Welcome back to Sunday Vibes where today we are predicting the 23/24 Champions League knockouts.

Who will win the competition? Which big team will flop? Who will be the surprise star and the top scorer? Answers to all those questions and more in today’s episode!

Want to know our thoughts on Man City, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid and Dortmund? This is the place to be!

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00:00-00:53 Intro
00:54-04:03 Man City vs Copenhagen
04:04-08:19 Real Madrid vs RB Leipzig
08:20-12:19 PSG vs Real Sociedad
12:20-13:31 Bayern Munich vs Lazio
13:32-17:44 Borussia Dortmund vs PSV
17:45-23:49 Inter Milan vs Atletico Madrid
23:50-27:02 Arsenal vs FC Porto
27:03-30:05 Napoli vs Barcelona
30:06-35:48 WINNERS
35:49-36:22 DARK HORSES
36:23-38:13 TOP SCORERS
38:14-43:24 SURPRISE STAR
43:25-45:15 FLOPS


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes everybody I'm back in the building Mikey's here Looking very smart today man love the Show T yeah I I got it on TV I can't lie I didn't I didn't do this for Sunday Vibes but maybe I should from now on Maybe I should dress smart we both on SK uh if you haven't checked these guys Out on the football show already today On going forward make sure you do Mikey And doy regularly on Skys sports news Now uh but today as you can see from the Title we are going to be looking ahead Because it is a big week in the Champions League the Champions League Returning to action on Valentine's Weekend it's a love in all round it is Um we're going to start by doing each Game a little run through of what to Expect and give a prediction on that and Then we're going to give you our sort of Big predictions you know your Classics The winners the losers the UPS the Downs Start then shall we in Manchester or not In Manchester but for Manchester City And their a way trip to Copenhagen Slapped at manchest United of course That was a great game famously yeah Although let's have it right United Really should have got that deal wrapped Up prior to the marus rashford read it Was looking very very comfortable with 11 wasn't it so surely we see only Comfortability here for Manchester City

I think so um I think so I I I think Copenhagen not only did Man United Result they did great to get through That group they held Bayern Munich away They actually you know could have beaten Them at home they went up you know one Nil up against them at home they also Beat Galatasaray who actually you know Not as impressive I wasn't particularly Impressed by Galatasaray on the group Stage to be honest but Um to to come through that group which Was a relatively tough group um is Impressive However they haven't played a game since December because of the the Danish Superliga the you know it's got one very Very long break um and even before that Their domestic form actually wasn't Looking so good their third in the League I think they lost their last two Games before the break although those Did also coincide with those big Champions League games which they you Know were impressive in so um perhaps They just had their their minds more on The Champions League which is fair Enough um so they're in a great you know They've done great to get into that Position and you know if they were up Against a lesser team in the last 16 I Would maybe give them more of a chance But I just think l City they're coming Into great form Holland's back at the

Perfect time I think they're Absolut I They're going to annihilate them to be Honest even if not away like you know I Could see it maybe being like two1 a City on Tuesday or Wednesday or whenever They're playing uh but then in that Return leg at the etti had I think They'll just absolutely wi full clean Yeah so so do I blood bar second leg for Sure I think first leg might be a little Bit close Than People expect you never Know City might rotate a little bit Given the amount of Premier League Fixtures they've got coming up and you Know the nature of the title race but They're just so used to it man they're Just so used to that title running Rotating at the right times I think as Close as it might be in Denmark I think In Manchester the am times the amount of Times I I feel like over the years that Man city particularly in the last 16 They never really get a particularly Tough draw and like I feel like one of The games ends up being like six or 7 Nil or it's like 8 nil on aggre or Whatever like I feel like yeah it's just A given that man city get through this Round at this point yeah absolutely they Do there is a bit of conspiracy about Them and draws actually in domestic Competition they've been handed a a Really favorable one here as you say Respect to Copenhagen for what they did

In the group stage but this is going to Be really one-sided I think man are Averaging over 20 shots per game they're Only conceding five shots per game they Actually weirdly there's a stat I saw The other day I think there's like eight Of their last 12 goals they've conceded Have been the first shot that they've Conceded On Target so that's something To keep an eye on uh their actual Defensive record this season in terms of Clean sheet isn't very good I think it's Three out of their last 20 League games They've kept a clean sheet um but still So much quality this is going to be a Bit of a white white wash I imagine very Comfortable uh next up current La Liga Leaders Real Madrid against leig Doogie A little rise smile on your face here Cuz I believe this could be a shock your Shock here yeah I mean I said it before I think I said it on an old team talk Episode there's nothing like doubling Down is those team talks now those team Talks have aged Spectacularly M mmud dud Henry's great Shout for that was a good sh that was a Good shout I mean who's got time to Scout hours that there's imag I imagine There's some good takes in there too but The funny ones are definitely the the Wrong ones anyway I said in that that I Didn't think Real Madrid would make it Past the last 16 and I think they're

