Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer and olympic gold medalist Wladimir Klitschko with nickname “Dr. Steelhammer” against nigerian top ranked boxer and WBC champion Samuel Peter with nickname “The Nigerian Nightmare”. Fight for IBF, WBO and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt, Germany on September 11, 2010. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine) vs Samuel Peter (Nigeria) II | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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There is Samuel Peter on his way and the Word is that he has trained very very Hard and now he probably believes that He can probably finish the job so the Great finals this they've got over 40,000 in here a British Show and it's amazing that they can sell This many not a German yeah it just Shows how much they love this Sport and Obviously klitschko's very very a big Big sensation it would be too he won Carl mildenberger here back in 1966 stopping him in the 12 go is a Massive star Here but he's got some way to go really Well y I think he's a very good Champion But you know he Is and that's the problem with him quite An entrance with fireworks mi in here You can always tell when there's a big Fight in a town massive crowd and then In field this one will be Twoo Klitschko is let's get ready to Rumble Samuel Peter Vladimir I say stop at all times obey my Commands at all times both of you have Been world champions I expect Well is he a Nigerian Nightmare again Samuel Peter he's in to and will Peter Try to Wing away with years ago he's Only 30 still trying to roll in under The jab reminiscent of Joe

Off big reach in that particular fight And I think Vladimir Klitschko will look To do that again a little bit there when He call him with that left Hook it was briefly WBC champion when Vitali Klitschko was off the scene with First round so he can punch a little bit Early as well and he might have the Reputation of being a safety first of His last nine Opponents F his defense has been Better kitko though whipping in a couple Of good right hands as well in this First this Fight He wants to send out a statement every Time pay masters back interested in the Klitschko brothers they haven't been Showing them on HBO f everything go back to the jab for The right Hand again a big right hand once or Twice he has been s Vladimir spectacular KO of Eddie Chamberson Ki well this is an aggressive Start from go he wants to lovely Right hand again Vladimir Klitschko he Looks more Confident very educated and he's boxing Well here he heard Peter there Peter Another right hand he can't miss with That shot he keeps on taking the Decision Vladimir landed many many more Punches twice and another right hand

It's the honey punch for him ring General ship and craft yeah and he's Boxing very well here pet not getting Close eclip go as we come towards the End of round Tim who's having the Nightmare Tim because he's so slow Footed Peter he's got the does Peter Have the speed of footwork to get in the Very first round early On I mean you and I were there was only There for the pight came in an Obliterated Vlad glitch go and Speed vulnerable here so far anyway Very much vlad's show Here Peter is largely frustrated it's Vladimir Klitschko on top not a Frankfurt special so far for Samuel Peter everything is going bit of Strength when he puts them big arms on His shoulders and pushes down not Getting any shots off as well in this Round Kitko just lying on not to look to to Lean on him just to get his hands Working he's trying to Bob and weave Peter but he's not getting the punches Off Anyway step step out step Outage of the fragility of Vladimir Klitschko's chin which is admit he's Been on the floor 11 times in his Career just doing more It's go not looking for the power but Just looking to to do something that's

Exactly what Emanuel Ste wanted him to Do two for Peter who of course is a not Nearly So just can't miss him with that right Hand most of the Time no no those eyes could become a Problem for p black Slits Frankfurt football Stadium knock The shots off just can't get in room and Get his get the shots through quick Enough I didn't toou him but you have to Move your hands when you they've got it For ring the best you can hard enough When you can see some people seem to [Music] Be here's round six title is also at Stake Here another solid right hand Landing to The head of Peter chance come up in a fight he's Going to need more than this He he's looking the worst for where he Tries to get the right hand home does Peter he's looking to try and bring the Punches up Now he's used to stopping his opponents Now though he didn't stop Peter the last Time they met a good deal in the fight Since Then well Peter's on the final in very Low beautiful right overcut met him There when he came in low Though all clch

Go look how fresh he Looks right up between the gloves and Soon as you get in the CL don't even go For try to get back right away there's That solid some good Punches you hear Emanuel Stewart he Senses that Peter is ready for the T get Away from him get the punches off bring Them up get those solid blows on for Samuel Peter [Music] What was it he said yesterday Vladimir When I interviewed him no that's just The London Championship very Game Y he's been game But n much more he's just ping forward He hasn't got the the foot speed to Getes Off another left hook this Time going to take a good pet take any Rest fite he can get at the moment sharp As he's looked inspiring actually Fighting Vladimir Klitschko is proving a Very sort of Spark sets it up with the left jab right Hand as practiced by so many fighters Will the jab works well straight Right One Sided it's a painful old [Applause] Lesson Talent it's a good pay night this for

Samuel Peter but my goodness me he's Earning it applaud their man's Work let's see if he can Do what the corner one to Samuel Peter Strangely nothing at all to v head Down he's he's lent on him an [Applause] Awful very respected referee we should Say Robert German based Fighters Remember Henry masar wasn't that Exciting the trouble is that you know if They don't make a fight With who does he fight prob supposed to Fight for King we'd like to see one the Two brothers they've been mobbing up all The challenges M up the Heavy personally I've got every sympathy With Peter yeah you can't do anything in There he knows it have they got that Message he stumbled back to the corner I'm going to give you one more in Sam Get Away don't Fascinating he should be going on and Stopping yes he Does a bunch of punches a combination of That Peter is pulled out by his corner At the end of this three minutes heing That talks live and fits go up he's Following orders Now he's gone for the stoppage he's in a Fog I think now Peter around on un steady legs eyes

Nearly Closed desperate down so painful Peter's Corner I think a comedy start with I Think he's all he's done with here Samuel Peter sh Uput down he goes and then for have Stepped in earlier there does stop the Fight without a count for this Vladimir Klitschko totally dominant wins the Again let's hope the very very brave Samuel Peter is okay I think I would say Yes but I think the corner should have Stopped it Was a spectacular end in its way Vladimir Klitschko has ear every single Penny he's been paid for This so there it is that's the Finish Not that is still a heavyweight champion For the ibf and w

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