00:00-01:20 Intro
01:21-09:47 West Ham 0-6 Arsenal
09:48-16:50 Aston Villa 1-2 Man United
16:51-23:13 Bayer Leverkusen 3-0 Bayern Munich
23:14-29:12 Real Madrid 4-0 Girona


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It's just a very good time to be an Arsenal fan I think after the misery of You know late December they're they're Back on track in terms of direct Attacking football being able to play Through you know a possession side being Able to play over a press this was a Master class from Lusa hello and welcome Back to Monday Vibes everybody here to Round up the latest results and talking Points from across the world of football Some absolutely seismic results Mikey Hello hello how are you yeah not too bad Thanks D not too bad thanks we're Actually re-recording this because I Forgot to hit a record on the uh on the Audio uh so that's my bad but uh but We're back we're back and we're very Well rehearsed um hopefully it's going To be an even better episode yeah I Reckon so I reckon so um how about Yourself dud this is your last football Daily Show for a little while yes yeah Yeah yeah so I'm off from Wednesday till The early March getting married and then Going on honeymoon so I'll leave you in The capable hands of of Mikey and some Other Sky content creators maybe some Special guests as well who knows but yes I will be back in early March but Looking forward to the wedding looking Forward to the honeymoon cannot wait but Let's get into what went down this Weekend aside from Sunland winning which

Was an excellent result for us let's Talk about the biggest games though Let's kick off in the London Stadium no The Olympic Stadium I think is this Official term uh West Ham nil Arsenal Six I think it was the West Ham's Biggest defeat at home since the 60s Arsenal absolutely rampant crazy very Quick shout outs before we go any Further to co dvo and particular Seb H What a story the second time I Forgot um yeah I mean amazing I mean an Amazing afcon first of all uh what a Tournament that was um but then for the Hosts to win it after you know like Sacking the manager after three games Almost going out if it wasn't for Garner Absolutely messing up themselves um and Yeah Seb Hala scoring scoring amazing Winner in the final um you know less Than two years after his um cancell Diagnosis um yeah really really special Stuff commiserations to um our Nigerian Fans must have been a really painful Watch actually because I thought it was A a really poor performance from n Fighting back on Instagram after the Game he really he said he was taking Pelters and you guys didn't even reach The finals yeah I did see that actually I did see that I did see that because it Was it was generally quite an impressive Tournament from Nigeria um who have Tended to kind of underperform in recent

Years at afcon um but they just didn't Show up in the final at all it was a Really really Sim ding I thought was Excellent Sim ding was great yeah really Really good front kessie as well despite Kind of missing some chances you know Did did did take a very important chance And I thought yeah was was impressive as Well really good really solid defensive Display um I thought from them that was Really kind of what told in the end as Well katar as well second consecutive Asian cup yeah very impressive um yeah For Two Hosts so win win two major Tournaments on the weekends quite um Quite something um but yes Premier League football Home Advantage did not Tell him this game did did not tell him This game great segue there dues um uh Yeah it really didn't cuz um Arsenal's Title challeng is well in truly on I Think um they just look absolutely Rampant at the moment um and to I know Last weekend against Liverpool was a big Statement but I think this was an even Bigger statement in many ways given that Their troubles against West Ham over the Last year they've lost they' lost twice To them already this season 3-1 away in The efl cup and then obviously that Infamous 2-nil loss to them um just After Christ at the Emirates and you know they also Drew With them to all at the London Stadium

Last year and sacka missed that penalty Didn't he had 2-1 up letting um West Ham In I think was it Bowen who scored two Minutes after that and it ended two all And that was you know one of the nails In the coffin of their of their title Challenge last year thought it was Telling that sacka then stepped up to Take a penalty at one nil up and scored It um this time round won it excellently Although I mean also what is arola doing There really poor goalkeeping from him Um but yeah I just thought it was a 10 Out of 10 display from Arsenal sacka Igard trossard and rice were just all You know all putting putting in you know Season defining performances I thought Um you know Rice's delivery from set Pieces was superb I think perfect balls In for both Gabrielle um and celba in The first half you I was hearing about That apparently he's only been on set Pieces really properly since Christmas Time and apparently they set I mean They've been awesome on set pieces all Season but their setpiece conversion Rate has got even better like his Delivery is just excent deliver is great And it's something that I think has Probably gone under the radar a little Bit um you know rice is obviously you Know getting rightly getting the ployed It's for an excellent season um but his Yeah delivery from set pieces is