Still favorites to make it into the Quarterfinals but I think there's a Decent chance that rby lip cause an Upset I don't think Real Madrid have Been particularly impressive in this Year's Champions League a lot of late Goals a lot of late winners from that Pretty much that first game against unan Bin where Jude bellam scored a 94th Minute winner it's been that sort of Story all along a lot of comebacks a lot Of goals after the 80th minute this is What Madrid do it is what they do it is What they do and look they're the 14 Time Champions they're so much Experience they get over the it doesn't Even particularly matter how well they Play in ties they just generally win Them um so I might end up with egg on my Face probably will um but at the same Time if there is a time to knock out Real Madrid it's when they don't have Cortar available it's when they don't Have David ala Ed mil rudiger like a the Weekend uh they were playing Nao and Carval at Center back uh against Atletico Madrid and actually did pretty Well for a 1-1 draw they pretty much Dominated that game um but it was just a Little unfortunate at the end that they Couldn't hold out but I just think with RB Li do have some good far power this Year aenda has been superb Benjamin Cesco's causes problems whenever he

Plays Javy Simmons has been excellent After a small dip around Christmas he's Really back to his best and Dan Elmo is Back as well so I think that there is a Potential for a shock here and I'm going To go for it Real Madrid not to make the Quarter finals love it love it um yeah Are Real Madrid playing at home first or Away first I think they're away first They're away first I think they're Coming back to the burnner bell I I see Where you're coming from duges I I do Think I do see I mean I'm not backing it I'm not backing it but I do think you Can see it but you're just going to wave It like crazy man this is this is Potentially their biggest chance of Going out at the last 16 since 2019 when They lost to Ajax I think they've made It past then ever since right if I'm not Wrong I think they made a semifinal in The last three years maybe 20 or maybe 20 2019 20 did they get knocked out who They got oh no they didn't I can't Remember anyway um no they're going to Win they're going to win cuz I I think No matter what happens in leig by the Time by the time they play the second Leg which will be like early March venicius will almost certainly be Back fully fit because I know there's Doubts over him at the moment like back Bellingham to be in better form than he Is right

Now yeah I I I just call him out Jude Bellam needs to step up he does need to Step well you well you are the one who Was making a lot about his mini go Drought on on the Snapchat we just filed No I I Said yeah then you made you took it to Make your point in the Snapchat so uh so Yeah go and check out our Snapchat by The way if you want more football daily Content um but uh yeah I I yeah I think That will wi I just think Madrid always Grow into the competition and I don't Think it's as if leig are flying like They've been stuttering haven't they Domestically I think is three losses in Their last four games it's held five Against stutgart was it still got a good Side this year but yeah they are but Like I think Madrid's Firepower even With the amount of injuries they've got In that back line should be enough to Get them over the line here I kind of Agree I think in Germany I think it Might be quite tight but I think in the Bnab I just think they'll have too much Leig beat them at home last time in the Group stage I think last year in the Groups they were in the same but they Yeah the home team won in both both Games wouldn't wouldn't be a massive Surprise in Germany just because of how Leig want to play especially with the Counterattacking system and players like

Aenda who can cause problems with their Pace but I just think that this is just A classic Madrid man Slowly slowly but grow grow into it but But I mean but but to be fair Madrid's Back backline you know I I think if if They can't isolate aenda then they will They will face problems for sure cuz That backline isn't the quickest um so Yeah I I can see both legs being close To be honest but yeah R will go over the Line okay next one uh PSG versus sausy Dab do you want to kick off Mikey yeah Cuz you're going to go for another upset Aren't you D CU I can tell I think oh Okay I'm going to I'm going to PG here I Think I'm going to go PSG here I just Think I just think they're I just think They're a much stronger team than I I Know Sashi dad had a great group stage But they've been pretty poor in the League I think they've won once since December lot of draws the league a lot Of draws a lot of draws um and they will Be super super up for this um but I just Think they also play at home second Right cuz they they they won the group But um I'm going to be really boring I Am going to be really boring I just Think all this chat about mbappe you Supposedly leaving at the Moment I can see I it's not affected his Form I can see him at I can just see him Bossing this like coming up clutch I

Think we're we're overdue seeing as man Demele make a real difference in a Champions League knockout game I think He's been will we ever see that man Sorry well he has like in terms of his Actual creative numbers this year he has Been pretty outrageous but his end Product just hasn't been so good um in Terms of shooting at least like his his Like you know chance creation has been Great um yeah I just think I just think PSG are are really strong and Lis Enrique is a good tournament manager Like I I can see I can see him managing This time I know I know you I know You're always backing PSG to go out I'm Always anti PSG aren't I as everybody Knows and I think uh we'll come on to Flops later in in the show but um Obviously I put them down as my flops Pre tournament in that team talk episode Uh probably going to stick with it I can See s d is an upset here I really can I Think the backline is very very solid Still you know they've only lost four Games domestically in Spain all season And I think there's a reason for that You know the backline I think it's Considered 21 goals like nine less than Barcel it's five less than Atletico Madrid in La Liga that you know they're No mugs at the back they've got a very Very sound structure they build up Really nicely and PSG just have mind

