Professional kazakhstani middleweight boxer Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG” against polish top ranked athlete and title challenger Grzegorz Proksa with nickname “Super G”. Fight for WBA and IBO middle weight belts took place in Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, USA on September 1, 2012. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) vs Grzegorz Proksa (Poland) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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In calendar over the next two months as We look ahead to W Dawson next Saturday Night we invite you to visit our HBO box The tape for our main event here this Evening Golovkin 30 years of age proa 27 Gregor Proa real Unique Style when he comes Into the ring says it's kind of a Homegrown holay he ordered pasta when he Went out for dinner with his wife and Kids and his wife said you know what I Think you've said yes before you said Best fighters in the world on HBO Debuting on American television on a Very big stage but I also think Bob you Think it's something that could linger I Don't think they'll linger but it does Tell you that he must have good punch Never a good easy task super J there go As a pro not only is undefeated but all Almost all of them by taste and he goes In there knowing at the age of 30 only Now making his American TV against the Guy who it's not so easy to win against In the first place Promotions in association with K2 Promotions and matchroom Sport European Champion Shor super g Broa g g g [Music] [Applause] Go come on with a chief Second

Good evening General rounds for the W Protect yourself and obey my commands at All times touch Clos now come about Fighting at the Bell a hardcore boxing Fan silver medal maybe you've seen him Knocking guys see how he does against The best opponent of his professional Career right now schedule for 12 his Middle name is genovich gavic Golovkin There's your Triple J [Applause] His career proa with one and that came In his Pro debut on March the 5th of 20 b Papa so far he's 30 years old and You see he's in against the guys Roy Well he fights off instincts and Reflexes like he said so he makes it Very difficult for a guy to Golovkin is Having a problem with right Now we take him a few Round right hand from Golovkin Ro gets Hurt down he goes seven eight your glov Okay okay allkin with a deceptively Long Reach Roy yes very long and That I don't think he has a defense for That left feeling the power of Golovkin here in round one But I want to see that shot right here That right hand somewhere in here Doesn't forget the head okay that that Was all an effect of that big left hook There was another good left hook to the Body followed by some more stuff that

Really wasn't with that jab you could See the power that he has just in the Jab that guy has to get inside to land His bombs and his arms are long and he's Able to land bombs from long range in to Ca's 22 and2 meanwhile you see golov we Heard his trainer say in the meeting That when he SP with certain Fighters he Didn't like which means that he's not a Hard object to hit no he's thr at All heavy heavy jab fting to see him you Know we we get the tapes in our Preparation you watching on Tape phally gotten stronger and sharper It's pretty impressive seeing him in Person and you feel as though every Punch he throws can end the fight and he Will not lay down and he's throwing Bombs himself procs as an amateur or as A pro I asked him what's the worst he's Ever been hurt Sanchez when they work in Big berry cuz he doesn't feel threatened By anybody his side seconds to The oh he Hurt one two one and then move to the Side he keeps his weight in the middle As you see he doesn't put his weight Forward at no time in the fight attack His weight is still in the middle see There he's never too close and he's not Giving proxa his weight weight in the Middle therefore you can move it Whichever direction you want to move it In if you put it in you give it to your

Opponent if you keep it back too much Then you take away from your own power But if you can keep it in the middle Then you're doing pretty good he didn't Go down easily even in the first round Though he was hurt he was still throwing Impressive things about Golovkin even When CA has his moments Golovkin never Looks flustered he looks really relaxed He does he's never frustrated about not Being able to get there because he feels Like Eventually and make no mistake about it Proxy is not a bad opponent either he's A guy Who good counter by prox considering his Then the original opponent Demitri perro I think guy like uh glovin a guy like Prox can steal you with a left hand and There's nothing you can do about it but Just then you saw glavin get it Back [Applause] 10 Seconds final seconds of the [Applause] Round Androids as we start round number Four Canady Golovkin round one because He knocked the other guy off his feet You you score a knockdown you get an Extra point so that's a 108 round that's Why it's 30 to 26 PR seems to to you Know to to Bob and we time always leans To the left get golovin hits him with

The right hand three to nothing gol I Got to say it is rare you see a guy Combine the natural heavy hand oh good Left hand to the body left to the head Down goes Prox 5 6 seven eight see your gloves Okay you're good okay yeah I think the Body shot started that exchange heard Him to got him started he tried to St What a big puncher you can't do That reles the punches so well CR is in Trouble again B shs are really work yes It is oh good Over entire career now there's another Combination from Golovkin SE I can't think of the last Guy in the middleweight Division Sergio Martinez maybe good left Cook to the body again by Golovkin do Not Search and Destroy like this Guy Four must Have come back with a beautiful left to The body then he goes to the opposite Side with the right hand up Top lovkin fighting in the United States For the first time 23 and0 but he is Just tearing apart proxa combinations to Those men Good right hand to the body Pro are Trying to counter Golovkin just showing A tremendous heart being in with Probably the hardest and he's still Giving us all he has oh right hand hurt

Proxa Golovkin steps in and down he Go how tough is Prox referee stops IT guys proxa not Long ago he is a top middleweight Tonight I he was no match for Gennady Golovkin at all as Golovkin gets Stoppage number 21 doesn't even look like he broke a Sweat Here good overhand right by glovin Follow the attack never see him Overshoot nothing another overhand right At left hook caught a hook another Beautiful left hook to the back he knows His man is Hurt hook to the back of the head hurt Proxa pretty Bad and prox as you saw right there went Down in the first down in the fourth and Then here in the Fifth right to the Ear middleweight champion of the world Genady g g g [Music] Goin trip Triple G was that good yeah

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