Professional american heavyweight boxer and IBF champion Charles Martin with nickname “Prince Charles” against brittish top rankedathlete, olympic gold medalist, IBF, WBA and IBO champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight took place in The O2 Arena, London, England on April 9, 2016. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Charles Martin (USA) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Been waiting for has arrived let's get This party Started with his trainer Tony Sims and Wearing white official weight 17 Stones 6 lb or 244 lb this Olympic gold Medalist now has a perfect record as a Professional consisting of 15 pites 15 Victories 15 wins by knockout he is the Common well and BBB FC British champion And the WBC International heavyweight Champion from London England The Undefeated Challenger AJ Anony Josua and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the Red Corner with his Trainer Henry Tillman Wearing gold and black and officially Weighing in at 17 Stone 8 lb or 245 lbs He has 24 professional fights 23 Victories including 21 wins by knockout With one draw and 13 of his last 13 Fights are by knockout from Carson City California raining defending undefeated Ibf heavyweight champion of the world Her in Char [Applause] [Music] Mar this place has been loud in the past Nothing like this [Applause] [Music]

Tonight Anthony Joshua's big night a Good C to up in big for both of you Ining I want Five from your hand the limit the limit Is B from your DS okay that's not Fight well this is It but the hope of every in this arena Is it's the coming of age of Anthony Joshua looks to land on the right hand With he's miles away there despite the Big Martin showing reluctance to engage Here early and that is the feeling in The Martin C David said about that the Longer this goes on the better it is for Charles Martin how will Martin React every time they come together you Can just hear the reaction they are Waiting for an explosion here there's The right hand from Joshua he senses That Martin Martin in front of him Circling Joshua looking to land on that As you s getting the jab going but it's The Right but Martin's got to watch for and He's starting to movement from Morton Which I've always looked as a danger to Him double up the jab and get that long Range Out and a lot of weight on that he's Going to absorb a lot of that They novice looking left to novices Another right hand gets in from Joshua Martin looking a little bit weary Here just got tangled up

There but Joshua's landed two or three Now none of them on the Button he's wary of throwing a punch He's looking to see what comes back from Joshua tries the Left what an incredible action making That first ground David it looks as but The feeling in this Arena it's ready Just a burst they're waiting for the big Shot thought in the amateurs as well but That was a long long long time sparring Joey AEL Minnesota is Tyson Fury a Couple of years ago Oto Wen they came over all to prepare him For this and he's taged again this time With the left hand and there's a Unsteady look about Charles Martin here S open to a counter Martin's a bit Ungainly but he's managed to get his Left hand up so far trying to for the The left got him right hand on the floor Martin looks into his Corner as if to Say what on Earth was That now he's looking here taking every Second he Can Bunch on the floor and there's still A minute 40 left in this second round And he's down again on the brick here Strolls into the corner as if to say job Done and Martin looks like he's been Wrecked over done brenon has a new world Heavyweight Champion scoring anything what he has Now he's just been knocked out and that

Was a short rain and we have a New Charles M did not want to get up he Was looking at the referee the referee Was C we've been saying and I think You've agreed with this he hits as if he Catches you clean you're in trouble and That's what happen if he catches any Heavyweight in the world with those Shots they're going to hit the canvas You know he's just he's a perfect Specimen if he can land that shot on Anybody they're going to sleep he took His time he used his jab had that Wonderful effect as Joshua does you just Cannot stand in front first round as Some of those right hands were getting Through that Martin was feeling them Didn't want any as he said he's never Been de before you know to have that First experience happen here in front of 20,000 people in a foreign country for The very first time it comes as a it Comes as a big shock and he was he was Badly heard there and after the next Well you can't rely on that in the Heavyweight game when you've got 10 o Gloves on a any I've thought that sort Of power you got to keep out the way he Was wide open very upright just walked Straight into the right hand for that Yeah well that's always been the Weakness in his style the fact that he's He's a Southpole but he's very straight Up and down no head move he could get

Closer enough and he was coming forward As well he'll he'll have absorbed even More counter he could he was having no Success in the first round as yeah he's Smiling as he's on the floor badly badly Dazed that he can't even understand what The referee's saying and look nowhere Near a punch that will reverberate Around the world of heavyweight boxing He tries to extend the jab leaves it Misses with a jab and then straight away The Reflex To slot in wi inside three for Anthony Joshua his 15th out of 16 I remember when lenx Lewis when we Sat there and he won the the world title Against Raz and who's going to challenge Him and fight again we look forward to It well one possible Challenger is Sitting alongside you Glenn I was wondering about that and Anthony Joshua for a Pun heavyweight champion of the World AJ [Music] Anthony Josua more moving side to side I believe Charles Martin believed in his chin a Little too much just because he hasn't Been knocked out and sparing and knocked Out against a caliber of opponents he's Thought up until this point he believed

That he had a great chin but in the Heavyweight division no matter who you Are if you get hit on the chin with 10 Oz gloves on by somebody who's 17 and a Half s 6'6 you've got nowhere to go but Down and Charles Martin learned it Pretty emphatically odley did he mtime The count there at the end was the Referee right to stop it after the Second knockdown yeah he was definitely Right to stop it uh you know what was Going to happen we was hoping that Charles Martin would use that Southport Advantage potentially by moving using That distance he didn't do anything it Wasn't even a factor was it the southp STS really he didn't make it a factor he He stood up right he wasn't moving Around he wasn't creating no angles so Joshua was just timing it beautiful if You remember when evand Hol boxed bust Douglas he threw that lovely right hand C was almost a stimulus shot beautiful Well time perfect performance from anony Joshua obviously there's other Champions Out there Johnny and Anthony is a work In progress how highly do you rate him Compared to the likes of Tyson Fury who Lost money tonight on a bet but probably Be glad of big fights in the future bear In mind David Haye rival is just next to You actually after that performance R Him a a lot higher than what I actually Thought in the first place how he did

That and how he made it look so simple Remember almost every professional Fighter world champions and ex world Champions thought this fight was far too Early for Anthony Joshy they thought it Would we if we're on this with ourselves Thought it was going to be a tough night For him so for him to do that surprises The way he did in the fashion he did it You got to put him up there and now you Can convincingly believe he can mix it With almost any of them in the top 10 in The world David you're the one that people talk About as a possible big fight rival of Anthony Joshua perhaps next year you've Got your own business to take care of First of all did you see any weaknesses At all with Joshua No not tonight you Know there was nothing um done by Charles Martin to bring out any any uh Any weaknesses you know maybe a little Bit of speed in the first round as he Was missing with a few rounds you've got To be ultra critical to find something He did wrong maybe a little bit of his Feet may be a little bit slow but I'm Literally looking for things there was Nothing tonight that you could say okay He could get knocked out because he does This you know I the way I fight is Completely different to Charles M they Do say stars make fights I don't stand Up in the air my head's constantly

Moving I've got I've thr lots of faints I'm fast but i' I'd relish the Opportunity to fight someone like Anthony Joshua I've never had problems With big guys like that so I Particularly guys who rely on their Power now I've been hit on the chin by Big guys Vladimir Kitco hit me on the Chin he never put me down as I've got as I've got bigger and developed into a Heavyweight I believe my chins got Better and a fight between myself and a Joshua I can't think of a bigger fight In in World Boxing Joshua thought Emotionally here against Dylan White Orlyy

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