Professional australian super welterweight boxer Dylan Biggs against australian talented puncher and top ranked athlete Nikita Tszyu with nickname “The Butcher”. Fight for Australian Super Welter weight belt took place in Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Broadmeadow, Newcastle, Australia on November 22, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Dylan Biggs (Australia) vs Nikita Tszyu (Australia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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None of it matters anymore because now It is time and Nikita Zoo Ben Damon and Cometry alongside he is a much much Bigger super welterweight is bigs you Size difference here obviously they Weigh in just about the same but the Size of Dylan bigs is going to give Slick little right hand from Zoo counter Shot from boots Round zoo on the canvas off the start For Bigs don't worry about the occasion He is here to defend his title wow the Champion J don't wrestle him you Understand and he's in aggressive mood He's doing the right things he's Wrestling he's pulling punching all the Right things and it's aggressive early There's that right hand again from bigs And on the inside and the bear is Fighting back absolutely counter shot Again from Big Zoo on the re Right in line for the right hand he's Going to get hit with that right hand All night the small remains on the face Of bigs as he rips into the body and he Goes right hand there's a good shot that Comes back he's recovered well has [Applause] Zoo Ducks into that jab comes out from Zoo bigs looks for the right hand he Waits on it he throws it but misses Don't now he works with the freehander Zo and sh With that forearm and he steps out with

His shot and zo gets back out him Zoo he Rocked him for a Moment good shot from Theo he finds his way back into the Round big round he's set Niko down but Two opening Rounds between Beach and [Music] Zoo right hand that we knew was going to Be consist L from Big Su lean right into That punch you see the big right hand Land right big right hand right there he Leans into that punch then the next one Just takes him down we we were we talked About This and then I said this I said both Guys are throughout this fight the end Of this round is when Nikita has his Moments going after Dylan and Dylan just Not ready come back and tie around Absolutely that was close I don't I I I Didn't get the round potentially but oh Nice counter Hook from Nikita and it Would be round number Two and both of them looking for their Big shots and it's zoo with the left Hand the powerful shot and a good sh From zoo and he turns a hook around There's an Uppercut a shot from Zoom misses Wheeling around to his right he takes His shot the mouthpiece comes out timing Right there that left hand had great Timing from this poor stance there's a

Good right hand though bigs again Counter shot from Z big shots from bigs but Zeus by Back and thring battle this domestic Showdown yeah big punches from this is Going to be a who gets who first they're Both getting one another but somebody's Going to land a punch that's going Shan can recover from the big shot of Bigs what about bigs still smiling his Bigs jabbing beautifully Dylan BS the Australian Champion it is Nikita Zoo pushing the Action now moving towards bigs he'll try And count up to the body with the he Gets the glove up to protect him they Come together awkwardly but no damage And so the body goes big as Captivated better round for Nikita had Him winning that round this right hand That Jab that's Open and that was great timing right There on that left hand that that Knocked Out but you can see it ad dyan's braced He's ready for the lefts coming from and Had a strong second and he looks for That left hand again here in round Two big Ofes the line he pivoted he's got to Continue to turn body shot from faints You need to use faints get that guy Braced and let him to the body and over The top Zoo fires back but from bigs

He's showing his quality and he goes one Two again with that combination Zoo Comes Zoo gets himself clear that's Clean boxing from bigs I mean that's Hook uppercut to the body then back to The Head one two from Zoo oh he misses Over the toping the Moment one two and three he goes and Towards Him upper cut with B good right hand From Zoo who found himself front on To counter shot with the [Applause] Right upper cut into the body one two Good straight through that guard of Dylan bigs the third round of the fight Uppercut again from bigs and over the Top with the right hand big action and That's what we're getting aot of in this Fight that was a close round I reckon it's a a round that the judges Will be split on at those body shots From till bigs cuz they were the story Really I think a big big adjustment from From Dy the body and not only that body And then head I mean that's clean good Boxing right There composure of Dyan B is a 21y old In front of this big crowd after all of The Antics Anticipation he is The oie Champ wow Nikita's leg he's not a mover Anyway but his Mobility is he's taking

The out of the game by having his legs So really looking for big shots from That position too yeah I was going to Say even to get to Dyan good shot there From bigs got straight through on AO a Nice exchange of right Hands one two from Zoo big leads with That right hand against the C there from zoo and to the body he Goes and turns around that shot he went Both sides and scored did Dylan bigs to The body of Zoo body shot [Applause] Bigs great stuff from bigs next one he Goes zo he's on steady now FES in Travel to get clear There's a long time left in this round And bigs the aie champion is and they go Again wow he goes through he's looking For the Finish oh he's s he's trying to hang On with experience Dylan with Excuse me Punches from the Outside it's another good shot to do That that's why he's got a punch side Now oh there's a short big punch short Hand from Zoo And he's going to work again and bigs With 30 seconds round finds Himself in a dark dark because the Butcher Is bigs somehow still Up well we talk about his boys high up

No experience in this in this Yet and he is absolutely gone at this Point and breathing deeply but stay in There [Music] I see a defeated posture in the Dylan Bigs Corner not from the coaches but From him himself his eyes a serious Conversation had between Dylan BS and His trying to he was in some serious Stri and if it goes that way again I Think still feeling that last Round and zoo is coming On oh there's a big zoo and another bigs Comes back but zoo with the power right Hand from bigs hands go down for Bigs After that shot one two go body shot From Bigs your hands you're still showing Weakness a good right hand Zoo continues To stalk he turns that hook around as Well and see look showed incredible Resilience in round Four somehow got out of the round Despite Taking so many from zoo and bigs felt That One the switch the switch by Nikita he's On the chase is Zoo the left eyebrow zoo was a massive Shot big stays big stays up well big Bigs has recovered Oh there he goes he won't be able to oh Will he he

Does as zo goes to work and there's a Tail it's the keer the Destroyer a Coming of age in Australian boxing if Ever there was Wow special that was my Hands and then to produce what he did That will put you down and it looked Over at that point but somehow showing The incredible toughness he showed Throughout those Rounds Beach got Up the corner was about to throw the tow And then right here is where the ref he He just saw that Dylan was he was Depleted he didn't have anything left And you can see right there he he he Doesn't what a KN for The Zo family and What an Arrival

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