Something we like you say we haven't Actually even seen that much until the Last month or so um but yeah they've now Scored 16 from set pieces Arsenal that's The most in the league comfortably Liverpool topped The League last year With 17 um across the whole season so so Yeah really really impressive stuff from Arsenal um you know they they're they Play you know they their attacking in Open Play was brilliant in this game as Well we we've seen that over the last Two years but um but yeah their ability From corners and free kicks um is Another string to their bow isn't it um And yeah I just thought I mean there's So many big performan in in this game Duges but I thought Leandro trossard in Particular given the ch about Arsenal's Kind of lack of a you know top striker In their team um jayus has had a lot of Scrutiny on him this year hasn't he for His lack of goals but I mean trossard I Mean first of all great strike from him But His ability in in buildup as well as at You know as well as scoring was was Amazing five shots on the day but also Completed three dribbles had 60 touches Which is around the same as Kai havs in Midfield um obviously set up sacka for That for him to win that penalty with That great ball over the top um yeah I Thought he was he was particularly

Impressive and I think it's probably Unfair to to expect Trad to hold down That number nine position for the whole Season but like I think if you've got if You've got someone there who is Performing and you've got sacker in this Kind of form then you know I think I Think we said it back in January like The the chat about Arsenal like needing A number nine is like I think it it you Know sometimes it can be a little bit Premature like they are very much in This title race and yes I think I guess The disadvantage that you have with not Having like a 152 goal a season Striker Is that it does put pressure on sacker And it does put pressure on Martinelli To provide uh you know to compensate for That um and when they weren't on form Which we saw in kind of around December Time that is a problem but at the moment They're they're bang in form and you Know that chat has kind very quickly Disappeared Dukes is there anyone who Particularly impressed you I mean I Think you're right to call out call out Trossard I calling out it's the wrong Sort of phrase you know praise Trad Because um yeah I mean since his really Arrival from Brighton you know under the Radar this time last year s of January Time you know they wanted mlo mudrick I Think they'll be absolutely delighted They didn't get M mudri and instead they

Went for someone 60 million pounds Cheaper in trossard I think he was Excellent in the back half of last year As well slightly quiet to start of this Year but I think he's he's such an Intelligent footballer you can play him In pretty much any position he's a bit Like someone we're going to get on to And Scott m com that he his his level Never seems to to drop particularly far He always seems ready to come on and Make an impact uh and he seems like a Great professional as well and I thought He was he was absolutely excellent I Think just the physical size of Arsenal's background when they have Kor At left back as well you know you're Just not going to win that many physical Battles against them uh and West Ham When they did get hold of the ball Eventually just lacked a real outlet and I think the decision to let go of for NS And Ben Rama in January and then end up Playing Ben Johnson as a right winger You know We we've rightly complemented a lot of Their business from last summer but I Feel like they've regressed since the January Market uh which is a big shame And I thought some of their defending Was was really pretty atrocious to be Honest Zumer and AED not communicating Well Johnson playing on I think Gabrielle for one of the goals M Ranos

Being turned far too easily Baro saaka As well you just know that he's want Wanting to get on his left foot there um So sh down the line yeah West Ham were Were all at Sea and it was a really Troubling performance from them having Played really pretty well last week Against Man United and were really Unfortunate to lose 3 n a score line That massively flattered them this was a Really tragic performance and I wasn't Surprised to see so many West Ham fans You know heading for the exit doors Pretty early on here um but yeah huge Huge props to Arsenal it was pretty much The perfect result for them no major Injuries huge swing and goal difference As well uh and just momentum seems to be Really with them you know huge amount of Goals well five against Crystal Palace Uh three against Liverpool three against Liverpool couple against natian forest And and six here at West Ham and we've Criticized them rightly I think all Season for not scoring enough goals but They've you know cut the Gap in terms of Goals scored considerably uh to Liverpool and Man City and if they keep Going at this rate they're going to be In it to the end I think which is really Really exciting for any neutral you know A three-way title race I don't I think Was the last one in 134 with Liverpool Liverpool Chelsea Man City maybe um but

