Professional ukrainian middleweigh boxer and title challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko with nickname “The Technician” against american top ranked boxer and WBC champion Jermall Charlo with nickname “Hit Man”. Fight for WBC middle weight belt took place in Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, USA on September 26, 2020. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Sergiy Derevyanchenko (Ukraine) vs Jermall Charlo (USA) | BOXING Fight, HD

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We get ready for our main event of the First half of this card Jal Charles Introducing to you first the Challenger On my left he is fighting out of the Red Corner entering the ring wearing white Trunks with black and gold to trim Fighting out of Brooklyn New York by way Of nikol Ukraine he weighed in at 159 And 1 12 lb his record stands at 13 wins Two losses Contender Introducing Serge The technician davan Chenko and his opponent across the ring The defending world champion fighting Out of the blue Corner wearing black Trunks with silver trim one of The Sensational world champion twins from Houston Texas he weighed in at 159 and 3/4 lb he is undefeated in his campaign WBC middleweight champion of the world Introducing the the hard hitting Geral Hitman [Music] Charlo Harvey Doc okay boxes you received your Instruction again at all times protect Yourself at all Miguel I've been looking Forward to this for quite some time yeah And some say That another thing that people were Looking at right is Charlo Charlo with that locked and Loaded to try to land on good right hand

Followed by a left hook by Derenko extremely quick overand right by Der throughout this entire fight how Much can Jamal utilize That right hand is derenko looking we'll See if Jal charlan Sergey derenko who Can Implement their game plan a right Hand the reason why Rosier is telling Darano to get that could be a concussive Effect there's a left hook by Charlo but Same to Sergey Daran shenko charot wants To make a statement to prove that Ultimate against Daran Shenko yeah he certainly is Ray it's Busier than what we're typically used to See in Jamal you know especially I would Give a slight Edge to Jal Charlo based On his work you're going to have to do a Lot more against a guy like deran chenko Daran chenko with the right hand on the Top of the head of Charlo because Charlo Uses his height well and a he's Maintaining punches to score points These are punches for Knockouts that Charlo throwing over and Ride by derenko That landed you mentioned that Julian Williams at 154 with the jab deran Chenle's really got to do a much better Job at defending and not that's a key Factor of derian chenle's game the fact That he can dig into the body and win Any of that right now against Charlo and I think that's what many of us he rocked Derenko derenko hurt a big right

Hand with a close to the round by Charlo You got to your hands on now you hear me Take a look at there's that right hand Boom on the button right the hook shot On the on the side of the head again Messes with equilib Props to derian chenko for just keeping His balance and not having at least a it He wasn't the CH that deran chenko has Not to go down from either pun he's Feeling the power of Charlo this is a different it's Hur Charlo looks fantastic we need Higher output there's no more feeling Out process anymore we got to go because He's starting to see yeah these are a Lot of big shots that deran chenko is Taken and big shots away from putting Deran chenko when have you ever seen Dar He was coming forward and walking Through everything Triple G was throwing And he doesn't leave himself open that Much he's got surprisingly very good Defense that I don't think's talked About enough even though Derby anden it Probably won't knock you out but he's Proven everyone why he's the top guy in The middleweight division isues thus far But again we are just in the looks a Little bit he's got to adjust the May's Wrong thus far yeah how many guys have Been able to correct those those Mistakes change up the game plan a Little bit he's got to throw more

Punches that's what we were expecting a Higher output start dirty the fight up a Little bit getting on inside but now Daro left hook followed by a starting to Bust up the face of the Ukrainian Olympia and surgey Daran Daran chenko starting to come Forward the left hook to the body by Daran Shenko be and stop head hunting right to Go to the take a look at some of the Action Miguel from the fifth And right there left hook I think that Was the T and he said great couple shots Right there by for a world title there's An overhand right that connected by Daran shenko followed by a left Hook this is amongst those he goes Jamal Charo works so hard and been hit that Much by deran Chenko in his typical combinations Because he's worrying about the body and Then Derby sho's able to come upstairs But it's been few and far between above His right eye and that could be for the Ukrainian we're done with the first half Of the fight some Extra take a look at some of the action From the Six uh Jamal Charlo a little bit more Typically what we saw Jamal again with The ropes get off the ropes because That's what deryan chenle want we'll see If Char outside of his right eye on the

Is Is is he's breathing hard and Jamal you Know as a fighter especially like Jamal As you see der like Jamal's breaking Down deran chenko well even going back To the fourth round derian chenko was Yeah Jamal's just Really and that ends the seventh the Jamal Charlo Show Box get where you want to get to Don't fall into shs you hear me take a Look at some of the action Miguel from The seventh he does best getting on the Inside pushing up Jamal starts with the Jab and then he places that right hand He has good defense der Cho came forward Sh the division no one wants to fight me I'm glad der Cho is willing to fight me But I'm going to prove to everybody that I'm the best shot that was followed up By derenko you got but derenko really Coming forward trying to throw caution To the if you're Jamal you have so many Racked up you might just weather the Storm keep them at a dictated the entire Pace usually we're used to seeing dering Chenko kind of move goes backwards he Was hurt now Charlo going on the attack As we near the end of the eighth shot From Jamal Charlo that's really Unfortunate for derenko cuz that was Probably going through the body derenko Doing a nice job again as pressuring Jamal keeping him on the

Ropes and right here I believe this is The right right there and that buckled d Right if you're deran chenko has got to Cut Off P what an excellent fight here at This point in the Fight nice left hook by Derenko he's got heart and I mean if you Didn't know that after Watching overhand right By Charlo as we've seen in his last Couple of fights with Triple G Danny J With Daren chenko coming Forward Charlo is starting to give up Some of that real estate as you pointed Out you mentioned that division he's Doesn't get put away easily he continues To come forward many were so surprised With how charl shook his head off but Look at Daran chenko Championship rounds I think we are nearing some high drama Here at Mohan Sun out Sergey he can't get you hear me Give me you got to be you got to keep Using that good CH and if you're derbyan chenko you have To leave it all in in these final two Rounds against Charlo Is there's a left hook by Jal Charlo but Back comes der what an excellent fight Miguel I mean these two guys have been Giving anymore as derenko continues to Press forward against Charlo but still Derenko I think he made it a closer

Fight than what there's der Hand by Derenko fantastic counter and Again cuz you really seen Charlo slow Down a little bit by Charlo one two use the Jab just over the halfway mark of the 12 Jamal Charlo [Music] Looking And I don't know if he stunned Charlo But he really definitely Char forward Ice swen shut he's been busted up but Man oh man can he Charlo I believe what He was able to Do it could po off to get past Sergey Derenko and overand right derenko backed Him up with that jumping left hook or Left uppercut deran chenle's on skates Right Now what a hardfought fight and der Sho Answers back that ends the fight Middleweight Division and right now Jamal might have made a CL by what he Saw you know what Miguel I think he look A look at some of the action from the 12 Look at that uppercut oh my how did that Where that shot came in and I think Jimmy lennin is almost ready as you see Jamal happy to 110 all three in favor of The Winner and still the WBC middleweight Champion of the world Jal Hitman Charlo Jal Charlo remains undefeated

31-0 with 22 Knockouts

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