Professional mexican super fly boxer and title challenger Jonathan Rodriguez with nickname “Titan” against filipino top ranked athlete and IBF champion Jerwin Ancajas with nickname “Pretty Boy”. Fight for IBF super fly weight belt took place in Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, USA on April 10, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Jonathan Rodriguez (Mexico) vs Jerwin Ancajas (Philippines) | BOXING fight, HD

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Rodriguez you see that Rodriguez four Years older the height and the reach or The reach Isan Rodriguez pretty Boy Anah our referee in charge Dave Fields Okay gentlemen going over the rules in The dress room I expect you to obey my Commands at all times most of all Protect yourself at all times touch Cloves good luck open But this young man gern kahos is looking To make a definitive statement here Tonight against Jonathan the legs upward So it is your leverage it is your Explosiveness it's your speed and the Foot a good jab right to the abdomen by Gerwin and K there's a nice straight left it shook Up Rodriguez he starting to see a little More aggression out of En Cahas rod riguez has a lot of confidence Coming in TAS there's a left hook that was blocked By left here in the Firsted Corner of that straight left that was Delivered by en cahas since September of 2016 Already there's a right hand by Rodriguez Right another left right to the Midsection by Gerwin inah I would even

Say that there's a little bit of Reluctance here's the left of the body By we're approaching the Midway point of The Second left side of the body of Rodriguez as inaha starting in and out Good foot Worth So Jan C was to 118 as I mentioned he wanted to fight Naoya inwhere but the pandemic Stopped he throws a straight left and He's getting closer right hook to the Body by inah Jonathan Rodriguez oh they are really mixing it Up here we are nearing the end of the Second round between in Cahas round two draws to a Close he has a little round number three This one scheduled for 12as with a nice jab to the Body there's a straight left the success That he had in the first round if enas Is just focused right now on Systematically breaking down the body And then of the mindset that if I take Out the body the head will Fall Rodriguez is watching and C but Really not doing anything Substantial that's what I am Noticing significance in this fight and It could be the fact that he was tagged Early on by JN and cahas we're at the Halfway point and his Corner was telling

Him he's like you got to stop Now he's coming forward is Rodriguez he Gets caught and he's complaining about The shot behind the head but he turned His Head c not throw deliberate Shot there's a left to the Body now they are mixing it up and C Keeping his elbows tight Final moments of the Third exciting and explosive and man I Look watching 30 for JN and cahas just Seven for Rodriguez and you see that and Cahas is out Landing there's a left right to the Midsection of Rodriguez Rodriguez is Pressuring him but he is hesitant There's a left hook ah slow and steady He's deliberate and he commits to a Shot making sure you do your Authoritative for Gerwin and Cahas and the corner of Rodriguez and You have a right hook as Rodriguez is Sort of walking around and trying to Find an opening but inas isn't giving Him stairs for Rodriguez oh there's a good Shot round four in the Books as we observe there's that Temple Up in Cahas again it Was hear me round five this one is Scheduled for 12 four and K 55 of 197 That comes out to is circling to his

Left and because he is a southpaw to try To cut off some of the Steam and smother Gern especially with the fact that Rodriguez saying you got to work you got To work man come on working Rodriguez And again he's Coming keeping his distance there's a Nice left that pops his head Back I want pressure I want Pressure that's what they're saying in The corner which is why I'm Between gern and kah S Jonathan Rodriguez good work here between gern And cahas and Jonathan Rodriguez Left hook there they both Mixing now they're starting to throw Caution to the wind they're pounding Away Vision now the pleasantries are Over and they're just unloading upon one Another a left hook there they both Exchanged VZ has shown some bravado and He is just bringing it and winging shots As an overand left by en that Exchange In this sixth round oh it's getting fun Way on the body all right hook upstairs By en back comes with the right is Rodriguez a big right hand by Rodriguez From an action Standpoint there's a left hook that's Advancing forward he finally has found His rhythm that is to the Delight he he gave you a chance when you Pressure

Him well very rarely do I ever give my Opinion they move around with such speed And you know being Rapid there's a nice shot by Rodriguez Rodriguez picking up the pace here JN And Cahas back comes in cahas with the Straight left of his own up the Seven there's a straight left connecting By is scheduled for 12 between Gerwin And cahas And total pun power punches landed and Thrown through seven and K 83 of 222 Rodriguez 80 of 210 for a 38% connect Percentage Fields though says it was Unintentional he didn't see it fight On must defend yourself at all Times there's a left hook to the body They both exchanged close distance a Right hook to the body by and CA there's a straight left look and they Throws so many punches and bunches that It's even hard for me to keep up letting You the audience know when they throw And I talk about it they're already Seven eight punches they are there's a Right hook upstairs by en Cahas overhand left by enah a right hook To The Body Machine Gun like burst the Right hook to the body by in cahas Followed by an overhand left and left to The body byah it's in cahas ripping away On the body is the Filipino Champion but Back comes Rodriguez oh he's getting

Blasted down in the fight Jan C looking To turn out the lights of Jonathan RZ Will he be Saved by the Bell and he Does for Jan and he Drove away upon Rodriguez left and right It was just unbelievable stuff here it Was An so Rodriguez is cut pretty bad over His left eye want see him oh and cahas With this pressure trying to break the Spirit of Rodriguez a right hook Smacking across the jaw Rodriguez Retreats back anding back is Rodriguez I believe that enas might be Cut outside of his left eye there by Enah and he drives Rodriguez against the Ropes Rodriguez comes forward retaliates With the left hook to the body oh There's a big shot to the body byas you Saw Rodriguez A left by it round nine punches landed 35 of 90 they both just continue to Unload there's a right hook connecting On the top of the Rodriguez fight at the Level of the champion gern and kah I Think he has proved those he has proven That he belongs fighting at this Championship Level 65 seconds to go here in the 10 Advertis in this first Fight Rodriguez is just Got think about it win or lose for

Rodriguez he has made himself a more Marketable name adding another chapter To the rich Legacy oh so far it's only the first Fight of the knif but oh there's a left Hook by Rodriguez he might have St upon One Another Going at it for the super flyweight Going to make his ninth successful title Defense Jonathan Rodriguez looking to Become the world champion and De the 11 it has been an absolute war between These two can I see some more from these Two there's a straight left by in Back comes Rodriguez it has been who's been able to Last Outlast the other there's a right Hand by Rodriguez's a left hook connected by Jonathan it has been a war of Wills Inside that Rodriguez It's in first then Rodriguez then Rodriguez first in kah's response it has Been the final 15 seconds between JN and Pahas in Jonathan Rodriguez Enjoy what a fight sounded Unbelievable holy excellent and look at The sign Respect and still Champion gern pretty Boy on

Cahas so gern and cahas retains and he Now is the longest reigning champion in Boxing today total Bunch stat numbers in The fight in cost 232 landed

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