Yeah huge huge performance from Arsenal And they've got Burnley away is it this Week Or burle this weekend and then FC Porto Next week in the Champions League They'll be hugely confident going into That Champions League tie as well it's Just a very good time to be an Arsenal Fan I think after the misery of you know Late December they're they're back on Track and it's great to see uh let's Move on to Aston Villa 1 Man United 2 Though yeah probably I mean it Definitely not as one-sided this was a Really even game but a huge result for Man United MBS cuts the Gap to Fourth Cuts the Gap to fifth uh well Particularly cuts the Gap to Villa I Should say Um but yeah huge huge win vitally Important really really important whenn Comes out a time when man united are are Looking better than they were um as well Even if they weren't necessarily the Better team in this game I actually Think Villa controlled the game for Large Parts looked the better team Definitely look like a team that have You know been playing a more well- Defined system um for this season um and Yeah probably well very much could have Won it 23 shots on the Night 10 of those Were on target um so United are you know Are far from perfect at the moment um

You talk about Scott mcom there just to Put it out there like Scott mcom is no Nowhere near the technical level of Leandro Trad I do think but uh but is Big impact though big big impact for United this season um he's really really Stepped up um I think I was saying it Half jokingly in the chat but maybe the Most clutch player in the Premier League Um and you know I was kind of half Joking but actually probably has been This season I mean that those two goals Against um brenford back in September October in the you know in stoppage time Scored a brace against Chelsea as well In a game against Sheffield United big Goal against Sheffield United too yes Like I mean yeah he he he has um really Come in clutch for for Eric tar at Points um this term and you know given That tenar has often you know sometimes His substitutions have been called into Question or the the the just the quality Off the Bench for United hasn't been so Good um at many points this season being Able to call on Scott Momin has been has Been a big one for him and actually you Know it was quite a ballsy decision to Bring him on because I thought Marcus Rashford especially in the first half Had a really really good game um and to Take off someone who has you know the Ability that that Marcus rashford has um You know can always back far and I think

You know um you know the kind of Commentary of the game they were kind of Talking about well maybe that's a sign That um Yeah ten hard kind of just wants to hold On to this one all score line and just Wants to regain a little bit of control In the Midfield it turns out that you Know it ended up winning the game for United don't him out when Scotty m is on Absolutely don't absolutely don't and it Was a great header it was a great header It was a great cross from Dow it was a Great uh great work from kobby Mayu to To keep hold of possession um and and You know yeah just a great little bit of Skill he's just such a he's just such a Classy footballer isn't he kobby Manu um Really really excited to see um how he Develops between now and the end of the Season because he is you know very much First Choice in that Midfield now got to Say as an England fan I'm excited as Well you know do you think this is a bit Premature though like talking about him I don't know whether it is you look at In terms of like a Euro spot do you Think yeah no I don't think it is at all I mean you look at the other competition For sort of the more boxto boox roles or Those more defensively minded Midfielders you know in terms of Attacking Midfield quality you know Palmer Madison foden Bellingham so much

Quality there but aside from Rice Calvin Phillips hasn't started particularly Well at West Ham Jordan Henderson's Obviously had a really difficult year Conor Gallagher has has been up and down At Chelsea I think he's generally being Pretty good but kobby Mino on current Form I think he's got to be in the Discussion to go yeah yeah we'll see We'll see I I don't know I feel like it Might be to one I don't think he will But I think he should definitely be Considered yeah yeah yeah yeah no I mean On current form he he certainly is Certainly is up there um I guess other Things to shout I think I think United's Forward line in general is looking quite Good at H's obviously five and five now St can't stop and he's got a real range To his scoring as well he's kind of Shown himself to be a really good Poacher as well as that you know that That great goal against West Ham last Weekend I think I think holand garnacho And rashford are still yet to fully Fully click as a front three but Individually they are all playing really Really well I thought gacho probably Deserved a goal in this game given just How electric he was yeah some of his Late runs like bursting through two Players were were brilliant it was kind Of just his finishes kind of just lacked A bit of conviction bit soft but I think

