Professional german middleweight boxer and title challenger Vincent Feigenbutz with nickname “The KO King” against top ranked athlete and IBF champion Caleb Plant with nickname “Sweet Hands”. Fight for IBF Super middle weight belt took place in Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, USA on February 15, 2020. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Vincent Feigenbutz (Germany) vs Caleb Plant (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Of knockout ladies and gentlemen here's The hard-hitting ibf mandatory super Middleweight world rank Contender Tonight making his us debut please Welcome the former super middleweight Champion of the world known as the KO King introducing Vincent Fen P and his opponent across the ring the Defending champion in the blue Corner Tonight making his homecoming thises 11 Of his wins coming by way of knockout Tonight he is making the second defensiv As title ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome The Undefeated reigning and Defending ibf super middleweight Champion of the world introducing sweet Hands K PR HX what do you think you are third man Of the ring you clear touch him up good Luck to you Both fight in Tennessee he comes back to Nashville as a world shs off a Commanding performance last June Knocking out without a doubt not only Pink but he's fast and he's he throws in Combination tell you uh the size Difference I think is really obvious Here PL able to Spring in and hit him With a right hand to the body B Boots Looks more like a m with Caleb plantet

Caleb plant leaves that left hand low That he does have he's we we both watch Tape on the guy and he's he's got a Great right hand you are if you get hit By a solid right hand even from a Especially from a guy he drinks the R And P but's able to have some success There you know he's coming over here for The win he lost his title badly he wants To make history Caleb plan has a in that Early round what do you think on the Hole lenx I thought that was a good Feeling at Round because uh like that What I'm talking about quick hand look At that hook hook he is driven back Immediately to be getting better and Better student of the game and already Fen buts backing up one thing about Fen BS right now his head is in one spot It's not like he's moving it from side To side this is what happens with European head in one place hands up his Hands up he's good he's doing good Defense he's determined to come back as Best as he can he keeps his hands up he May not be moving his head a and you got To be careful he's a knockout puncher That it's early in the fight and he's Still picking a shot He's able to hurt and dve Fen buts back Seconds round number two Caleb Plant up in the anti putting his foot Down on the pedal pop as well against Fen buts yeah I mean uh you know Fen

Buts showed good decent straight Acura Punches and one one thing fighting Here's that left H right at the end of The round that Fen buts landed right on The Belt Line afterwards you know Because going to feel that no matter What he's a heavy-handed guy take him Apart before you go in for the kill look At plant already starting off with a Impressive FLIR that is Jordan plant formerly Jordan Hardy part of our broadcast team Here on Fox notal amp and I was uh Blown Away by how good she was right did a Tremendous job as well trying to make Improvements yeah I mean you don't want To stay in top shape all the time even Even when you don't have a fight coming Up week and he's uh got a great trainer To do that great combination he is and And and Caleb has has uh split the Gloves a few times on him German guy and You know things he's he's winning the Early early rounds which is important But he's got to always stay focused Ramos at with one second to go in the 12th round stopping Brian fight Fen but Driven back and he's hurt a hook lands By plant and the right foot this guy Didn't have it bad enough wow an Uppercut lands from Caleb plant Caleb Plant is determined this is his home to Man who says he wants to unify he wants To take on everyone in this division

Tonight man he's already got F bloodied Up here we go here's here's the jab Downstairs right hand and a hook off the Arm but look how fast that went just Open it up here's that jab that stunned Him that's the one that really hurt him See you see him Buckle right there he Doesn't stand up goes in for this flurry Right here here's the last flurry it was A little uppercut hook see he threads The needle then he goes around fast and He's got a great variety of punches that He uses in succession standing by in one Of the corners Heidi where are you I'm Over in Caleb's Corner Justin I I don't Want him to do more than he needs to do I don't want him to use more energy than He needs to we continue to do that um But other than that I'm really happy With what I'm seeing from Caleb right Now he's he's in complete control gamber Had said that Caleb plant had look Terrific all the camp as he said times This is the best possible thing you can Say is the guy sits down and you say He would say hey I need him to go in for The Knockout if he thought this guy Wasn't dangerous he still thinks this Guy is dangerous keep boxing being smart And then you know you you chip away that A guy like this until you fin you know Caleb could probably go forward if he Wants to I think it is been up even more Again remember the fight where he took

The title against Jose Wii let's you Know just use as much as you have to Because in the late Rounds that gives you an idea of the Defense and there's a good stick by Plant Yeah couple great Jabs but watch This and Wonder Hey Callum Smith is the Ring magazine champ David Benavides has A title he is peing and he looks Tremendous here in his hometown [Music] Tonight behind him so he is focused he Says I do everything for my family I Need to provide for them and I want to Be great for them see the body shots Landed by plan 18-7 no good disparity so far look he's Just cut keep thread the the Middle with That right hand right through the keep Your hands up like that some some of the Punches you can't see and Caleb is doing The right thing by so he giv a lot of Different things to be worried about Very cleanly and you know the speed of Cale PL is really killing F punches to Win these rounds and I think you know There's a bit of and uh a lot of people Uh forget that you know they can say He's winning five rounds just ran uh Caleb back a little bit too Misses in One lane and Fen Bo's back and and that Starts to happen I think that's when F Bo will really get into trouble You can see to your point that you made