Farts in them man like we saw it going Away to St James's Park when you know Slapped up for four there sanso as well Yeah at home against Newcastle maybe Slightly lucky to get out of that with The result they did as well given the Last minute handle that was frankly Never a handle even though you know Across the 90 minutes they created lots Of chances they just couldn't finish him Off I would not be totally surprised to See something like that happen again Like I I don't know what it is about PSG In the Champions League but it feels Like every single season there is Something made of oh this could be their Year you know mbapp is in good form they They finally found a manager that's Working with a system and a structure And then they just the bed like it Wouldn't I I think if there is going to Be a shock in this round of 16 it will Be PSG interesting interesting Interesting that as well Um before a b was kicked I think I had PSG as my dark horses which felt like a Bit of a cheat cuz can they ever really Be a dark horse given their investment In their side but I I mean r s one of my Favorite teams as well and I actually Massive respect to them because 10 years Ago they haven't been in the Champions League for 10 years and the last time in They only got one point that was in the

Group where man united topped it all That time ago first year post Fergie I Think but to to top a group with Benfica Inter Milan Alby salsburg and do it Fairly easily as well I thought was Super super impressive like kubok can Cause any team isues oabel looking like He's slightly back in form as well Baron AA Mel Marino in Midfield controlling Things they do have a really really nice Side I think this time might go to extra Time o and then I might go PSG just with That extra far power from the the bench That is the one thing isn't it the firep Power the fire power on the bench really Does does swear it for me so yeah I'm Going to go PSG just yeah I think if you Look at those sa dad losses those four Losses in La Lia and domestically this Season I think it is against the teams With higher caliber Firepower you know Your Madrid's Barcelo I Atletico beat Them as well didn't they so it's going To be tough but you never know uh Lazio Bayern very one-sided this it's gone Under the radar cuz napol have been so Bad in syri just how terrible last year Have been like second last year which Everyone seems to forget was actually Really good year for SAR but just being Shock war zone as well isn't it how many Times are we going to see SAR quotes Saying you know if the players want it I'll give it to him they go to the

President Let s's arguing with the recruitment Team like the owners H happy it's just Been a real mess of a season both Rome Clubs to be honest have been really Under par this year although Danielle D Ro is doing a pretty good well he Started well at Rome I don't want to go Too far um very easy opposition as well But lcio Sergey minkovich Savage haven't Replaced him at all the players that They brought in in the summer no one's Really got going I think only gendi is In their top eight most used players in The league I thought dayi cama would Have be a really smart pickup he's Barely been used uh Ison as well barely Been used as well I just none of the Signings have really come off it's been A pretty miserable season no one's Scoring any goals as well think that top Scorer in the league is churro Mo on Five he's only player with more than Three it's pretty miserable season Bon Wol absolutely steamroll of them I could Like we said in one of the Man City ties I genuinely think one of the one of the Legs will be 5 nil yeah yeah we agree There uh PSV versus Dortmund this is an Interesting I think this I think this Might be the best tie of the whole round To be honest W I just think they're the Most evenly matched out out of all these Teams um in terms of kind of spending

Power in terms of I mean I know Dortmund Is still the bigger Club but um I think There's a few you know that I mean the One thing is that it's it's Peter Bosch Going back to Dortmund where he had that Very ill- fated spell in 2017 given the Tas of you know replacing Thomas tuckle who had replaced Jurgen Klopp like I mean was given a pretty you Know a pretty difficult task there well Despite him having you know SE kind of Swn the the seeds of Eric tenh hard's Aax side this season before got back is It really pabos the Str man given what He decimated of his of this season you Know never exactly exactly um so I mean Yeah but like his PSV is kind of gone Under the radar a little bit just how Dominant PSV have been this season in Terms I think I think because like might Reflect on the stand of the aisy this Year as well yes for sure stand of a for Sure like ax I mean ax held them to a Draw on the weekend as well and PSV had Won every single game in the era dersy Up until three weeks ago they've drawn Two of their last three now um so before That you know there was a lot of chat About you know lusen being the only Unbeaten side in Europe's top five Leagues all that time PSV were just Winning every single game Um but I mean p Bosch has has worked Wonders there you know Luke dong is on

26 goals in all comps this ter What yeah what a striker this guy is um You know he he's he's banging back on Form um but I'm I'm actually well we'll Get on to them but yeah I basically I'm Going to back PSV I'm going to back PSV Wow at dortman this would be a surprise Result I think surpris yeah think it Would be surprise view but I just think Um yeah and I think Dortmund are you Know probably you know all in all a Stronger side but I just think the Momentum well I say the momentum they're Actually in their worst form of the Season at the moment but I just think in General this season PSV have been yeah Super super dominant um Dortmund have You know I think Dortmund are the fifth Or sixth best team in Germany this year I think I know they're above leig in the Table but when you actually look at Their performances over the course of The year I think leig are clearly a Better side than Dortmund um and yeah PSV are are a Winning machine so um yeah I I I back Them to do it fair momentum definitely With PSV they are going to be at the West west fallen stadi on second leg I Do think Dortmund like credit where it's Due for topping that group of death as Well like they have their best Performances this season have arguably Come in the Champions League and you

