Professional american lightweight boxer, WBC and WBO champion Adrien Broner with nickname “The Problem” against brittish top ranked athlete and WBA Super champion Gavin Rees with nickname “The Rock”. Fight for WBC light weight belt took place in Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, USA on February 16, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Adrien Broner (USA) vs Gavin Rees (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Fighting out of the Red Corner with head Trainer Gary Lockett wearing blue with Red official weight 134 and 1 12 lb his Professional record 37 victories with 19 Knockouts only one defeat and one draw He's the Challenger tonight and he's the Fighting pride of Newbridge Wales United Kingdom the former WBA super lightweight World champion Gavin the Rock [Music] Bree and fighting out of the blue corner With his head trainer Michael Stafford Wearing red white and silver officially Weighing in at 1034 lbs his professional Record 25 fights 25 victories including 21 Knockouts from Cincinnati Ohio the Two-time two division world champion and Reigning defending undefeated WBC Lightweight champion of the world Adrien The Problem [Applause] Brown's Go all right Adrian come On all right gentlemen considered low Are you ready are you ready all right Let's get this thing on met with Adrian Broner Yesterday and he was asked the kind of About the kind of pressure he feels After that DeMarco performance said he's Not going to try to top himself but Trust him the odds on this fight make Tyson Douglas look like an expected

Squeaker as you can see quicker it Almost goes without saying with a Chopping right hand to the back of Broner's head referee Earl Brown moves Forward to caution him [Applause] On runer blocked Reese's left his right Ree is not fighting like he's Intimidated no he's not intimidated at All but he does come straight down Reees he did his homework and he jobed Couple of body shots for Reese so far Broner has contented himself to throw a Couple of JS Reese believes he can take Advantage of Broner's very wide stance Which Broner main well it might in fact Create that situation he has re that is That he's backing up he can't back off Of brona to hit him cuz he has to push Broner backwards then it would be hard For Broner to adjust with the wi Broner Seems very Relaxed you know Reese is winning the Round Three more good body shots for Reese Runner finally throws the right hand it Was just a tiny good left hook by Broner And Reese flocks him with a right hand Upstairs another right hand lands for Reese's won that round well he certainly Created more action everything okay what I want you to do that go straight up the Middle keep warned him about pushing Your head down but you punching on the

Top of his head uh he come re come with Two beautiful left body shots something That we haven't seen many guys try on Broner but at least he came to try out Of most of his opponents executing it And he's he has the hand speed to do it That's the most long as Reese can Maintain some of that hand speed and Brona wants to stand with his feet he'll Land body shots down he also just landed A pretty good straight right Hand more body shots from Reese isn't Landing that solidly but it's most of The punching is being done by Reese what He's basically trying to do to Reese Have to hit Reese parter to take his Confidence away Reese is a and Reese is Also moving his head more than he has in The past one of the reasons the odds Were so L but you heard the caution of Gary locket between rounds and he said Watch out he's a counter punch lands Upstairs for Reese and that gets a big Rise from the crowd he lands two more Body sh so far that the good oldtime Lack of height to their advantage By getting so low it becomes hard for Their opponent to hit them but staying Outside he's going to runer starting to Land some clean [Applause] Shots right hand lead for Broner good right hand by Bron dropping The right hand on Reese's chin but that

Straight right hand is starting to close The eye a little bit he may want to Start trying to keep that off of Him Okay come on sit back okay hands up Mar 16 all let's go right wide open bro yeah Roll up with the bolo and steal a Straight right lead straight down the Middle boom good right hand shows a Little bit too much and Reese catches Him wi in the middle of a shuffle with a Good left hook even though Broner landed Some good shots in that round to give You the sense he was in Control solid Shots by Broner There left H shot Boxing Main Event Adrien Broner in the Red trunks against Gavin Ree good right hand by Broner Reese dropping his hands and Showing Broner his head Movement Coy little welman and he has a Sneaky quick left hook that he brings From so down low and then throws speed Starting create more opportun for Hur And bad left hook right there Almost dropped him with that left hook He's still coming at Broner with Everything he's [Applause] Got there's a body shot for Broner Uppercut lands for Broner CER starting To pick Reese Off break break re out and grabs that's

So fantastic is here's a a real game Power on top of The speed and the change of fight Quickly on you hear me you break him hey You break him down when he start holding You and stop when you do that you're out Working him because he's throw ones and Twos it's when you stand inside that's When he stand one low frees Falls and Fives okay that right hand lead has been His best Weapon after that he P with a nice Uppercut a right hook great combination Adrien Broner went to a different level In the third round The momentum of the fight is changing 2 To one 2928 Gavin Reese I first rounds Away in round three Adrien Broner became Adrien Broner he clearly won the third Round two to one Gavin Reese heard Gary Lock it in the corner tell Reese not to Reach and I think roner gave him a Little distance and started coming in There he is upper Hur pretty seven eight Where you at huh Now okay second time in his career that Gavin Reese has take this rer did it With a single shot a beautiful right Upper Cut when he went down against kelik in 08 the 12th round after a long fight This the first time that Reese has ever Been knocked down while still relatively Frck in the

[Applause] [Music] Fight Those body shots again and slow Broner Down a little bit but Broner is getting Into the target practice area of so he's Letting him have it right there in front Of him and look at the heart Of still some fight left in Gavin Reese A lot of fight left to Reese way he's Communicating with the Fighter may have a great future doing That he's only 23 years old he has a Calculated body attack he almost dropped With a body shot right there Gavin Reese took some hellacious Punishment in the fourth Round there's that beautiful right uper Cut right on the chin that uh Reese was Not looking for caught him off he h him Up with the elbow and boom there was the Right up a Cut right as he thought Stafford is Proving with Adrien Broner as he already Proved with power shots on the fourth Round Broner was 40 of 67 Reese 22 of 58 As he I think that's probably what Gary Locker was saying between rounds is if You like this you're going to take too Many counter punches well I think Lockett started thinking about stopping The fight Rin just said the round before That that he thought uh reys had two More rounds and it was over with for and

In his last three fights Combined that Lin I mean that Reese has A heart son he is one stubborn Guy cuz he he he's started take a real Beat and a good thing I guess because Has landed two solid right hands in this Round he's trying as hard as son it Doesn't get better than this and he's Still fighting and still hitting Broner Cleanly wrapping on the way to the ring And clowning and all that that's what's Connecting with the F uses that stuff to Do damage 100% it's because he is there To try to knock his opponent out oh Oh another uppercut this Was a body shot that ree wasn't ready For he thought it was going to break all Right let's Go and the left Uppercut now Reese is in trouble again And Gary Lockett is up on the ring apron With the white to so there's the Dko as trainer Gary he wants stopping The bite from the corner good Performance as a trainer he had his man Prepared as Weller and we'll see more of Gavin ree The Fighter and we're Certainly going to see a whole lot more Of Mike Stafford and Adrien Brook when was the last time he Tourament that you didn't want to see And he closed the show here Landing 40 First the knockdown Roy yeah I like the Rightand lead I love the right hand lead

All night long but the body shot here is The one he relaxed and boom there was The body shot right as he relaxed and it Wasn't low once again that rightand lead Right there Bron sees it ref's not Coming in so he's still fighting and That was a great body shot he relaxed to Gavin re's head Lockett gave it a moment Of wait and then had seen it up proted Himself go to Michael Buffer referee Errol Brown calls a Hal to the about the Official time Adrien the [Music] Problem [Applause] Br

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