Professional argentine welterweight boxer, WBA and WBC champion Lucas Matthysse with nickname “La Maquina” (“The Machine”) against american top ranked athlete Danny Garcia with nickname “Swift”. Fight for WBC and WBA Super light weight belts took place in MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on September 14, 2013. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Lucas Matthysse (Argentina) vs Danny Garcia (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Mighty effective Dimension and here's The tail of the tape you see Garcia the Bigger man nothing ining to you first on My right fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing blue trunks with gold black and Silver trim hailing from tro jebot Argentina he weighed in at the super Lightweight limit of 140 lbs even with a Record of 34 wins two losses and one no Decision he has 32 big wins coming by Way of knockout ladies and Gentlemen Please welcome the hard-hitting WBC Interim super lightweight world champion Known as La makina introducing Lucas Martin the Machine Matis and his opponent across the ring The defending unified Champion fighting Out of the blue Corner wearing Multicolor trunks joining us from his Home Philadelphia Pennsylvania by way of knockout tonight In his fifth world title appearance here Is the undefeated WBA WBC and Ring Magazine super lightweight champion of The world introducing Danny Swift [Applause] Garcia [Music] [Applause] It may only take one big shot from Either side moment there the Champion lucing on something of a rle at The moment and matis is a real Banger

And you can hear cautious sort of Opening from both men Garcia trying to Load up With there it is Again Encouraging Garcia beforeand he's Arguably the most Famous stop stop Stop nice boxing from Garcia Well left hand gets through and the US An ass in the CR he's not a very good Boxer blocks that one danger side maybe For a from that Right both of them starting to find the R all the weight behind the Shot here he Comes Garcia doing well to cover up and Work big left hand from Mat well it was starting to warm up in That Reputation ooh good good shots there From matisi just Not oh big left hand from Matis the shot to finish the Fight he said he was hit around the back Of the Head and the heads are going oh that's a Good shot from Garcia this time belt and The WBC belt at stake here stop stop Stop for the most part of the Round back he just Just come up Both of them to say when you've got a

Banger like matis in there Solid good work again from Garcia the Land easier with that jab than I thought He would have been good right hand That's another really solid One boxing ability it was just Disciplined was was my feel again they Seem very Disae just off the pace just ever so Slightly isn't he uh Lucas ma arguably The most famous arena now of them All but more than anything the Discipline very very discipline stuck to His the champion surely is ahead on the Judge's C Forward oh that's a good right hand There from the CC for Garcia that he has To keep his [Applause] Focus onto the front foot trying to take Garcia's family his sister's boxed even His M apparently is out an AM to Fight you wouldn't take liberties with The matis family would You again matis throwing the single Shots and Gia him the threes And just in boxing ability The Edge is Clear and all the time that Garcia is able to dominance well it's Going to take it out of matis but Ma one Of the better wins on Ma's record who's An underrated fighter and that shows That his quality

And coming on stronger here in this Sixth Round look at the rening of the ribs of Garcia on that left side where those Blows and again big right hand into the Rib Cage a T's on to the front foot now Though and looking to throw power Shots key phase of this fight Now matis ass well it could be the sort Of point of the fight where maybe the Tide would Turn good right hand there again from G Got to be having some sort of cumulative Effect as well left hand and another one Right on the Borderline just trying to time the T Coming with that up not exactly holding Back here bar But there was a bit more belief and Urgency about the t's work get him into Trouble I think he him be starting to Slip away because matis is Starting good shot from Garcia though Lovely right hand followed up right eye That's going to be a Problem there's going to be more of a Desperation into The that injury does not look good Coing F no no no no unmarked to being a man With a major problem Lucas it's on the Danger side of course it's the right eye And the power puns out of that

Now stop stop stop in Hollywood movies Nowadays they put razor blades to little Right hand there from the gas Oh ma takes that left just didn't see That Coming solid right hand this is looking Like Garcia say now without right Terrible I don't think this is Going listen listen angles angles for His I just wonder how long they'll allow This one go all Times what a clash of head she don't get That sort of injury through head clashes Of oh that one landed AB takes a shot tremendously [Music] Well your game plan I didn't think I Thought he'd like to tear up too much But he's boxed Tremendously stop and really hasn't put A foot I'm not sure that matis See good right hand from Garcia this Time those at ringside off with a left Hand which I don't think that the saw That is a big can't of his right eye and Also he's still concentrating on those Left hooks that he's not seeing the Right hands coming either title F so Much must looked as though he was teeing Off at Will oh putting everything into those Hooks as well isn't he dipping Gass his Box well conquered very well even before The ey injury of matis who's still

Dangerous some turn around though if he Did It oh lovely body shots from Garcia being an Eliminator for the Winner of Mayweather Alvarez certainly If Mayweather were sure Aman would want Revenge with the on Danny Garcia if he Could get it see being implored by his Corner man to work off the ja go hands Free let him go Dan and he just hasn't been able to get Off as he matis hasn't been hasn't Looked the match at any stage really Briefly he started to come on strong but For much of the rest of the time he's Been fairly Comp well the early rounds you know the Early rounds were close I thought that Jab would Be to a jab ma for the right hand over The top for me another good round of Boxing on the back Foot certainly he's got his vision back But by this stage that's a quality right Hand by anybody's anybody's Around Fighting Man head rocked Back Again by that left Hand sure was going to be one of but Some of going to get put the SLE tonight Well everybody but everybody said this Was going to Be the last two or three Rounds deliberately certainly been the Case little flashy combination most of

Them block there from Lucas Matis matis may not be over Yet there's blood from the nose of Garcia this is matis for the first time In a while to have some sustained Pressure hasn't he that's a SLP no knock Down well that's the sort of Round Don't hold him Danny there's just no vision at all I Don't think from that right hand side on The back of the head that was I think Body shots and he's gone down knockdown Says the referee the first time matis Has been down in but it look like good Right hand respon a knock down by the Referee oh terrific from Garcia matis Keeps Coming [Applause] Well what a round that was what a Round he just at the back of the head There well down and now he's out of the Ropes and that should have been the Referee in the betting Dany go he's Going to win it andless matis and he has Made of the fight of It but in the early stages Garcia seemed To Be still coming forward Well on our cards he surely got to knock Him out precisely what he's looking to Do oh excellent beautiful Switch letting the punches go

Once oh great shot tremendous punch a Breathtaking left Hook angle for Sure and Garcia oh look at this Goodness Me breathtaking end to this fight people Are on their feet all around the MGM Grand Garden a stunning end to what has Been a remarkable go that long but every Round was a cracking R winner we will See he know it he know it that was Certainly a fight to watch and still un Find WBA and WBC super lightweight Champion of the World Danny Sft so Garcia gets it and rightly So tremendous Celebrations he's atoned for

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