Know the janary signings Jaden Sancho's Made a big difference I think Ian Matson's been really good as a left back As well but having said that I watch Them against Heidenheim on Friday while Was actually duel screening it with uh What was it France Ireland on the TV as Well anyway they were they were shooting Themselves in the foot Left Right Center Heidenheim could have easily Come Away With the win there and that's what Dortmund do they just lose focus at Crucial moments and concede very very Sloppy chances and I think PSV had the Know how to take advantage of that I Think bakayoko on the right hand side Luke dong down the middle you know do Not sleep on PSV but at the same time I Just think Dortmund get over the line I Just think dortman sneak it maybe maybe By goal in this time yeah I'm going to Come down on the side of Dortmund as Well as good as PSV look domestically in Particular I think there is just such a Disparity at the moment between the Quality of opposition in the air divisa And the quality of opposition they'll Face in Europe like I think it is the Weakest we've seen the air divisa in Like a decade maybe It's it's a long way off it's a long Long way off the standard of you know When we were seeing Dutch teams actually Compete recently under Eric tonog the

Likes of when ax were slapping up Real Madrid and a burn about the a diviser is Not as competitive as that anymore um And I do think that that kind of offsets The view of how good PSV have been a Little bit this season um so when they Come out to face a better better Standard of opposition are they going to Be a little bit shocked uh I think they Might be I'm going to go Dortmund as Well uh last tie I think one of the most Interesting ties maybe the best tie Atletico Madrid versus Inter Milan huge Absolutely huge actually might be the More even one I think this is the one I'm almost looking forward to most cuz Atletico Madrid are so unlike Atletico Madrid of old these days like their Standard of Center back I think is Really really poor but they've got a Number of like really entertaining Forwards their Wingers if Marcus lorente Plays out there if Samuel Lino plays out There they've got two of the three top Goal scorers in the competition this Year in marata and Griezmann depay now Really starting to come into form they Didn't end up selling anel career like Atletico Madrid are a lot of fun these Days um be interesting to see where Whether verir can can transfer that form That he had at antp where he played Really well in the Champions League as Well they've still got um Co who's who's

Provided an amazing assist a couple of Weeks ago as well Rodrigo deul I think They've got options um having said that Inter Milan I think are one of the best Sides in Europe at the moment to be Honest um yeah that it was only one nil Against Juventus at the weekend but it Was so onesided if it wasn't for chzn Playing out of his skin completely Different and I think in terms of XG Gold difference only Barn are better Than Inter Milan this year and instead Of points one per game it's only Leverkusen so inter having a quietly Excellent season and I think they can I Think they can go deep once again I Actually think they'll they'll win this Tie I think but it'll be it'll be really Entertaining to be i' I've said that Like with a very a lot of certainty Behind it I'm not totally convinced but I think inl will win yeah I think so I I'm I'm yeah like at Lei do have do have Pedigree in this tournament for sure but They haven't Really can't I can't remember the last Time I I really saw them put someone to The Sword in the Champions League and um And yeah I agree like they are you know Over the last 12 months in particular They have become a more entertaining Side Griezmann is obviously still at the Top of his game but yeah I just think

Yeah intera like not only are they one Of the best sides in Europe they're one Of the most enter entertaining sides um I think they arguably have been more Entertaining this season than any side In the Premier League um you know yeah You compare them to Leverkusen like Their style of players just a joy to Watch someone like hakan shanon Ogo has Just gone to a new level this term Someone like Henrik mkhitaryan is is put He's putting out like four tackles and Interceptions in Midfield per game um Laar Martinez is obviously you know on On fire Marcus teram has done a great Job kind of be being his kind of support Striker and has I think he's got eight In the league as well hasn't he they Know that system inside out as well yeah Yeah they're so good just in possession They're great and and and yeah I C is The fact that they've got one of the Best tournament managers in club Football with Simone zagi like they you Know like I kind of think that Semi-final against Milan last year is a Really good kind of barometer of what Kind of team you're up against like they They went up against Milan in a Semi-final and just they just did not They just didn't let the occasion get to Them whatsoever they just went and got Like got the job done so easily against Them um and yes they do have a stronger

Uh Squad than Milan but they could have Easily got let let the occasion get to Them in that sense um and um yeah so I I Think they're going to yeah I think in Will actually I wouldn't say that they're not going to Like absolutely annihilate atleti but I Think they will comfortably win this Time yeah I think not enough has been Made of laara Martinez man in terms of Being one of the best strikers in World Football again this season you know he Is kind of this figure of fun amongst Some sects of the football fan base Especially online I think where you know He's missed high-profile chances in the Past particularly in high-profile games For Argentina and that has kind of Somehow looted his quality amongst like Fans and I think it's just wrong at this Stage we see him pretty much every week Be the best striker in Italy I think he Could comfortably do it at a top Premier League side one of the better sides in Spain you know at Barcelona or Real Madrid I think he would look great at as Well think he's still only 26 isn't he Really surprised in Milan have been able To keep hold of him frankly given that They are in a financial black hole and Still falling at the moment so you know Not enough is made of his quality in Front of goal I think he could be a Difference Maker side and then you

