Professional mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”) against brittish top ranked middle weight boxer, WBA and The Ring champion Callum Smith with nickname “Mundo” . Fight for WBC and WBA super middle weight belts took place in Alamodome, San Antonio, USA on December 19, 2020. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) vs Callum Smith (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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It's been two years since he has been Pleading for this very opportunity he Took this fight on since Floyd Mayweather beat Canelo Alvarez and we Have been talking ability of this fight And Chris you talked to Terence Crawford T Fimo Lopez hey what about Devon Haney This is a fight that we said Hey they L can at 5 foot to see if he is Accepting of that pace in this Fight body shot there by Callum Smith There is something to going in and Fighting in the big event sappu of Energy Canelo trying with the hook in a Jab uppercut shrive there by Callum Smith fell short trying to measure him And was able to walk right to him and Land shots he knows he cannot final 10 Seconds of the opening Round And while Canelo has landed more and maybe won That round as he in this [Music] [Applause] Fight one more his way in and Callum Knew that so it was it was aagi back in London so we've got you covered here Round number two and Callum Smith We Believe winning that first round but SMI Coup of he threw a little bit more Punches body shot landed by cadelo as we Start right away ran we've got to get to Round three before you start questioning My scor it is uh no then Callum Smith uh He will fight tall but he do not use

That long stick to keep his man at Bay He likes to get ear deeply in front of Him he tries the uppercuts to the body That landed Right on the Belt Line jab snaps back The head of Callum Smith let's see if they engage Smith for Be having such a long reach has A most of that first round according to Copy box that would favor the 6' three Fighter in the ring and not the 5 fo8 Fighter calling Callum Smith could be in For a very rough night that right hand Eight Delver shot in the ninth and it Was a destruction wild Focus kind of Coming into the round and he threw a Home run left hook looking for the fenes Right there on Smith kg couple of rounds To start with um I believe that um as You can see canelo's trying to close That range for the big hook Smith needs To be more assertive of that jab and Start getting a bit busier mention There's some anti- UK bias well look you Did F Well in England but that's not Going to hold up tesler Bernard Hopkins And then eventually a pass his prime Roy Jones a fighter in Canelo Alvarez International Superstar from Mexico up Big shot Canelo trying to cut off the Ring and he does he land a right hand You know Callum Smith doesn't want to Quite engage as he takes a shot there to The Head

Dangerous good jab there by Canelo in a Right Hand two Jabs both land from canel close In able to step out makes Smith Miss With the left and the right jab again in The right hand from Canelo Sergio he's closing the Gap now He's been closing the Gap each other Right now this is where Canelo could [Applause] Explode the Smith family Is little bit too early foring and you The right come j after it straight away All right in the fight with Sergey Kovalev I don't know if you guys Remember fans began to one of canel Canelo's best attributes he did it at Kovalev in sort of baiting him with that Compensated and Canelo hit him with that Left H hard right hand there you know Callum Smith just landed that was a nice Shot but Canelo comes back and he is Throwing much harder right now gets Callum Smith up on the ropes lands right He needs to stand and he needs trade and Land combinations and that's Dangerous tries with the body shot Partially blocked hard right hand by [Applause] Canelo it is amazing when you look at Him Canelo with the hook that when he Was a champ at 154 he really brings the Power to this W CL shots because both of Them are very good counter punching

They're all and also just Smith just Trying to put a punch out there to use As a Blinder and keep him at Bay with The Onew moving in on his man starts to mark Up the face of Callum Smith the Champion a decent Sergio uppercut in This round but he can't take too many Shots like that an uppercut of course he Throws a great jab left hook that's a Good uppercut by Canelo Alvarez is what They're telling Canelo that's what Ed Roso said that he's going to be going Down look that's a solid one top shots Both of them are looking for counter Punches they're both excellent counter Punches but right now Smith needs to be A little bit more he's trying again here Joe and this is much better he's got to Let him fight he does he's back up Against the ropes and that's with you Back in And there's light heavyweight champion Of the world man who knocked out Roy Jones Smith is going to have to do that He lands a jab there on Canelo and tries The uppercut so a little more round yeah Callum Smith not only has a record for Throwing uh guys the size of Callum Smith you wonder if Callum Smith has the Pop to drive Canelo back he probably he Can't push Canelo back this entire fight We only seen Canelo coming forward K Smith hasn't imposed the size Callum

