Professional mexican featherweight boxer and WBO champion Emanuel Navarrete with nickname “Vaquero” (“Cowboy”) against filipino top ranked athlete and title challenger Jeo Santisima with nickname “Santino”. Fight for WBO Super bantam weight belt took place in MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on February 22, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Emanuel Navarrete (Mexico) vs Jeo Santisima (Philippines) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Music] [Applause] Santino Santisima ELO [Applause] [Music] Naar the WBO super bamwe Championship is Old Time world champions in the 50s and 60s they didn't even have that busy of a Schedule they did this point aside from His fight with Isaac dog but it was Strange because it's there from santiso But he is a really good combination Puncher he has some great bodyw work and Maybe is even knockout of Manny Pacquiao Right here at the MGM Grand Garden arena For him to make he was necessarily Having the easiest of fight weeks Because he you know he made the weight But it was he's been wanting a Unification fight it hasn't really come To fruition because of how frequently He's been fighting and the into this Fight against antisa absolutely and he's Always been that of a professional and You could tell by good fighting so often No You would describe said he is a slugger And a fighter and that was the extent of It I tried to get wasn't great we tried Uh but you know he he's just one of Those guys where change his life from Quote unquote rexs to riches comes out

For Emmanuel navarete doubling up on the Jab Santisima seems to be waiting for That home run I think he's just being a Little bit cautious probably trying to Feel out uh navarete because in what I've seen in the first couple rounds as He should be well naare can certainly His 30 total in his professional career Goes against Francisco horta by fourth Round TKO there's a good shot by santis As he rips to the body of navarete and He likes both both sides of the body so When he finally does let his hands go I Think you will see more of that body the Best of weight cuts that Santisima Should be ripping the body to see how Much Med but I don't know how privy Santisima is to that but either way Is Gioti as we approach the end of the Second Round they adopted the nickname of B to The body here in round three I think Probably's Corner um said let's off a Lot stronger than what he has in the First two rounds Christina as you Pointed out and it's curious to Sometimes has taken some unnecessary Punches but not really at the hands of Anybody that he's had to worry about to This point but his fight but both men Have quite a bit of power a left hook That connected T went oh wait a minute I Stung him I heard

Him just over the Midway point up now We're starting to see that quote unquote Healing out process Christina dissipate I mean he won the first two rounds arly Just off using his jab so he hasn't Really had to open up more as he does Now in this exchange there's no men Starting to let their hands go more you Know that the super bantamweight Division an exciting division here in Boxing the division there's a left hook By navarete as he pushes Vargas versus Emanuel navarete would be a great match Up think it would be bombs away Television several times with this fight So left hook to the body but answering Back to sanima look at this action as we Conclude there we go heating up a little Bit here last 10 seconds that's what the Fans want to see here at the MGM Grand Garden Arena finally he said you know From Pro promot Muhammad Ali to now Promoting Tyson Fury Meely and you know What this has been a joint venture and Great to see everyone working hand in Hand with one another but speaking of Hands navarete is looking to land a big Shot upon giio santisimo but Santisima Comes right back going to the the action Intensifying yep that those looping Hooks that come from naare Santisima is Fighting in spurts as he connects with The right hand but San at all he's Waiting for that big home run shot and

Naet steps in with the sweeping left Cross oh there was hit he stumbled back With the ropes Christina he could been Off balance but it certainly appeared Like n was hurt oh it passed the eye Test to me and you and probably to the Judges too giio Santisima from the Philippines making his United States Debut here tonight with thewe Championship of the World and he threw a left followed by a Right that's snap back a FAL moments as The action is heating up here in Las Vegas World title matchup here at 122 Lbs that punch gives Sima confidence Heading into round or two ago Christina That Cima has to be more AC there's a left hook By Manuel giio Santisima battling for The they coming Forward there's a right to the body by Santisima there's a right cross a left Hook that connected by Santisima Santisima literally putting down his Head Christina throwing but back comes Navarete and naar is letting his hands Go I mean he probably I think he has Gio Hurt a little bit right now s seems to Be hurt he's going backwards na seeking Destroy mode in man there's a left on The top of the skull of STIs Jing right Hands by the champion referee Russell MOA something right now and he holds Veteran move to try to keep himself and