Touched on chalen oglu there but we saw The quotes I don't know what you guys Did at home um from Chalo calling Himself I think either the best Midfielder in World football or one of The best midfielders in World football Very recently and I think it's like Fairly hard to argue with certainly the Case of him being the best midfielder in Italy and in the conversation across Europe right now you know the pass the Weekend against just just it's actually Sickening it's one of the best balls I've seen delivered this season he's a Game Controller like you know I think it Speaks volumes the fact that you know We're going to see zinsky go there in The summer definitely from Napoli given He's been left out of uh the European Squad and like is where does he get into That inan Midfield like I don't think is A guarantee he gets close so like that's How good Chon Ogo has been and continues To be so I think Inter Milan despite the Fact Atletico and paper have the like Griezmann Morata I just think There's like silent stars in that into Like we haven't even talked about the Fullbacks like standard of Defender as Wing backs and and Central Defenders Bonby pavard that's excellent and summer And go pav sum's been great like yeah Like like who cares about scr at this

Point like they they haven't they has Not mean they lost they lost brzovic They lost grar they lost Lukaku and I Think they're a better team than they Were last year it's really impressive Yeah teram just such a pick up for a man Ridiculous Laro just crazy right let's Go through some categories then because We've gone through this week's Round FC Porto and Arsenal of course and I've gone early here I've gone well Early and napol Barca I mean let's just Qui quickly talk about FC Porto Arsenal I think uh's spend some time on these Man let's spend some time on Aral I Think they could go very deep Arsenal Yeah I think they could as well I think They could as well they've I think got Quite fortunate with the draw as well I Don't think FC Porto are the same as They've been in the previous few years In the Champions League um beaten by Barcelona in both their their games they Actually did end up tying on points but Barcelona you know got through on well Games one I suppose against against Porto on head-to-head Porto medit has Not been as good as he was last year He's normally their Champions League Difference Maker it's really been Evan Nson is their is their key man I mean Sergio conar sides they never give up They work really hard they're quite a Pain to play against they're quite like

Ratty in your face there'll be tackles Flying in so if Arsenal Keep Their Heads I think it should be quite controlled And quite comfortable um so I'm going to Go maybe 31 across the two Legs I think that's kind man I think Arsenal will absolutely blow Porto away At home like comfortably I think as We've seen throughout the Premier League This season if they can start taking Chances I think it could be a blood bar At more clinical in the Champions League I really think it could be a blood bar At the Emirates yeah Gabriel Jus looks Way more clinical in the champ four Goals four goals and two assist um and I Just still think that Arsenal like even In the conversations of like League Titles at the weekend when people were Saying like oh you know uh I still think Liverpool and City are substantially I Just don't see it man like I think Arsenal play as good if not better Football than some of these teams like Certainly than nearly every team in Europe and I think that if they can keep Players fit like a CRA injury is a Hammer blow I think for me a sacker Injury is a hammer blow but I think if They can keep players fit then they Stand a great chance of getting to like A semi-final here I I think if they come Up against Man City in a couple rounds Or they come up against a Madrid or a

Bayern I don't see them winning but I Think it's everybody else I think you Know they'd be great ties against Real MADD and Man City yeah I I think I'd Back them against I think I'd back them Against Real Madrid I think I'd give Them a really good shot against Man City Actually across two legs they beat them At the Emirates this year you know a Game that they managed really really Well um I would worry against Bayern I Think I would worry against Bayern like Harry Kane would be so up for that game Um but um but I would back them against Yeah against most teams left in the Competition um and they are coming into Form at the right time like there's no Doubt about it that performance against Liverpool was their performance of the Season if they can use that to like Really kick on um and they you know Start putting away their chances um with More efficiency see then yeah I think I Think semi-finals is a really is is a Realistic um aim I think for them like They are like they are one of the four Or five best teams in Europe um so yeah I' and of course like you know some a Team like Liverpool are not in this Year's comp uh competition so like it's Really them City Bayern inter and Royale For me who are the the real contenders For this year's competition um and Ral I'm not so sure about getting through

The courts to be honest yeah I think Port going to get blown away either way Um Dukes what the final one yeah final Game Napoli versus Barcelona I'd love to See this tie a few years ago this would Have been an epic tie sar's Napoli Barcelona yeah both sides in in Really bad shape at the moment although Having said that Barcelona played a lot Better at the weekend but still yeah Napoli have been really a bit of a joke Under Walter monari to be totally honest They've completely Fallen away they're Having a shocking season we talked about Lazio's in fighting same thing at Napoli I actually heard the other day that Napoli dealer rentis doesn't want Matt Zari to do press conferences anymore um Because he thinks he gives away too many Too much stuff tactically they also left Him at the at the the game a few weeks Ago I was talking about on last week's Sunday Vibes yeah it's been a been a bit Of a joke although kavar scelia did come Back at the weekend and scored an Absolutely stunning goal against helis Verona um Barcelona I've got a sneaky Feeling that Barcelona will go deeper in This year's competition than people Think I think they win this tie and then I I think they do have a slightly a Slight Fear Factor to them in in a Slight way like I do think there's There's an option in there that linia M