Generally he played pretty well yeah Yeah and I think I think he's I think This has probably been his best run in a United sh actually in terms of like Starting Games consistently and and Looking consistently impressive um he Was great um but but duges I mean was There anything else about this game that That stuck out to you like the V Villas Performance is there anything troubling In there do you think because of of Course like United didn't need to be at Their best to beat Villa and a month ago I think any team would have had to been Their absolute best to beat Villa Obviously they they beat Arsenal and City in December they look really really Strong um yeah what what do you think Has anything changed do you think or Yeah I mean I think defensive injuries Have really they've really suffered Because of that I mean ezri coner not Being available is a massive one I don't Think obviously Moreno's come back from A big long-term injury he's probably not Been at his best from last year at least Come on Long lay starting I don't think That's that's necessarily ideal I mean They've since that Arsenal win which I Think came second or maybe the Man City One either way since those that second Of those one-nil wins they've kept two Clean sheets in eight games which is a Little bit troubling only one win in

Four this calendar year heavy defeat Against Newcastle demoralizing defeat Against Man United and it gives man United so much hope because although man United have some key injuries not least Luke Shaw in this game it feels like Villa the The crucial players in their Side have lost a little bit of form at a Really difficult time for them I think Bubacar cam has been excellent this year Alongside dougas Louise but thought he Was really poor tonight or yesterday I Should say thought he was really poor in Mid week against Chelsea and having Played so badly on Wednesday night Against Chelsea I expected a response And as you correctly pointed out at the Top Villa were not a disaster in this Game one bit but I think a point in this Game would have just sort of gotten them Back on track so that was a little bit Demoralizing OE Watkins probably hasn't Been as as spectacular as he was in the First half there was a really good Opportunity here with the ball breaks to Him and he kind of gets it On Target I Think he's just focusing on that and it Just goes straight out Anana um who Actually I think quarley needs a lot More praise because yes it was a Disastrous Champions League campaign you Can't cover that up what whatsoever I Think it was one of the worst goal Goalkeeping campaigns I can remember in

The Champions League to be totally Honest but since that first month of the Season I think Onan has been really Really solid in the Premier League I Think he's third for Save percentage I Think he's second for clean sheets only To by Jordan pford so huge respect to Him given the amount of flack he took Early on in the season which was Deserved at the time he has turned it Around and more man united now play Luten away uh and then they've got Fulham at home in their next two Villa Meanwell travel to Fulham at at 6 p.m. At 3 p.m. on Saturday 6 p.m. on Saturday Would be a weird time for a kick off uh But F do not write them off at home They've won five of their last seven at Craven Cottage so that's going to be a Difficult game for Villa who are looking To get back on track and get their top Four chances back on the road on the Road back on the road back on a roll Right let's move on to some big results In Europe to wrap up the show huge Result for Real Madrid which we'll talk About in due course but the big one the Result of the weekend and without a Doubt B Leverkusen 3 B Munich nil B Munich got steamrolled MC absolutely Steamrolled um yeah I I genuinely can't Remember the last time I saw Bayern Munich get you know get put on the end Of a result like or or of a performance

Like this um in the bundes league they Were just second best in every single Area they had one shot on target um in This game that's the first time in eight Years they've had only one shot on Target in a Bundesliga match um and of Course this result puts SP lusen Five Points clear at the top of the Bundesliga they're still unbeaten 31 Games in all competitions they're Unbeaten in this season um I think Bayern Munich uh sorry Hy flicks um Bayern went 20 32 games unbeat 201920 in That trouble season um so yeah they're One off that record now um and they are On course for a treble with the Europa League dfb And and bundes I know you're very you Know you're very kind of purist about That um but yeah I mean this felt this Felt massive um from a kind of leusen Perspective as a club but also from like Jaby Alonzo's perspective I think you Know there was a lot of chat over the Last few weeks since klopp's resignation Announcement at Liverpool that jabbi While like he is very much the fans Favorite to take over from klopp in the Summer you know is his you know is his Style of football right for Liverpool You know is this Liverpool Squad right For his very possession based football And um you know would would would there Be some teething issues there you know

Klopp's been very tactically flexible in His time there you know is is Ja does Jaab Alonzo have that that in his locker Like I mean if you're going off this Game he absolutely has that in his Locker 39% possession by lusen had and Yet they had 14 shots with eight On Target in this game XG was a little bit Closer but in terms of direct attacking Football being able to play through you Know a possession side being able to Play over a press this was a master Class from lusen and yes Bayern they Switched off like for the goals they Really did like especially like Stanich's goal how how is how on Earth Is that ball getting across the box like That grimaldo's goal as well great Finish but they're not track galdo yeah Galo just isn't tracked at all and then I mean the less said about the fron goal The better I mean what's doing yeah What's neya doing going up for that Corner they're two- n down um great Finish to be fair from frong it's you Know easier said than done when you've Got kind of two players kind of trying To BL yeah three players kind of block Like kind might be on the we close to The line as well yeah s was chasing it Down on the line um but but you can't You know you can't not credit lusen for For putting in a display like that Against a team that has you know been so

