks um and you know some of the Some of the candidates according to the Athletic in the telegraph have got Written down here Dan Ashworth who would Be obviously a massive coup if youit Could get him would be very expensive Andrea barata who is the sporting Director at Atletico mad Madrid um Julian Ward who of course left um Liverpool you know few question marks There and Paul Mitchell obviously who Was Um and stuff long linked with the club And maybe he arrives anyway as a sort of Recruitment specialist potentially Although that's not necessarily the role He was specializing in at Monaco uh but I think even just judging by the names There you know it's very different to

The approach we've seen from Manchester United over the last decade which has Not been external high level Appointments it's been Internal promotions from people who Potentially aren't in the right Qualified position for that job so I Think you're seeing very different way Of working I think you're seeing quite a Hands-On approach you I was at the Training ground the other day and like Dave brailsford was there like very Visibly walking around speaking to Everyone I think he just held a meeting With some of the players you have a chat No too worried um he's quite an Intimidating guy um but like he's Clearly front-facing like I wasn't Necessarily expecting that from anyos to Have somebody there at every game you Know we've seen him every single game Watching what's going on clearly doing Work behind the scenes he's quit his job With the grenadiers isn't he to focus Entirely on Manchester United so I think To a level on the first month you'd have To say they do mean business they're not Taking this lightly yeah yeah love it Exciting speaking of a club briefly I'll Only talk about them briefly that don't Mean business at the moment that's Napoli oh Oh my days what a terrible 6 Months they're now ninth in Syria did You hear the other day that Walter M

Zari they left him at the stadium on an Away game by accident yeah he had to get A he had to get a taxi back to Naples no Cost Him500 they left him there he has been An absolute shambles I know uh I don't Know I think they've just complet I Can't imagine a club have done worse Sort of ownership in the last that's a Really bad use of phrase or word Whatever but aelia delarentis forcing Spetti to resign that contract he then Walks away goes on sabatical spetti was In work by September with Italy just Didn't want to work for rst anymore they Signed Rudy Garcia who hadn't worked in Italy since 2016 poor appointment that Now looks like a great appointment Compared to Wal marzari who hadn't Lasted 40 games at a club since covid uh And was most recently in charge of Caliari I think so yeah it's been an Absolute shocker he's won five games in 14 they created 0.2 XG against latio Last weekend absar they lost 4-0 to Froon at home in the copper Italia they Are now getting regularly pumped by mid Twerking for the Premier League twerking For the premier league kavisha is coming In for a lot of criticism uh which I Think is a bit harsh everone loves to Sort of downplay rafala and kavisha Kavisha is having a really poor season Of finishing but actually his underlying

Numbers are still really really good but Yeah Napoli really really and they've Actually tried to arrest it in January a Bit D Don has come in Hammer Junior who I think was actually quite unfortunate At Bournemouth but it's just been an Absolute shocking if he had a bet where Does Osan end Up he loves the idea of Chelsea I think He's a more I think he'd be brilliant at Arsenal personally yeah add so much more Fear factors to that attack 103 mil Who's dipping in the market for that's a Big can they do it After of mbappe doesn't happen even if He you call that you called that in your Predictions video at the start this Month did I say Madrid even if he does What uh what and mbappe to Real Madrid Who says no I don't know who says no I Don't know cuz the fla n no FIFA mbappe Though I Mean agent Fe Sig on probably get 150 There isn't it um is that it we got one More we done I think I think I'm done Personally I'm done okay there we go That was what we learned uh over the Last month Premier League yeah we Learned a lot we've been talking for a Long time there so we're not sure how Long this video is uh but we hope you Enjoyed it if you did enjoy the big game Today of course Super Sunday massive Match between Arsenal anded speaking to

Liverpool fans the game yeah Aral fans See Mikey go and have a look say hello To him prediction quickly before we wrap Up o um 21 Liverpool 3-1 Liverpool 2-1 Arsenal okay let us know your Predictions in the comments below thanks Very much for watching Everybody we'll See you later bye

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