Creates a few moments of magic pedri is Now back and look really good at the Weekend they've got gundan theyve got Levandowski like there are match winners In that Squad I think Barcelona I Wouldn't want to draw them I just Wouldn't want to draw them to be totally Honest um but I think they get through This time I guess I would want to draw Them I would definitely be very keen to Draw Barcelona I think I think even Though their best players are the a ped I mean you I think asking 17y olds and 18 year olds to bail you out of big Moments and big games I think he's Always going to be a stretch uh and I Think a couple of injuries you know as We saw last year at Old Trafford just a Couple of injuries to that team and it's Just kind of decimated falls apart a Little bit doesn't it I I yeah defensively much more porous this Year as well haven't they I think that I Think that's the key like I just think Defensively Barcelona are are not at the Level they were this time last year Going to play DM again for for the rest Of the season now outside bet for a Semi-final that's all I'm saying okay I I actually think Napoli might might Might beat them um yeah I like even Though Napoli are in a mess I just kind Of I I just feel Like I don't know I just feel like it's

The sort of thing that Napoli could pull Out the bag Osan will be back from afcon Especially he will won the thing well Yeah well maybe maybe maybe afcan Champion ausome men there Um yeah and I I I just feel like yeah This is one where there's not really Much evidence to back it up I just think The Stars might all line for Napoli on This one and barcel Barcelona ra like You know that the Javi the timing of the Javi announcement I know they've you won Their last two games but I don't know Man I just I just Barcelona are becoming One of those sides that in Europe for me Like I'm just so used to seeing them Crumble in the last few years And yeah I can see it happening in this Game fair Napoli have a terrible Champions League record they've only Made one in their entire history Think okay uh let's go to our big Predictions then Winners I think we've all probably have We all put Bayern I've put B I put B I Put B at the start of the year yeah yeah All right I'm just I'm just I'm just Going I'm just going on what we did in Our 2024 predictions because it was only A month ago I I said man city I'm going To stick with Man City I'm sticking with Bay I think with Bayern is yes they're They're pretty well I say threadbear Like actually they're managing fine

Without um without key players are they Playing leusen today or well they have Played them they play them yesterday so Who knows who knows what the Bundesliga Title race looks like right now they may They could have lost to lusen they might Have been them but Nevertheless I just think I think I Think Bayern easily get through the last 16 and then by the quarterfinal stage They will have uh Serge gabry back they Will have Conrad lmer back they'll have Al so Dave's Backman might need a little bit longer Manuel Noya will be back Brian zarag Gotha might be in the team you know one Of the best midfielders in Spain uh this Season who they who they've uh managed To get through the door what six months Early than they they initially wingit Yeah sorry more of a Winger but um who Else is coming back yeah so that so a Lot of key men will be back by that Point um if you know if Kane carries on His current scoring Form yeah I I just think Bnar yeah obviously Man City but I I Just don't I I also just don't like to Back a team to win it a second time in a Row I think it's just you know only Real Madrid have done it in the Champions League it just doesn't sit right with me And I just I just really like this B Team I think we we're yet to actually

See this SP team hit their best form um And I feel like once once they have that F fully fit Squad with you know a Champions League winner tuckle at the Helm um I think they're going to be Really really hard to beat I think That's a big factor I really think I Know that they crashed out in very Accumulating circumstances in the pock Out this year but I really think T is an Excellent knockout manager as we saw Proven at Chelsea where he continuously Reached I think he might have reached Every Cup Final available bar one in his Time at Chelsea um and everyone yeah it Might have been everyone uh Chelsea fans Would be able to correct me on that but I think he is a high caliber knockout Manager I think when the games get tough He knows exactly how to set up his side Tactically so they don't lose games um Particularly away from home uh and I Think he they've got the Difference Maker I think they've got the best Player in Europe this season and that's Harry Kane I know that Bellingham has Been fantastic but the the goal scoring Output and the quality of Harry Kane This season I think it's probably taken People in Germany a little bit by a Surprise just how good he actually is Like we were obviously saying it in England but I think it was still a bit Of a sense of you know Premier League

Bias is he is he actually that good what You see him in in Germany drops deep and He's able to play people like msala and Le roosan in behind his physicality on The ball holding the ball up and also Just this insane finishing ability that Is kind of getting better and better the Older he gets you know I can't remember Who it was speaking midweek but it was Like a German Legend talking about the Angle of his foot how goalkeepers in the Bundesliga he he's never seen a striker Be able to finish like Harry Kane in his Entire lifetime I think it was mirav Closer actually and he was saying he's The best finisher he's ever seen in Germany uh Harry Kane because his foot Angle no matter what type of strike it Is it can go in any of the corners he Was like very interesting AR actually And I think Harry Kane for me will be The Difference Maker for Bayern Munich In the Champions League I think he can Just dig them out of positions the Kane Factor's big the tickles Factor's big I Just think there's but will the Kane Curse by they did you know they did win A Champions League in 2020 I just think There's been a lot of pain in this Competition since there's like a lot of Battle Scars in there like kimich Greta San Noya to a certain extent as well Like they've all been in part of like Really big humiliations like they're