Smith also Sergio nice upper C there by Callum Smith he tries with the hook good Quick cut even when he blocked that Right hand there a good uppercut from Canelo it drove him Back so easily like Canelo it's because There's a lack of respect any opening he He hasn't gotten respect from Canelo Davies but on occasion a judge May do that but it's not recommended Hard body shot right there it is 10 Point start to do that on a regular Basis and Chris you're scoring a lot you You'll know you'll do half your rounds 10 10 you just have to make a choice Uppercut from Canelo Anthony Joshua big Uppercut in a knockout of pul last night Gennady Golovkin landed his great weapon No question look I think Davis that Javante Davis up it's like a bazooka It's amazing long right hand by Canelo When he gets out of Trouble Serio great he makes you not Want to Punch bruising round forelo Alvarez [Music] Clean right uper K right there right There and nothing comes back from the Counter punch how to blocking counter With the same hand none of that is Coming out Of body so you knew with the physical Matchup 63 and 5'8 so of course he's

Going to the body and effectively that Shots blocked but that right hand such a Tight package coming at you and then When you throw a shot if he's able to Move CH Jun remember that white was he Just stood against the ropes fast hands Make you want to not punch good Combination there By just missed that right hand doubling Up taking shots and say no I'm going to Keep walking in he rolled with that Right hand Cano did cutting right but They're popping on each other laying the Wood to each other and if they both do That I think we an awful lot to do tries With the Uppercut he wavs to in range nice right Hand by Smith and an uppercut but Canelo Is able to get underneath the hook Beautiful weave canelo's is just a Struggle now I think um Can Smith is Doing his is he's getting backed up on The roads the uppercuts the hooks you Know they taking this toll so a l high From the world champion Joe let let him Either go on like Champion Fight Like A Champion or last the distance like one Fighter make that decision and I don't Think Callum Smith will but he is Wilting under these shots Canelo hard Right hand by Alvarez and a body shot as Well Going all right yeah to be honest Everything else yeah hit low hit low all

The time and if the bigger man back These these shots are being blocked but They're still being punishing they're Still bloodying the nose and Discouraging the bigger men that he's Been fing them how much will does Callum Smith have this weight class but Canelo Alvarez winning Callum Smith is taking a Beating look I I see Smith wilting Away weing I don't see the fight see He's coming off the ropes he's still Punching you got to give a champion the Benefit of the doubt Canelo body shots as well Smith but Canelo Al is a hard hook he is at the Super about canel's Chin Chin he of the Day early fights right hand that hurt Smith he was l so that's how you know it Was good he's also not built that way Sergio right just two games super Middleweight championship of the world Canelo Alvarez comes out firing he looks And Canelo has bullied Smith the entire Fight he will try to go for the knock Out snapping jab from Canelo Alvarez in Her right hand up face from Callum Smith He fires back with his own combination Even the body shots too and that's a lot Of Will and conditioning cuz he has Taken stand up to It can he stay on his feet for another Canelo winging shots throughout this Fight combinations from Canelo P punchers Canelo saw it come in

A m away that is that's something final 30 seconds Callum Smith did everything he could in This Fight bad style match Up Canelo Alvarez with the look of a Three the super middleweight champion of The world he won a belt at 75 but that's Not the world championship this was this Would make Canelo Alvarez a legitimate For division world champion no three That's three 154 160 168 the [Applause] [Music] The judges had it 11 rounds to one or Nine rounds to three three rounds sounds Generous not out of the realm of Possibility but it was not a close fight Canelo Alvarez is the super

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