Dominant in the Bundesliga over the last 10 years like psychologically you know At least psychologically playing Bayern In a title race is you're always going To be a bit of a disadvantage in that Sense just because you you know the History with with Bayern and that Bayern Team still has you know the likes of Thomas Müller um the likes of well Yoshua kimik wasn't hech but but you Know you still have those big players You know Manuel Neuer of course um who Generally I think has has has been Pretty good since coming back from Injury to be fair to him um but I mean Doogie I mean What Thomas Miller was was very scathing Of barn after this game I Mean does this does this result and Performance do you think that it kind of Defines what what kind of bn's Deficiencies this season and do you see Them getting back into this title race I Wouldn't write them off just without Attacking far power with the outstanding Goal scorer probably in Europe right now And Harry Kane you can't write them off But I think psychologically this was so One-sided that it will take a lot to Bounce back from it and the performances Of the key players you know Kane having 18 touches mu alab belly getting a sniff You know Thomas Miller putting this all On the players really after the game

Saying that they weren't playing with Enough Freedom that there wasn't enough Inventiveness in their play and it was Like they were sleepwalking towards this Defeat I'm not saying that they don't Care but they they were powerless to Prevent Leverkusen who had very little Of the ball around 30 what 38% something Like that you know just completely Manipulating the ball where they wanted Creating opportunities at will and just Having so much more freedom in their Play galdo popping up on the right hand Side at different points he just has More yeah the sort of freedom of of Shabby Alonzo's trust and you know Control in games to to pop up where he Wants and cause damage and you look at That forward line as well they're Without bonface they're without shik Nathan T stepped up massively in the Last month he's been absolutely vital Even Amy nley I thought his pressing was Really impressive for inverts worked Exceptionally hard as well and and you Look at that backline like Edmund tap Soers come back from the afcon thought He was immense Jonathan tar barely lost A challenge all day so dominant in the Air Pierro H Cape bringing that natural Aggression that he's got in that game And and that hinke galdo relationship on That left hand side I think is really Really impressive impressive as well and

Then you know jaer in the Midfield I Mean what a campaign he's had as well And and Leverkusen you mentioned the Game's unbeaten but there's a there's a High chance that they could become the First Bundesliga team to ever go Unbeaten in an entire season uh and you Know they are I I would have them d as Europa League favorites as well I have Them d as definitely poal favorites They're the only top tier Club left in That competition and shabi Alonzo you Know given the fact he took over in what October 2022 with them 17th in the League I think there is the PO for this To be the most impressive season Arguably in the last 10 years in European football and I put that against Treble winners like given where they Were when he took over you know is a is An incredibly impressive turnaround and This was just a completely dominant Performance and massive respect to B Leverkusen I still I don't want to curse Them at all I think they are now Favorites slight favorites but it's not It's not a be all and end all now Whereas in La Liga MBS it feels like There was the sort of killer blow to Jeron his title hoped you know massive Respect to them they are still 11 points Clear of fifth place they will likely Finish in the Champions League Preventing you know unless something

Disastrous happens in the Final 14 games But this was Real Madrid and in Particular a few of Their Stars just Showing their quality just showing you Know sit down little brother we're here Yeah absolutely absolutely um I actually Thought Jona might have you know had a Bit more fight in this game But when venicius Junior's in this kind Of form it's just almost impossible to To to get a hand on Real Madrid I mean You know six minutes it took him to Score I mean that one of the best Strikes of a ball I've seen this season Like the technique on the man is just Ridiculous um and then to you know Create bellingham's goal which was Really well taken also you know another Curse from us we were talking about Bingham's mini gold drought on the Weekend um he absolutely shut us up um On that um but I mean yeah that ball With the outside of his foot foot to Bellingham to set him up for for his First and then to create the kind of Situation in the box that leads to Bellingham's second as well it was just Yeah absolute masterclass from venicius Um and you know they they Real Madrid Have they've coped well enough without Him this season when he's been injured But they are just an absolutely Different Beast with him on the field um There's a lot of responsibility on on