Absolutely thrashed by City last year They've lost a Villa Royale in recent Seasons like they just been haven't been Particular har for in The Knockouts they Haven't been yeah as I say the cane Factor is Big San's on better form than He's ever been maala is better than he's Ever been yeah debatable on that one but I mean he was very good last last year As well is my point but yeah I I I can't See them winning it personally at the Moment but just you can't see them Beating City I don't know whether I'd Even make them necessarily favorites Against Real Madrid to be totally honest Um having said that did to come out Anyway a matter they they're not going To face it I think they're know I think They probably are the second best team I Think Inter Milan have a decent chance Against them as well I just I'm not 100% Convinced by that inter would be Problems in the team there certainly are Problems in the team I mean when you're Having to start ER D into half I think You're admitting that you have I say That but then I'm backing City and There's there's Man City haven't played They played in the Champions leag but They haven't played they haven't played Close to their best this year this is What happens every year City take a Little bit of time to get going second Half the season they Runway are we are

We using different standards to judge Them like have B been at their best this Year no although I don't think they've Been that far off actually in terms of Their points tally I said it on on Sky Earlier their points tally at the moment They're on track for us their best since Their final year of Pep so they haven't Even been in disaster in the league They've just come up against a Freakishly good Leverkusen side Hopefully who beat them yesterday as you Watched this it' be great for the league Um but yeah we'll see I I just don't Have bar down at the moment but I could End up looking like an idiot uh so you Have City prbly I have City yeah cool um We done with that one yeah Yeah dark hes I've got Arsenal pretty Strong I quite like that shout actually I wish I'd gone for it cuz I I was Looking through all the teams I was like Are there any actual dark hes in a I Feel like Arsenal count because they Haven't been in the competition for so Long but they are like they are genuine Contenders and have never won it kind of Counts their favor in terms of dark Having back them beat to beat Real Madrid i' probably got to go RB lipick Haven't I yeah it's a good shout um I've I've gone for PSV who like yeah maybe I'll come to regret that cuz like yeah

Um but uh I don't know I think you know Top you never know top scorers top Scorer is boring probably will be harand Kan really I'm actually GNA put a sneaky Shout out there for Gabriel Jus really If he knocks up three in the last 16 Against por could be on seven it's quite You know it might not be know Haren Might be rested or miss some games with A like a knock or something I think There's a chance that someone like Gabriel sends up as top scorer I don't Think harand gets rested now like he's Just come back from injury like this is The I think I think Kane like so my Prediction Bayern Munich going to win Kane's going to be massively influential In that I think Kane will probably score Two or three penalties on that run as Well um and will be a big difference Maker for BN but even if City get Knocked out say even if City don't make The final I just think that earling Holland he could score five acoss he Could score six across two legs against Copenhagen like genu he could score like Four in one game and score a brace in The other and that will just win it for Him basically and he'll only have to Score like one or two more in the of Competition so how many did he put p With leig last year I think you got five And one yeah so like what just from Ming Harland oh yeah of course

So um so yeah I just back harand to do Something like that he's the one Striker Who really is capable of just doing that Randomly in a game um and yeah with kdb Like you know in the kind of form that He's in Phil F in the kind of form he's In he's just got so much he he's got so Much service there and like I yeah I Just think I think harand could actually Seal it in this round I'm actually Backing Rasmus hland he's going to end As joint top scorer no one's going to Score another goal I don't think he is Jo top score at the Mora griezman Harland and hland love it Rasmus hland Europ no he's not in the Europa League Sh C or we already kind of covered that We kind of covered that maybe yeah I've Said I said Napoli to beat barcel I said S dad to beat PSG uh surprise star then I've gone for Rico Lewis oh here Interesting started five of City six Champions League games this season so I Think although he hasn't been utilized Massively in the Premier League I think In Europe he's actually been much more Trusted and I think that partly comes Down to the fact that they maybe a Little bit more comfortable in Europe With some of the sides they were facing In the group you know we saw a lot of Rotation particularly in the last game The likes of Oscar Bob coming in and Having an effect but I think Rico Lewis

Is trusted much more in Europe than he Is in the Premier League and I don't Know if that's maybe because of his Physicality a little bit I think it's a Less physical uh game the Champions League you know some of the sides Who Coming up against on the continent Aren't Everton away and like going to Just try and batter you and Bruise you And I think we've heard pet guarda talk About Rico Le's size and stature before Haven't we said you know I think he said If he was two or three inches taller We'd be talking about one of the best Like players in Europe or something um Poor guy which can't do much about that I know he can't do much about it but I Think he is one of the the out probably The outstanding Premier League teenager Um you know you think Garo is 19 kobby Mayu 18 I think Rico Lewis given he's 19 And has played 20 games in the across All competitions of City this year you Have to say it's Rico Lewis um I think Five starts in six games if he continues To start European games and have as big Effect as he's able to have I think he Will be the surprise star because I just Don't think people look at him as a Player that gets in the man man city First team and he he he is in Europe he He's one of the go-to guys judging by Five starts in six games I wonder Whether that's also due to the fact that