Earlier Joe this does look like a true Super middleweight against a guy strong Give him enough credit again he does you Reasonably well defensively with his Hands up but he's he's fighting a world Champion tonight listen when you're Better on the inside we haven't seen it Yet but even if you were to play in Close get on the inside a little bit and Do some damage sometimes you can do more Damage on the is a bit stronger right Now you don't want to take any chances Like right here on Rush see how good He's doing right here and he's going to Be able to counter him see that's why He's sitting there disrespect but There's only so much he can do you You've got to come in and throw punches I used to like to train you know you on The ropes they were sadly mistaken they Got beat up on the inside as well as the Outside shots yeah he was able to credit He's try look he's out gunned he's Certainly a class level below but he is Trying the ne he can hurt you I Mentioned he had he got stopped in one Fight four years ago in that fight Against giovan Cor spun around he was Out on his feet but you know what yeah I Remember seeing that fight and uh the Referee I think stepped in a little Early should have referee could have Gave a little More good jab there by FS he has and

Instead of just blocking all the punches Then coming back with short C takes a Strong hand in there to make it clear Good jab to the head and then Body by Caleb Plant me see Caleb blocking most of These punches on the Ropes Vincon trying to catch in Generalship and it's Valentine's Day I Think if uh if Caleb would actually get Out without making the guy pay a little Bit for get close yeah between fights And I I had to say to him good job on That you know again steep all around Here and in the parella camp that was a Good jab by Fen buts by the way that Tyson Fury got hit in the side of the Head the first knock down from get a guy That starts getting Brave like much Brown and just trust in your skills like That see and stop that pressure that He's putting on two crisp Jabs coming You're okay but then your legs is not Telling you you're okay by the way Joe Did you hear wrote it down I wrote it I Want you to repeat that I would like That and then be ready to repeat that But is unlikely his winning any rounds Could the line and Caleb just you know Stepped to his side and made the able to Split the guard get right through good Defensive work the two best in the world All respect to Anthony Jos the champ and

Plant might be the best at 168 maybe It's Callum Smith maybe see it next week In the heavyweight division good work by Malik W once again as they were locked Up in the middle he said hey fight out Of that into you get oh good hook by Fen Book L out on the cheek of plant his Corner is screaming plant trying to Answer in the final second Beautiful Uppercut by Caleb plant moose the only Thing is go all the way to get all he's Got a good pun and he's oh Caleb just Caught him real good and a right hand as Well hurt his head is getting robed let In that situation like man I almost had The guy out but now I'm expending a lot Of energy you say so I just you know Like that was a hard jab too drove Fen But back you see the blood on Fen but's Face as the round ends p but's face now Seeing the effects he is a very keeps Delivering this type of punishment his Hard shots again he stays on his feet Hasn't R around his face is getting Rocked and busted up maybe you stop this Fight look at him no he he's stilling About earlier is to start forcing your Will on a guy like this deser see he's Much Slicker on the inside okay here we Go there's that right hand lead right Over the jab and then here goes these Combination once plant start throwing Punches and you don't get that left Uppercut to top it off there's the body

Shots see he gets you thinking wide then He goes up the middle on you and then he Keeps finding I'm just saying when I When I see a head being Sna against not like this Joe but he was Doing to uh to R he wasn't I think Caleb's going for it right now is ready To move on right I get that 100% tell you what his Corner Fen but's Corner just uh telling our own Heidi Andrel let's see what Fen Butz has to Say about that after and what uh they Say at the hospital because his face is Again when f b is actually covering up He's missing some of the punches he's Right hand right off the should a good Right hand by plant but F B's still Reasonably dangerous look it is a but I'm wondering when a guy hasn't won Around you know you have to start Thinking about it oh cellb is looking Sweet right now with these combinations He's doing the right thing he's he's Bringing him to the yeah let me tell you Caleb can do what he wants in there he So far ahead did you see him make that Fake and and F in puts went for it it Was just when you could do that this a Tremendous performance beautiful Uppercut by plant again he comes off Once he gets close to him he'll he'll Just outgun him he'll out maneuver him Just like that fre punch Combination goes to work again this is

Where you can really hurt and M says That's it that's enough and I in his Hometown Char at 168 Lb impressive very impressive I mean uh Unbelievable he did a great job respect The trash talk they're not used to I Don't know what they're reacting to Respect here and respect to Fen BS as Well who did the best he could and still The Undefeated NF super middleweight Champion of the world sweet hands K LOVE PL

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