Professional mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”) against russian top ranked athlete and WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev with nickname “Krusher” . Fight for WBO light heavy weight belt took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on November 2, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) vs Sergey Kovalev (Russia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Bigger man he's got a good job which he Could keep keep [Applause] Can well just turns to salute the crowd At the MGM Garden Arena who have been Very very patient Hello s [Applause] Crusher remind you protect yourself at All times obey my commands God bless you Both not to eyeball their Opponents they just offer the glove Towards the canvas there goes the Bell So here we go 12 rounds or fewer to take The pressure off that punch as well as You can see know he just heading [Applause] For and that was a feeling out kind of Around a reconnaissance mission as we Say on numerous occasions every time in This round so far almost that kov has Looked for that right hand Canelo has Immediately let the left hook go that Makes it easier for Canelo then because Can want find a way through this defense It's difficult to get past those four Rounds those Gloves no no no don't push him don't Push him work here you know's nice and Tight he's making cover throw these These are the shots he wants to do Another one know this is where we knew He'd Be look for a big right hand there

Alvarez didn't is you know is's doing This but but you know canelo's we've Seen cor have Stam pass ni little body Shot [Applause] Again what canalo is doing now he's Forcing car BL to throw Shots by well He's always on you that front foot Pressure just on the borderline of range Just almost throwing that right hand Lead there C haven't seen twoo kind of Southp stanson follow it with the left It's a dangerous shot to throw so I Think canelo's just taking that taking That cab mainly just catching gloves There good Shot corv is constantly going through His La better run from Corv just so three rounds Down either of these Two Problems and he's just making him work Good left do every time he throws out Right down that left do Comes combinations from C just catching Gloves left hand there from Canelo Didn't quite get through you see canalo He's just he's just assass Everything Pablo corner and try try and Push push Canal he's not in any Discomfort whatsoever but he's he's Taking of shot is not Landing but he is Throwing sh the Gap the jab there Canelo Right to the

Body as the bell approach with the right Hand there and Canelo countering to the Body Effectively first enough he's just being Just being outwork he's locking for that You know I think he's he's coming at Being smart and effective and he's you Know he's just part of the strategy and Thing is good good left out the body Canelo's in tenses he's coming in close A short little shot just at what point You feel those [Applause] Two throw a great M the last couple runs Throwing more left hand was bang on the Belt I think got use it got it looking For that uppercut again again just Dipping at the wa just leaning forward Leaning in there looking to try and Jab To the body Bell goes touching gloves Healthy Y for each other's ability good this is Roso In canelo's corner five Rounds body MC trying to step it with left to the Body there Canelo and then countering to The body with the right hand right hands Are coming he's just pulling back a Touch and then making him Come the body shot you see exactly what He's [Applause] Doing the Mexican letting fly with the

Left hand Just good right hand there as Kev was Made to miss with that right just just Freze the whis and the left up the Pressure maybe just beginning to tell a Bit here because he is on you step to His right once he's constantly going to The left all the time his way in and Then just got in close and he grabbed Hold of Canelo and look to try and push Him back where he doesn't want to work Cor used to dictating things let right Down on the [Applause] Inside just [Applause] Moves little bit of blood just coming Through the nose there of Kovalev budy Mur really and so they're Just echoing what you've been saying Work Canelo but you can see it's taking More good shot that's a decent right Hand there from kovalev yeah used the Jab just the jab F jab like a a panicky Type jab just to keep keep canalo Away was just throwing with a bit more Bit more weight on his Punches using using I think using I Think lot a signature Co shot another Shot For yeah but it all comes from a ja when He gets that job right he gets that job Right C should be doing keeping him Keeping uh Canelo this is a cev round

And there's a bit more to come From from the Mexican but we kovalev Just catches Canelo Some's on the road F him and just keep Jabbing the out of him [Music] [Laughter] Okay so he just got his nose in front He's just snuck Ahead good shot by Can just wonder at what point they might Start to display a little bit more Urgency close I think Canelo Alvarez will always Kovalev certainly can't allow anything Like that to get into his head good left Hand there from kovalev he was backing Oh he's walking forward he's walking Forward he's pressing K just not Throwing enough punches that's that's a Bit better by Canelo but cor taking a Little bit of control of it it hasn't Happened good chance for the two of Them trying to explode into that left Hook there [Applause] Canelo just trying to sneak that right Hand in behind the Guard let the punches [Applause] Flow oh well he's caught him with a left Hand and his b completely in the referee Waves this just as I was saying Canelo

Alvarez Wow back little left hand right hand Left o distraction righted it all Off and another one there that just Landed right on the jaw and the legs Went caught it with another right and The reason why you couldn't is because That was always Possible doing he's pushing him back He's making him work uh you know get him To feeli the PACE and you know he didn't Really start showing it until the last Round um know fantastic Finish ladies here old Victory and now a Four Division World Canelo Time but when he got in There room to fit them all in

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