Jon Stones hasn't been able to play that Man of games at all in the Champions League I don't think enri Los can do That inverted fullback Central Midfield Role which kind of Pep sort of settled On in the Champions League last year to Full effect obviously they went on and Won it so Rico being able to do that Ro I think you might be right Jo I think It's a good show yeah I like that I was I was I was kind of searching for an Underrated star in in a kind of city or A buern didn't quite didn't quite find It I went I I we've spoken about him Already I went for hack and Shannon Ogo Um I know he is he has been well rated This season and is you know maybe Inter's key man um but I just I just see Him I see him controlling a number of Games here I think I'm kind of backing Into if they don't get a horrible Quarterfinal draw to make it to the Semis um I can see him controlling the Tie against Atleti if they yeah if they don't come Up against a city or a Bayern in in the Quarterfinals I can see him controlling Those games as well like I think even if In were to come up against Real Madrid I Would just about back into um so in that Midfield Midfield battle you think the Inter Milan Midfield CH I think he I Think Shan does look exceptional in Italy particularly because he has a

Little bit more time little bit space And a little bit more freedom we know What his passing range is like and his Passing caliber is like it's out of this World but I think when you're up against Bellingham harassing youu a meni Harassing you C MinGa harassing you Modric I think that is where he might Struggle a little bit maybe but I think I think we may underestimate him I think We may be underestimating him there like That inter mid it's not just Channel ug On those guys you know you've got a Really hardworking Midfield around him As well like they'll be having to deal With Nicolo Barella making those runs um You know yeah he he's you know um I Think shanon L yeah has really really Grown as a player so I think I kind of Had I I kind of have have him down and Also maybe um yeah I was kind of looking Through that intercept side yeah like Yan Sumer as well 14 clean sheets this Year already like shot stopping wise He's just he's just absolutely excellent I know he had that stinker who was it Against in in the Champions League last Year with um him and upico it was Against City it was like Yan like a lot Was made about o Mao in that game but Yan Som was at least as bad was really On the ball he was awful but um but shot Stopping wise I think Yan s could have a Part to play as well nice I went with

The guy I've already mentioned Yan Bakayoko right winger from PSV I think He might have a really good tie against Dortmund you know he's already been Talked about along with sort of Nico Williams as that sort of Right Next Star In terms of wing talent I think he's got Four goals and eight assists in the AA Divis hasn't necessarily set the Champions League a light just yet but I Think he could have a big tie against Dortmund with Ian Matson covering at Left back bini might come in back in as Well after afcon as well but I think I Think he's got an opportunity to cause Some damage to Dortmund I was also going To say Brahim was another Contender for Me yeah scored on the weekend I think With the injury problems that Real Madrid side have have suffered in in Forward areas at times this season to The likes of venicius I don't think it's Impossible that you'll see Brahim get a Fair few minutes as we've seen in La Liga and I think his performances in La Liga have kind of warranted that like He's looked pretty exceptional whenever He's played he certainly surprised me I Didn't think you know we would be seeing This from Brahim given how his time at AC Milan went uh which was you know Pretty inconsistent yeah pretty pretty Like low level compared to what we Thought he could be originally and now

He's back at Madrid I think he's Surprising a few people so if there are Injuries in that front line I think Brahim will get minutes and I think Real Madrid being Real Madrid will grow into That second half of the campaign and he Could be a little bit of a shock off the Bench at least maybe starting if very Quick very quick uh flops I'm going PSG I'm actually going Real Madrid despite Backing them to get through this round I Just think I I I you think going to roll them I just Think um I think ra will get through This round and I I I can really see them Going out in the quarters I just I can See them getting drawn against one of The big boys and I just don't back them In the way that I would have a couple of Years ago I just don't back them across Two legs in the way I would that Midfield man I just struggled to look Past that Midfield and and like I I just Think it's so good I think it's and I've Like I've seen Bellingham singlehandedly Even in Europe like I think to brussa Dortmund against Manchester City a Couple of years ago like the performance Level of him grabbing games and just Going now I'm going to win this game or Like I'm going to drag us through this Game even though they went out to Man City it's kind of like Jesus like his Level is so his competitive level is so

High like I just the Midfield to me is Just too good to crash out early yeah But yeah you're right it's not just his Ability it's almost like his force of Personality kind of Wills games to his Way fenus is you know if he doesn't come Back as well as yeah we'll see we'll see I mean Real Madrid I've already talked About Real Madrid in terms of Expectations against the champions League as a whole I'll go with Bayern as My flops as in not making a final I Think would be most people would Probably consider that a flop yeah I Mean you say that the same about Real Madrid F maybe they I'll put it out There Bayern don't make a semi okay Bayern don't make hisi uh all right any Other predictions we want to Do oh you said PSG P obiously yeah Always put PSG forward some biggest Butlers biggest flops in European Football title yeah Hammer them if I can Uh all right there we go that was Today's episode of Sunday Vibes let us Know your predictions in the comments Below of course keep your eye out for Big weekend of Premier League football As well uh thanks very much for watching Everybody we'll see you later goodbye

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