Bellingham's shoulders in an attacking Sense when venicius has been Out almost too much given that like no One really saw Bellingham having this Kind of role before this season started Um and to be fair like Rodrigo has has Stepped up as well at points as has Hosu but you know if we're talking about Real Madrid as you know real champions League Contenders it it it has to be with Venicius Junior in that side I think There's just too many other huge players In that team who have who are out until The end of the season you know the likes Of alabar ctoa um milit who am I talking Yeah militar of course um that yeah they Need someone like V I on the pitch I Think um and um yeah I mean they go into That lipic game midweek I think you're Saying Bellingham is probably going to Miss Thatle so so you know having Venicia Back is is more important than ever now Um but yeah it was really all I don't Really have much else to in terms of Analysis of that game I just think yeah Venicius is just you know an absolute Beasted left Winger I think my favorite Left Winger in World football um so yeah Duges what do you yeah I mean I guess Yeah what what do you make of Real Madrid going to the rest of the season Because it looks like La Liga is

Probably wrapped up now right um yeah I I mean I said it on Sunday Vibes that I Think if there is to be a shock and we Were asked for a shock then I think Leipzig have a opportunity to shock Real Madrid um but you know on this sort of Form if they carry on this sort of form If vishas is in this sort of form it's Going to be really really difficult for Leig to do that I just think Bam's Missing that game I think Cara how has Done exceptionally well as a center back So far but how long will that be able to Continue I think Leipzig do carry a Threat in forward areas that Real Madrid Probably haven't come up against too Many times in La Liga this season uh Having said that they did really control An attack of doic sanov Savio and Portu That have been one of the best in Europe So far this season I think they only had Two shots between them they front four Which is really really impressive and as You say that quality told I thought Rodrigo's goal was was absolutely Beautiful as well so yeah do not write Off Real Madrid on any front I just you Know we were asked for a shock and I Went for them yeah I think I think it Was fairly reasonable um and also we Hadn't seen kind of vishous put in a Performance like this in quite a while Obviously he's been in out in and out of The side um but yeah really really

Mightily impressive um yeah like 18 Games now I'm beaten longest R since 2021 qu they've quietly been yeah They've with no center backs and no Goalkeepers yeah it is impressive and Like off camera you were praising Cara House's performance a center back as Well obviously he's had to fill in there Um recently so so yeah I think you know Angelotti has you know made you know is Still you know given the the key Injuries that Real Madrid have had this Season um is you know it's pretty Impressive that they're you know they're Wrapping up the league title this early I mean want to get get ahead of Ourselves but like you know Barcelona Drawing with Granada on the weekend like At losing to S it just doesn't look like They do have a a serious Challenger left No Des respect to shiron because I Thought they would actually go the Course to be fair um and it's super Super impressive that they're even in Second place I actually I back them to Hold on to that second place barring any Disasters um but I think that's probably All we have time for isn't it yeah I Mean obviously Man City and Liverpool Both winning on the weekend as well Earling Holland back on top four Jared Brand thr getting BOS oh my God yeah Absolutely Bosch there wasn't he um After all was a great a great game like

I mean Everton were was super super Impressive holding City back and it goes To show actually you know like with you Know that was the difference like if Holland doesn't play that game you know Maybe pep has a different game plan or Whatever without him in the side but I Can't see City I could I can't see City Winning that game without him um he was Just you know super super clinical in Both those moments like who else in the Premier League scores a goal like that Second one against Jared brownway and Then the hrees almost kind of finish up Your body um you know what a player Erling Holland is and what a player I Guess Kevin De Brer is coming on and Making such a difference as well um yeah Liverpool also getting the job done Against Burnley so yeah title races Around Europe really really hotting up Now um so yeah duges um anything Anything to add before we wrap up no I Think all good I think that was uh yeah We for a second time round I really Enjoyed it I really really enjoyed it um But yeah I will see you in March Mikey We'll see you on Sunday Vibes yes Absolutely um yeah currently trying to Get a squad together for that perhaps Joe Tomlinson perhaps someone else as Well uh but we will see um yeah you'll Have to wait you'll have to wait till Sunday to see what's what's happening

There uh but yeah if you enjoyed this go Check out yesterday's Sunday Vibes where We gave our yeah predictions for the Champions League knockout stages check Out our content on Snapchat we put out Three videos a week on there um yeah Thanks for watching guys and we'll see You next time

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