Professional american middleweight boxer and IBF champion Caleb Plant with nickname “Sweet Hands” against top ranked athlete and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”). Fight for WBC Interim Super middle weight belt took place in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA on March 25, 2023. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Caleb Plant (USA) vs David Benavidez (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Um and we'll look at the numbers and how They correlate uh obviously some of the Numbers here introducing to you first on My left fighting out of the blue Corner Entering to ring wearing brown trunks With multicolor trim fighting out of Las Vegas Nevada by way of Nashville Tennessee he weighed in at 167 and4 lb With a record of 22 wins one loss he has 13 wins coming by by way of knockout Currently ranked the WBC number one Contender ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome the former ibf super Middleweight champion of the world Caleb PR and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the Red Corner entering The ring wearing gray trunks with red Trim fighting out of Seattle Washington By way of Phoenix Arizona He weighed in at a trimit ready 166 and 3/4 lb he is undefeated in his campaign Of the ring with a record of 20 Champion Known as the Mexican monster Introducing [Applause] David [ __ ] you D times and what I say You must obey good luck touch them up no No no No tried to get them to touch gloves an Undisputed champion and the top two Comp this crowd has already erupted in Anticipation for what they hope to see Standing in the pocket and actually

Coming forward to David Benovitz well the fuse has been lit is It a needs to relax a little bit more he Can't let the anger everything that Happened outside very effective normally With his jab and we haven't seen that Shared verbally it's a cautious start Here waiting for Bren be to make Mistakes boom letting his hands go Beautiful something has to give in that First round he landed only five compared To CL yeah that's very surprising Actually there's a lead right by Ben But he anger everything out because Maybe you get to a Note of course Benitas expects to wear Plan out round so it's not as if he has To go get him in seconds stay out of the Distance and putting together some good Work to the body Very out of Norm here no com again it's A cavernous huge ring and plants using It all and plants scoring to the [Applause] [Music] Body the one stay nice and calm keep Your heart right down you hear me Everything is good when you stand nice And Straight and then you start working the Uppers Okay conditioning coaches Tony Brady and Larry Wade plants ailles heel is the Body Relentless pressure from berz you

Got to press hook counter left by [Applause] [Music] Benas now Benitas becoming more action Up to the body making the early Investment and pl clenching smart your Early round he's been out thrown by 25 Punches and that's like that and he paid For it yeah you can't reach against venz You he goes to the body with the right There's a sharp Jack that's the element That he needs to have in there going [Applause] Back and now Ben's beginning as you Mentioned the benas can't backest after The commission said so yeah benas might Have gotten plants attention with those Shots right there and boy the holding is Blatant by Ben got a warning that's Interesting come on don't do What he's got to he's got to throw that JB let go of the JB letay go of his Hands and not only follow plant he's got To cut up the ring and poised fight he Has a very smart trer St exactly what a Lot of us thought he was going to do and It's working for him and it's comes from A series of punches which we haven't Seen yet right think is David Benitas Has been left hook cental right upper There it Was because even planic admitted he hit Him on the hip a minut and left in Looking for the

Counter and there's that left for David Benitas is shocking God bless Kenny Bell Is's a great ref but that's How Bizar there would be a punch that Strayed low that's uh that oh that Was plant going downstairs and then Benev is getting there with the half jab Half hook that kind of Pushed round of five it's Canelo Alvarez Who's already beaten Caleb PL here in This venue Ben the Jab the Misdirection No No left hook by Ben There but you're right along the ropes He was B love to see happen he catches Trying to slip these [Applause] Shots holding them yeah that's the thing I mean it's so obvious left from one Child at a time he's got to look for More of a combination yeah and he's also Missing a lot obviously from plant Moving plant you can feel here plant's Not punching as much she's moving a Lot and part of that cuz benv has Started all the holding like that I just Don't know Combination by plant benav swinging and Missing against IM mobile fighter like Plant but you got to keep trying you got To keep throwing right hand by Benitz left hand lands for benitz right Fires off another combination better

Round in the last round and why because He started using the jab plant doing a Very good job of of slipping punches Which he does and benit is working on The inside And you all Right according to Ring magazine Benitas Is number one ranked hey be careful here Them in March very close rounds and he's Doing better in this round Ben the left Now down right there's Another oh and that left hand split the Guarden attacking just said I'm going to Let plant land some punches and and it Only took that little you [Applause] Know the monster has been dormant thus Far Caleb plant strategy working thus Far in a close in that last round he he Gets this left hook in kind of a after Him now plant was able to get some Offense on that was that spot where he Landed that nice jab when low they Should be really we're not trying to Pile on Kenny bis but that's his wrong Even make him stop well now he did with The right hand that hurt him there's a Right up but no combinations there's a Left up to the body a right hand by PL yeah that's cuz of the movement there Right Hand is in trouble and now he's forced Over there's a big change in this fight Right

Now left hook to the body by PL doesn't even look at it Ben is walking down no what's what's Up well we go back and that right hand Was resumes early in round nine Benitz bling plant down jab now is also Dormant Again benus CH merge here Left CB plant doing his best to stve off The attack but he's getting Nailed AOL way too involved and benitz has Landed the bigger punches in this round No another left from benitz plant trying To hold on professional Bout put a hurt on plant with that shot And come up with the hook upstairs and Stay low when you do uh fight with a Very good round Landing now the left Hook has been really benefit him and Later on in the round that was a a Classic benen we can talk about other Factors in this fight but he is supposed To be throwing more punches what kind Play right now the idea of pushing Forward and throwing some combinations Eye catching combinations would the left Hook and now Ben is unloading the left PL trying to hold On and the referee still like a bridge At midnight looking to knock him out Cold but Benz get away with this he just Is I don't no no warning whatsoever Interfere he's going to do it oh the

Referee's interfered all right yeah but Not in the right way benas join Combinations left talk upstairs her PL Another right from Benitas the crowd [Music] [Applause] Sensation left uppercut by Benitz black TR stairs by there's a left Hook to the body it's all David benav is Here in the 10th Left uppercut lands right oneway traffic In terms of effective Offense and the body Work that was a vintage Ben as uh the Combination punching of the uppercut of Course is a normal St side even with Plants effort to hold the uppercut Continued to be a big weapon for him but It is the Ben ofas power that is right Now what's really you know doing the Most a gutsy display prior to the 11th Round Steven bredman Edwards giving plan Instructions of an ultimate round lead Right hand left hook to the body by Ben Edwards allow Caleb plant to come out From the [Applause] 12 last round forged a respect here Through the fire counters effectively With the left well according to Steve For's unofficial scorecard his first Title after testing positive for cocaine Last the second title to land the Biggest fight possible against the king

Of the division Canelo Al so I'm not Suggesting it but I'm just saying we Don't know how the judges is going we do Know what you mean never know so if he Stays in the fight he has a chance and He's trying to do That Caleb the hard and courage of taleb Plant on benit lands the left and the Right tremendous close through this Fight and if they said they would not What he had to do broke down War down Caleb here let's listen In man plant through more punches but And that's the key and I was about to Mention it you're reading my mind he at The end even though we pointed out and Still The Undefeated interim WBC super Middleweight world champion the Mexican Monster David [Applause] Benavides when you go 12 hard rounds you Should earn mutual respect

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