Make a fifth successful title defense in Nearly the past 12 months and that ends The round what an two in the right hand That backs up S another right hand off remaining in The sixth round a left hook de connected By s t excellent match up in 6C Increments and I'm exhausted much less Well and that's in comparison to only 27 as we enter round seven Ray floor is Christina poncher honored to be he's on The line as the champion Man na looking For his triumphant title defense of Right hand chopping right hand starting It off for [Music] Na goes to South giotis a different look has fought Most of this fight in the Orthodox dance But is and I think that serves him well Because for a young fighter he's Probably these different looks Especially when you are starting off That you are typically conventional Fight This there's a right to the body by Santisima To giio Simon were at the halfway mark Of the Seventh Landing it both often times Though you get caught if he fights a Fighter with a little bit better timing You may be caught right in the middle of That switch or sacrifices defense as he

Starts to let go of some of those wild HS way upon the head of Santisima goes Backward instead he should come forward And try to get the pressure in the bo Followed by the right hand and you get Double the impact upon your power punch That's something when he watches his Take back that in the gym especially Because sometimes never CAU I mean Standing straight in front of it with Both feet not even out he has the subtle Head movement so he knows that Santisima Is a power puncher but he has these Little slight head movements for Santisima to connect upon Him and the problem with uh Santisima Right now is that he's fighting Primarily going backwards and he's not As comfortable in that from you know off His back foot reach reading Backwards and it was spoken that Wilder Was dealing with behind that is Different for each guy but additional Weight on each I mean deont doesn't need Any help in the power department but Let's see if it makes a difference for Tyson Fury Dave he goes I'm going to knock him Spark out or I'm going to spark him is What he told you yeah he's sticking by That second I don't know how many people Have gone to the sports book and took His word on that I wasn't rushing there To to this day to Wilder yes to this day

And what a day it is here in Las Vegas But right now St For punches over 500 punches thrown Through seven rounds here it's the Activity levision at this way it's it's Unparallel from Emanuel na oh he gets Clipped with a left but back comes na I Think you can throw a sledgehammer at Emanuel na he'd shake it off and come Back and throw a night and how do you The antium does he have a PL highest Level of opposition in his last five Learning to do at this level well it Always goes to the adage iron sharpens Deal with tough adversaries it makes you Better and I'm not saying the toughest Competition or opposition either but He's a world champion he's got to this Point he takes everybody's best shot Every time he Steps and now coming forward once again Towards Sima what a match up here in Las Vegas seen him bury his attack up in the Corner giio Santisima you have to wonder As we are after the Midway Point L as we Did in the third yeah aside from that Fifth round where he threw over 100 Punches the body using hooks switching Being Abid exous when you feel to Oi has A sizable lead against giio T they both Exchange at the end of the night great Big boxing fan absolutely hey these guys Know how to bring the stars out is that

A sign of think to come one can only Hope I know we're we're supposed to be Calling me a little excited Christine I'm just saying it's G me a little bit It's G me and for Santisima he's got to Think of other ideas to try to solve the Puzzle that is the World Champ is in Throwing he has gone about 20 to 30 but He's probably had about a good 20 to 30 Movements in his upper body that's not Going to win you world title fight Especially landed one punch this round To be honest with you there's a right Hand for na backing up sanim number cut For santis But back comes throwing punes look at The champion go we had some concerns About that right hand he is throwing it But it's really been the left hand That's been doing a lot of the damage Phenomenal work rate from the champion Right now a left hook by navares he's Bullying now Santisima has his backup Springs loose from him and then he Unloads a right hand h of Santisima the Pressure really starting to get to the Challenger from the Philippines they're Not really saying whether or not I think He heard it or not but perhaps that's Why he was shaking it out but guess We'll find out with a left and a right On the top of the head and that ends the 10th round a to enjoy the nice dinner After tonight is over but we've eared it

Absolutely question coming into this Fight Christina about the cardiovascular Conditioning total punch output in this Fight compares to the last few because Like you talked about the r is known as A heavy hitter but in order to be a Heavy hitter you have to throw talking About ear that's his bread and butter is Going to the body and that's where he's Had most of his knockout the ropes and He's inviting s he's like let's go let's Put on a yeah he he really wants to get The Knockout there's a left hook and now Now they really pouring and buling him Around the ring snapping back his head Look at the champion on load as he is Walloping giio santis he was almost Running and right now this may be close To Beed with a bevy of punches Ram Mor Watching the action off on Cima Cima in Deep deep trouble with a minute five to Go he was holding on for dear life to Try to keep himself in this fight how Much more of this punishment can he take Remaining Emanuel na trying to get the Finish look at the champion go and Russ Mor stopped it this one is over his World title and I think the tow came Exactly the same time as Russell Mora Stepped in enough is enough as Russell Mor himself literally in the line of Fire to go ahead and well ELO Naar Manel


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